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"Kuala Lumpur" (China Navigation Co) in Yokohama circa 1968. She worked the Haj to Jeddah in the pilgrim season, cruising off Australia in the off-season.


"Fengtien" (CNCo) at Hong Kong circa 1962.



"Changsha" (CNCo) at Pusan, Korea in 1962.


"Hunan" (CNCo) About to sail on maiden voyage, Hong Kong circa 1966



"Hanyang" (CNCo) at Hong Kong circa 1962


"Kweilin" (CNCo) in Hong Kong circa 1962



"Tsingtao" (CNCo) at Yokohama circa 1968



Birkenhead ferry "Mountwood" circa 1962


"Kwantung" (CNCo) at Hong Kong + Junk and bunker lighter 1962.



"Matheran" (Brocklebank) Breackup Onomichi - Mihara, Japan circa 1963.


"Parthia" (Cunard) and "Cozco" (PSNC) in the Mersey circa 1962.



"Saracen" (Crusader Line) in Hong Kong.


"Potosi" (PSNC) at Paita, Peru in 1962.


"Potosi" (PSNC) in the SW Canada Dock, Liverpool.


Many thanks to Mr Miles Dodd, for these fine photographs.


If you have images of Merchant vessels, could we borrow them, so we can share them with others. Thank You.


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