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David Meare Collection


London Tradition, off Algeria 1966


Benrinnes, Bay of Biscay 1966


Alcoa Mariner, near Gibraltar 1966


Fedor Poletaev, Dardanelles 1966


Angelina Lauro, Med  1966


Eurymedon, Bandar Shapur 1965


Egmont, in the Med, 1966


Gugliemo Marconi, Maiden Voyage 1964.


Hanseatic, in the Channel 1966.


P&O liner Iberia, in 1966.


Green Point, ex Coringa in 1965.


Elbe pilot boat, Kommodore Rolin, 1966


Karaghista, Shatt Al Arab 1965


London Prestige, 1964.


London Confidence, at Aden 1965.


London Tradition, at Gibraltar 1965.


Maipure, at Colombo 1964.


Makrana, at Colombo 1964.


Manaar, at Aden 1964.


Oriana, at Colombo 1964


North Sea Gale, May 1966


Pendennis Castle, Bay of Biscay 1966.


Rhodesia Castle, Bay of Biscay 1966.


Santa Suzanna, at Alexandria in 1965.


Orcades, Gulf of Suez in 1965.


Uganda, at Aden 1964.


Silurus at Durban 1965


USN America at Istanbul 1966.

Willem Ruys, at Colombo 1964.


Many thanks to Mr David Meare, for these superb photographs.


If you have images of Merchant vessels, could we borrow them, so we can share them with others. Thank You.

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