The Blue Funnel Line

M/v Diomed

She was built 1956 in Dundee Scotland, 7,980 gross tons and a length of 491 feet, and a cargo capacity of 551,341 cubic feet. Her 6 cylinder engine gave her a service speed of 15 knots. In 1970 she was transferred to Glen Line renamed Glenbeg, 1972 reverted to Diomed, 1973 sold to Macao, renamed Kaising.


In 1969 through to 1970, Hugh Griffiths from Llangwnadl sailed on the Blue Funnel cargo vessel Diomed, on voyages to the Far East, we are lucky that he took his camera with him, and we bring you some out of his fine collection here.


Diomed leaving Birkenhead, and heading down the Irish Sea

Dirty weather in the Bay of Biscay

In dry-dock at Singapore


Albatross in the Southern Ocean, sunset at Singapore roads


Many thanks to Mr & Mrs J Griffiths, for lending use these images.

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