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The Blue Funnel Line

"The China Boats"

Blue Funnel Line I     Blue Funnel Line II

Blue Funnel Line III    Blue Funnel Line IV

Blue Funnel Line V    Blue Funnel Line VI

Blue Funnel Line VII

Blue Funnel Super "P" Boats

Diomed     Sarpedon    Centaur

Fleet List 1968 ~ 1973

Blue Funnel Postcards

Photos of Blue Funnel and other Ships




The Blue Star Line

Blue Star Line I        Blue Star Line II



Banana Boats

The Boats

Forty photographs of Elder & Fyffes Banana Boats

Page One              Page Two



Ocean Liners

P & O      Union Castle

Cunard Line      United States Line

Ocean Liners (I)    Ocean Liners (II)



(Joe) Shell Tankers

Shell (I)          Shell (II)




The Ben Line

Twenty four photographs

The Ben Line



Various company ships

Ships Photos I        Ships Photos II

Ships Photos III     Ships Photos IV

Ships Photos IX     Ships Photos X

Ships Photos XI    Ships Photos XII (New)

Canadian Pacific    Brocklebank Line

Bowater Line            British India

Lamport & Holt    Elder Dempster   Palm Line

China Navigation Company

Anglo-Saxon Petroleum    Glen Line

Tankers (I)      Tankers (II)

Cargo Vessels (I)

Clan Line        Port Line       P.S.N.C.

TJ Harrison   Furness Withy    Prince Line

Moss Hutchison Line        Donaldson Line

P & O Cargo       Federal Line      NZ Shipping

Ellerman Line        Manchester Liners

The Jala Boats of Bombay

Rhiw and the Sea I      Rhiw and the Sea II






Llyn Whaler      Rhiw Whalers





Short Sea Vessels

British Coasters (I)

British Coasters (II)          British Coasters (III)

Over 100 photos

Photographs of Coastal Vessels 1900 ~ 1960




Holyhead Boats

Holyhead Ferries        Holyhead Captains

 Rhodri Mawr



The Golden Cross Fleet

SS Arvonian     SS Edernian




The Little Ships that Called at Llyn


Llyn Ships I          Llyn Ships II

Llyn Ships III          Llyn Ships IV         Llyn Ships V


Cape Horner's

That Llyn men sailed on

Fully Rigged Cape Horner

Llyn Cape Horner's I                Llyn Cape Horner's II



  There are many other ships photographs on this website, within various articles.

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