"Holyhead Ships"

Rhodri Mawr

"Capt Glynne Pritchard, Master of the Rhodri Mawr"


"Approaching the South Stack"


"WNW Storm Ten"

"Helicopter Exercise"

"South Stack on the Bow!!"


"On her berth at Holyhead"

"St Cybi June 1989"

"St Columba 1989"


Capt Glynne Pritchard, e-mailed us these brilliant photographs of the "Rhodri Mawr", one of the two container vessels that was at Holyhead in the 1970's and 80's. She and her sister ship "Brian Boroime" ran to Belfast and Dublin, they were fine ships, and I sailed on the two of them during my time at the port, 1979 ~ 1994. The one thing that sticks out in my mind about them, they would roll on wet grass!!!

Many thanks to Capt Pritchard, for sharing these images with us.


Top right photograph from the Justin Merrigan Collection© Thank you.


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