Llyn Ships

Some of the little ships that called at the beaches and coves of Llyn, with cargos

ranging from livestock, coal, lime, to load stone, and of course manganese at Rhiw.

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"Porth Ferin"


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"Hells Mouth"

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"Porth Ferin"

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"Hells Mouth"


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"Porth Ysgo"

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"Porth Ysgo"


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"Amy Summerfiled"

Wrecked at Nant Gwytheyrn on March the 23rd 1951.

She was a regular visitor to Porth Ysgo in the 1920's.

Read about the wreck

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adeiladu_llongau_nefyn.jpg (55871 bytes)

Porthdinllaen and Nefyn (Photos from cimwch.com)



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pen_cei_porthdinllaen.jpg (66714 bytes)

The Flat "Lily" at Porthdinllaen



oak_villa.jpg (65402 bytes)

"Oak Villa" at Porthdinllaen

llong_lo_abersoch.jpg (68637 bytes)

"Coal ship at Abersoch"

matje.jpg (80049 bytes)

"Matje" at Porthdinllaen


Regular runners from Liverpool






The Roma had a regular service from Liverpool

The Briton was owned by William Davies, Shop Maes, Nefyn, and she also had a regular service from the Mersey





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"A beautifully crafted model of one of Llyn's little ships"

By Mr G Jones, thank you very much.

If you can lend us some old photographs of this type, we would be very grateful.


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