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Many British Masters were in command of these fine looking vessels

 Thanks to Greta (Cimwch.com) for the Jalapadma photograph.



"Messenger of the Water"

The Jaladuta must be the most famous Indian vessel ever. She carried Srila Prabhupada the father of “Hare Krishna” from Calcutta to New York. She set sail on Friday the 13th of August 1965, and arrived in New York on September 19th. Srila Prabhupada got a free passage to America from the Scindia Steamship Navigation Company, whose owner, Srimati Moroi, was a devotee of Lord


For Sale

The Jaladuta postcard which as you can see is in A 1 condition is for sale, its owner is willing to part with it if the price is right. So if you fancy a bit of history, just e-mail us with your offer, and we will pass your details on.

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