"Hetty Rampton"


Tyne Class R.N.L.I.

On June the 22nd 2005, I was invited again to Porthdinllaen, this time by Robert Jones, Assistant Coxswain. The weather, as you can see was perfect, blue sea and sky, and with just a whisper of wind. Hetty Rampton is a Tyne class Lifeboat, 47ft long, steel hulled, self righting, with two 425h.p. diesel engines, giving her a top speed of 18 knots.








The little Norwegian yacht Bika, called at Porthdinllaen on her way on a voyage around the world, her next port of call was Pembroke, South Wales.


I would like to thank Mike Davies  the Coxswain, Robert Jones and all the crew of the Porthdinllaen Lifeboat, for my welcome aboard their fine boat. And I hope to get another invite in 20 years time!!!!


Lifeboat Postcards

The Lifeboat history was gleaned from the book "Porthdinllaen" by Tom Morris, Thank you.

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