"Llyn Ships II"


"Nant Gwrtheyrn"

As you can see in these photographs, Nant Gwrtheyrn on the north coast of Llyn was at one time a very industrious quarry, with little ships calling almost daily to load stone. Some of these vessels  would also load manganese at the Porth Ysgo jetty Rhiw.

(1,2) The "Maraboe" aground on October 28th 1932, she was re-floated the next day with the help of the tug "Ranger"

(3) The "Amy Summerfield" was not so lucky, she became a total loss after running aground in bad weather on March 23rd 1951. In the 1920's she was a very frequent visitor to Porth Ysgo.


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We would like to thank Mr G Ellis for lending us this fantastic collection.


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