Brief History; In a severe northerly gale on December 2nd and 3rd 1863, about 18 ships that had been sheltering in Porthdinllaen bay, were driven ashore and wrecked. Robert Rees of Morfa Nefyn, tied a rope around his waist and, with the help of 4 other men, succeeded in saving a total of 28 lives.

The Rev. Owen Lloyd Williams of Boduan, wrote to the R.N.L.I. reporting on the results of recent gales, and asked for a lifeboat station to be established at Porthdinllaen. The R.N.L.I.'s inspector of lifeboats, visited the area the following February, and recommended the forming of this lifeboat station, which was formally approved at a meeting of the  management in March 1864.

In 1864 the first boathouse was built at a cost of 140, The first lifeboat arrived at Porthdinllaen on August 26th 1864, she was carried free-of-charge from London and Caernarfon by rail, and then she was sailed to Porthdinllaen. The Cotton Sheppard, cost 250, she was 36 ft long, and had 12 oars and was self-righting, and Hugh Hughes became her first Coxswain.

There have been eight Lifeboats at Porthdinllaen since 1864, plus some temporary boats that I haven't listed.

Boat Name:


Time at Porthdinllaen


  Lives Saved




Cotton Shepherd 1864 - 1877   43 250
George Moore 1877 - 1888   70  
George Moore II 1888 - 1902   22 410
Barbara Fleming 1902 - 1926   52 1277
M.O.Y.E 1926 - 1949   16 7614
Charles Henry Ashley 1949 - 1979   89 19,040
Kathleen Mary 1979 - 1987   28 34,500
Hetty Rampton 1987 - present   35 508,700
  Total Lives Saved to date   364  


The Lifeboat history was gleaned from the book "Porthdinllaen" by Tom Morris, Thank you.


Off to Aberdaron 1954


Charles Henry Ashley


Aberdaron Bay

Lifeboat Crew 1980's

Thanks to Mrs B Rice Hughes for the Photographs.


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Lifeboat in 1984             Lifeboat in 2005

Haydn Miller March 2006


Porthdinllaen Lifeboat through the years

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