Date:  01 Jan 2006
Can you help me find a ship which was lost at sea 7 November 1925 called Irena of Liverpool, my uncle was on this ship and I haven’t a clue where to start looking.  I would like to find out anything about this tragedy. Diolch Gwenda

I think this is going to be tough one to crack. I’ve looked in the big black book, and there’s no mention of the “Irena” at all. Are you sure that you have the correct spelling? I ask this because it can make all the difference when searching. One place to look would be the Maritime Museum at Liverpool. Good luck with your search. and if I come across anything I will let you know. Regards Tony.


Date: 04 Jan 2006
Wrthi'n helpu'r mab wneud ymchwil a'r Dadaf Wyllt i waith cartref yn Ysgol botwnnog. Safle we wych. Diolch yn fawr. Wini Jones Lewis, Morfa Nefyn.

Falch iawn fod y wefan o gymorth efo'r gwaith cartref, a diolch ichi am gysylltu, Gwenllian.


Date: 05 Jan 2006
A really lovely site, cosy, cared for lovingly done. What a fascinating site.  A real and intimate peep inside the village of Rhiw. I have been visiting the area around Aberdaron, Uwchmynydd in particular for 30 years, it really holds a special place in my heart.  I have walked around the Porth Ysgo area many times and the very essence of the whole of your area makes my soul sing. Your website has captured this - really very lovely and very informative. The photos are great and I particularly liked the write up on herbal remedies and also all the history. Rachel, Chester.

Many thanks Rachel, glad that you like our website, Gwenllian. 


Date:  08 Jan 2006
I finally opened Rhiw.com this evening (having meant to for ages) - I knew it would be good but it is amazing! You have done a fantastic job. I have been glued for the past couple of hours, There is so much to look at and I will be returning very soon for another dose. Well done dear friends. Sarah Harwood x

Glad you like it Sarah, thanks for the Christmas Pressies!!! Tony was well impressed. Gwenllian.


Date: 09 Jan 2006
Absolutely amazing! everything is perfect, I haven’t seen all yet, I stumbled on the site when trying to search for relatives in Penrhyndeudraeth but just became mesmerised, fantastic, the best I have seen, B, Lyn.

Pleased you dropped in. Thank you, and good luck with your search, Gwenllian.


Date: 15 Jan 2006
Gwych! wedi treilio oriau yn edrych trwy'r hen lluniau, Lluniau o frindiau presenol ac or gorffenol cadwch y gwaith da i fynnu. Gan Craig South, Pen Y Bwlch cynt.

Neis clywed gen ti Craig. Falch dy fod yn lecio'r wefan, a cofia alw i fewn eto cyn hir, Tony a Gwenllian.


Date: 18 Jan 2006
Had pleasure in reading about your voyage with the palm line, I sailed on three as edh got stabbed on board in sepeli, Andoni palm hospitalised flown home me and bosun, tough ships??

And I thought I had a bad trip!!! Tony


Date 21 Jan 2006

Every time I look at the web site I am torn between homesickness, sadness and smiles.  Here in Hong Kong, thousands of miles away, looking through the pictures particularly those of Aberdaron and Ysgo just bring the memories flooding back. 

Initally dragged reluctantly on holidays by our parents, to live in a noisy tin can of a caravan on Ysgo farm, my sisters and brother and me now secretly miss the place and always return even if only for an hour whenever we can pass by. 

The adventures we had.  Hay making, silage, cows, pigs, hens and even goats and a horse.  At one time or another we saw them all at Ysgo. 

The A.I. man!  Our biology class and a half.  Daring each other to touch the electric fences. Deliberately zapping your brother.  Painting bitumen roofing, mucking out, making rolled up cigarettes with old Robin.  Driving the tractor and trying to reverese a trailer.  Trying to whistle properly.  Walking to Aberdaron in the evening and hanging around the back of "the Ship" in the arcade.  Hiring a pony from the next door farm and succeeding in getting the animal to walk further than round the corner. Swimming at Ysgo in the moonlight.  Calves, piglets and in 1976 the rats, rats everywhere.  Wellie rash and short trousers.

The ever smiling and singing Ian Chidley, the only man I have ever yet see drink tea with six sugars!  To see the farm turn from what was for me, a happy, summer place to the rubble and ruins it is now will always make me wonder how it could be.

By no means a local but to think I lived on that farm for summer after summer in the seventies and to see it so forelorn now always brings a mix of emotions.

How lucky we were then and indeed how lucky we still are to have had such a place make such an impression.


Thank you Glyn for getting in touch with us and sharing your happy memories of your holidays at Ysgo, it must have been a magic place for you all and an experience that you obviously  treasure dearly and keep alive in memory. All the best to you Gwenllian


Date: 24 Jan 2006
What a fabulous web site, such dedication. I have book marked the site, as it will take more then a couple of hours to digest its content. Like a lot of people these days I am researching my family background. One such project is my grandfather’s service with the Merchant Navy (1925 – 1963). Normally I would not ask but because as this has a Welsh connection any assistance would be welcome.

According to information found on my grandfathers CR2 he was signed off a ship in SWANSEA on 23 March 1939.

1. Would any organisation or individual have a list of ships in port on that particular day?
2. Why would a seaman who lived in South Shields and normally sailed from the Tyne be signed off such along way from home?

David Bolt

2. If you joined a vessel at South Shields or any British  port, you would normally pay off at the first port, when arriving back to the U.K. That's why, most probably your grandfather signed off at Swansea. Regards Tony.


Date: 28 Jan 2006
My name is Robert Perrin and as a boy of 16 served in SS Ramsay of Bolton Shipping as a galley boy in 1956. Voyage to Australia via The Cape due to the Israeli/Egyptian War. I subsequently joined th R.N. for 9 years leaving in 1967. Your site is brilliant and I would like to place a link on my own http://www.oldships.org.uk where we can all find some old friends.

I joined the Royal Navy in October 1967, and was at H.M.S. Ganges for three months, bought my self out for £20, got to be one of the best moves I ever made!!! Regards Tony.


Date: 03 Feb 2006
So many memories come flooding back, Mrs Jones the milk, Jack tractor, Mr and Mrs Jones the garage and Elsie the post to name but a few of the many characters that made my childhood summer stays with my Nan the best. a heaven on earth, thank you Rhiw. Paul Dimmer.

Thanks Paul, Do you have any photos of your Nan at Bryn Difyr you could share with us ? We have one of your Nan with Aunty Bet Brynawel in the old photos section. Please get in touch if you do. Gwenllian


Date 03 Feb 2006


I anchored for shelter on the 13th Jan this year with the City of Cardiff overnight off Porthdinllaen. Enjoyed your site very much. The account about the trip on the Palmboat was a reflection of the trip I made on the Ikeja Palm in 1970! The worst trip I have done in 38 years at sea.

Looks like Palm Line, had a bit of a record at being bad boats to sail on. Tony.


Date:10 Feb 2006

Diddorol iawn,wedi mwynhau edrych ar hen luniau o Rhiw,a wedi gallu rhoi enwau ar rhai o'r hen gymeriadau .Hwyl D.W

Os allwch chi roi enw ar rai nag oes gennym, cysylltwch yn ol, os gwelch yn dda. Falch iawn eich bod wedi mwynhau, dyna ydi ein bwriad i ddod a pleser ac atgofion i eraill. Os oes gennych luniau hoffech chi eu cynnwys ar y wefan gadewch i ni wybod. Pob hwyl, Tony a Gwenllian


Date: 12 Feb 2006
Hello, On 20 May 2005 somebody made an entry about the memoirs of Capt. JL Jones. Apparently it had an entry about his/her fathers ordeal on the San Demetrio. I would be interested in reading those memoirs and contacting that person. I am researching the story of HMS Jervis Bay and Convoy HX84, of which the San Demetrio was one of the vessels. Thanks. Harold  hmsjervis_bay@yahoo.ca

Date: 18 Feb 2006
What motivation to develop the site and what dedication to keep the site running? However, the subject makes it a labour of love I am sure. I was introduced to the Web Site through Colleagues who, like myself, were students of The Colwyn Bay Wireless College and who have an interest in things Maritime and, therefore, your Web Site.
In the mid 50's I was introduced to the wonderful Llyn and Holidays were spent first at Penllech Uchaf (spelling) for a couple of years and then at Moel-y-Berth, as a Guest of Pearce Thomas, for the next thirty in various caravans gradually increasing in size to accommodate the growing family. We know and Love the area. My far flung offspring still gravitate back to the Llyn with their children who, I hope, will continue the tradition like all those who have enjoyed this wonderful and un spoiled spot. Thank you for your efforts, so much appreciated.
Hubert and Barbara Sanders.

Pierce Thomas was some character, can you remember his boat “Cadi?” we bought her from Tudweiliog, and sailed her in Aberdaron regattas. Pierce once said that he was out of Porth Colmon in her, and the waves were so large, that when he was on top of the crest, he could see the village hall in Sarn!!! Like I said, he was some character. It’s a pity that all these old tales are / were not written down? Regards Tony.


Date: 19 Feb 2006
Dear Tony,
Thank you for such an informative site. It's been a pleasure browsing around and imagining how my ancestors lived. I've been researching my GGGGrandfather John Mark. He was born in Llanbedrog in 1834, went to sea at 13, moved to Liverpool and became a captain in 1861. He tragically died of typhoid at the age of 34 in 1868. His brother Robert was also a master mariner. His father Robert Mark is noted as being a mariner. He married Ellen Hughes from Pwllheli - her father Robert Hughes was a Master Mariner. I've found out all of John's service history, but I'm having trouble getting info on his parents, or his father-in-law. The Welshmariners.org site is great - but I'm finding it hard going! Would love to know if you have ever heard of this family. All the best, Chris McKenna

Thanks for your comments, we have your e-mail address, and we’ll get back to you soon. Regards Tony.


Date: 19 Feb 2006
I have spent many weeks on the Lynn Peninsula during holidays as a child / teenager. My ancestors lived in Llangollen and Denbigh, later moving to Liverpool (where I was born) My family owned Bryn Meillion until 1992.  I notice that Evan Williams was known as Capt Bryn Meillion. Is there a connection to the property? Dito to all he praise and thanks for a great resource, you have clearly worked hard to put it together.... Kevin (Essex)

Thanks for your comments Kevin, Capt Evan Williams had Bryn Meillion built for himself in the 1930’s. I remember as a boy, Capt Williams had painted a round water tank which was next to the house, in the Blue Funnel's funnel colours (light blue with a black top!!!)


Date:  01 Mar 2006

Truly a wonderful site, I have visited it a few times now looking for ships that my grandfather sailed on and found some. He was a passenger on the Canadian Star that was sunk in the North Atlantic and was made a Member of the British Order for bravery during the sinking.

The scenery is stunning there! William Oliphant, Winnipeg, Canada.

The scenery must be good, for you to say that, seeing you live in one of the most beautiful countries on earth. Regards Tony & Gwenllian.


Date: 03 Mar 2006
I HAVE LONG BEEN IN AWE OF THE Llyn peninsular and all of the surrounding area./ And I have just been informed of your site. I absolutely adore the area and I feel that I must have belonged here in a past life!! I was given this site from my very good friends Gill and John who live in Sarn. I will definitely be in touch. I am writing from Australia, hoping to be over there later this year. Cheers Keith Draper.
I have known Gill and John for years, they are regulars at Llangwnadl church, where my father was Rector for over forty years, Regards Gwenllian.


Date: 06 Mar 2006
Da oedd porri trwy'r wefan, roedd gweld hanes Dr Bobby Jones yn dwyn atgofion. Roedd yn frawd i fy nain, mam fy nhad. Hefyd roedd un o fy nghyn deidia o ochor fy mam yn   Rheithor y Rhiw yn niwedd 1700 hyd ei farwolaeth yn 1811 sef Evan Rice.
Hwyl fawr gyda'r wefan. 
Dafydd Owen, Bryn Hyfryd, Penisarwaun. 

Diolch yn fawr, Dafydd. Roedd Dr Jones yn gefnder i fy nain, ac yn gymeriad heb ei ail. Gwenllian.


Date: 09 Mar 2006
Diddorol dros ben gan fod fy nheulu yn dod or ardal a rhai yn dal i fyw yn Rhiw. Llinos Eames Jones.

Diolch Llinos, falch eich bod wedi mwynhau, Gwenllian.


Date: 13 Mar 2006
Wedi pasio 50,000 da ta be!!!! Poeth yn Trinidad, Cariad Mawr Tony

Oer a gwyntog yn Rhiw. Hwyl ti ar y Seaway Kestrel. Cariad mawr Gwenllian


Date: 22 Mar 2006

A fine collection, made me feel quite nostalgic looking at them. well done. always a pleasure to see pictures of ships that passed in the night as it were

 Thank you, I'm sure we'll have some more ship photos soon, so keep a look out. Gwenllian


Date: 27 Mar 2006

Bore da. F'enw i yw David Jenkins., Uwch Guradur yr amgueddfa newydd yn Abertawe, Amgueddfa Genedlaethol y Glannau. Diddorol oedd darllen am Owen Hughes ar fwrdd yr York City, gan fod gennym fodel anferth o'r llong ymhlith ein harddangosion yma. Dewch i'w gweld!

Mi fydd raid ni ddod lawr rywbyrd pan fydd Tony gartref yn saff. Tybed welsoch chi'r ddau lun a dynnwyd ar fwrdd yr 'Edernian' yn hanes Capt Hugh Roberts, OBE, siwr y byddent o ddiddordeb o gofio eich didordeb yn llongau Pwll Parc, ac mae hanes da iawn ar y ffordd o brofiad llongwr arall o Edern, Capt John Roberts(brawd Hugh) ar longau'r cwmni ar ei ffordd yn fuan. Diolch am gysylltu Gwenllian


Date: 28 Mar 2006
What a wonderful website!
I've been walking around the Llyn for years and the area from the western end of Porth Neigwl, around Rhiw and over to Mynydd Mawr is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Your website brings the area to life with its stories of the people and events that have helped shape the area. Keep up the good work!

Keep looking in, there are more 'treasures' on the way. Thank you for your kind comments. Gwenllian


Date: 02 Apr 2006
Congratulations on an excellent web site, it brought back many memories looking at the photos of the old blue funnel ships. Just looking back in my old discharge book it appears that we must have sailed together on the Aureol. I joined 6/3/72 and left 29/6/72 I was a 2nd Electrician. I then stayed at sea until July 1985, and then worked in the offices at India Buildings.  Keep up with the good work. Regards David.  Smirthwai@aol.com

Thanks David, Tony will get in touch when he gets back.


Date: 04 Apr 2006
What a great web site.
Do you have any census information for before 1861 or church records.
It was nice to see you picture of James Owen's house. I drive by it frequently here in upstate New York
Jay G. Williams III (Great great grandfather Daniel Williams, Grepach 1881 and 1861 census)

We have the 1841 census, if you email us we could look it up for you. Glad you liked the site. Thanks Gwenllian


Date: 04 Apr 2006

Diolch yn fawr.Thank's for an excellent site. I left Nefyn 20 years ago and live in London. However my father was from Pendre and I visit Llangwnnadl on a monthly basis. We were lucky this weekend to visit at low tide and saw the Keel of the sorrento and what is left of the Iron plates.


Dylan Roberts ar Teulu  

Thanks for getting in touch Dylan, we have had a couple of really low tides recently, which is great for exploring. 


Date: 08 Apr 2006
Mae'r 'website' yma yn ddeniadol iawn ac yn rhoi llawer o wybodaeth a hanes!!!

Diolch am hynna, Gwenllian


Date: 09 Apr 2006

Gobeithio y can nhw wyliau bendigedig, a lwc fod Meghan wedi rhoi neges yma, ac i chi ei weld. Hwyl Gwenllian


Date: 12 Apr 2006
Great web site to browse for those with memories of Llyn and Blue Funnel.

I spent my summer holidays in Aberdaron as a small boy. We stayed at The Ship Hotel run by a Mr Ellis. Haven't been back for years but will do one day I hope.

I went to sea as a Midshipman with Blue Funnel and my last ship was the SS Patroclus - great days for those of us serving at the time.

Ah well, back to the real world!!

Peter Maxwell-Brown

Well Peter as they forecast a good summer you'll have to come to Aberdaron and bring a few of your Blue Funnel photos with you !!! All contributions to the Blue Funnel page are more than welcome.  Just to tempt you why not take a look at our holiday cottages section. Gwenllian


Date: 17 Apr 2006
We recently visited the area staying in Criccieth but coming along the coast to Plas yn Rhiw what a lovely place! It is a magical area!  We all enjoyed ourselves and will be coming back before the end of the year.  Thanks for an interesting and informative website.

For more magic why not stay locally, there's plenty of choice. Gwenllian


Date: 18 Apr 2006

Hi Sue, we have an account of the sinking of the Autolycus in Rhiw and the Sea as a young man from the village ( Ellis Jones ) was also lost on her when she was attacked. If you send us an email we could put you in touch with the Blue Funnel Assoc, who could perhaps help you further with your search. Gwenllian

Date: 18 Apr 2006
Very Nostalgic trip down memory lane, at sea 1954 - 1970 then Holts Wharf, stayed in the company through out working life! Retired from Warehousing now and live in South Wales, a long way from HK

Roger Swabey

Keep looking in for more nostalgia in the future. Gwenllian


Date: 23 Apr 2006
Hey what a good and interesting little village I found it very interesting reading about Rhiw and its surrounding area such as Aberdaron and the town of Pwllheli which is a long way way compared to where I live now! well anyway thank you for a wonderful time reading about it I will be back to show my children very soon anyway got to go now bye bye bye!!!

How far's a long way way ? Hope you drop by again, we've a few more goodies coming soon. Thanks Gwenllian


Date: 24 Apr 2006
My name is Fiona, I've been married to Craig, I thought you would be interested in knowing that Craig ran the Ras y Moelwyn on Saturday, he came in 14th out of about 60, and he was the 2nd local. his photo can be seen on stiniog.com.

Well done Craig, fantastic, Thanks for letting us know Fiona. Mind you coming from Rhiw, he's had good practice running up an down mountains!! Da iawn chdi Craig a pob hwyl ras Wyddfa nesa ia ? Gwenllian


Date: 25 Apr 2006

Glad you found the photo and pleased you found the website to be interesting. Gwenllian      


Date:  25 Apr 2006
I was recommended to this site by a friend with similar interests and found it quite fascinating. There is a great deal of history here and I congratulate those who have worked on it. I plough the same furrow on the South Wales coast and Bristol Channel with the history of trading vessels here, notably the Severn Trow which was the subject of my book "Severn Traders", published in 1999. I would be interested in setting up a dialogue with you if you wish to e-mail me on severntrader.green@btinternet.com

Colin Green

We'll certainly be in  touch. Regards Gwenllian

Date: 28 Apr 2006
A most enjoyable experience. I'll be back many times.

Bob McNeill


Date: 03 May 2006
I have been looking for information on the shipwreck Kenilworth Castle 1870 for some time and yours is the first website that I have found any information on.  The Captain of the ship William Wallace Steel was an ancestor of mine.
Thank you.  jmounter@optusnet.com.au
Julie Mounter
Glad we could help you Julie, Regards Tony.


Date: 04 May 2006
Hello, I've read with great interest the memoirs of Capt Hugh Roberts OBE, and fascinating they are too. I knew him very well as Griff and Menna are great friends with my mum (and late father, also a Master Mariner). I grew up as great friends with their two children, Aled and Iola. Aled of course following his Taid to sea. He was a lovely, gentle man and always full of great stories.
The website is superb, and most enjoyable. Keep it up.! Regards, Richard Roberts (ex Colwyn Bay, now in sunny Devon).

Hope you've seen the memoirs of Hugh's brother Jack, they too are very interesting. Perhaps you'd like to include your father's story, especially if he was  from Llyn. Thanks for your kind comments. Gwenllian

Date: 06 May 2006
Hello this is Lesleyann, and how fantastic it is to see these pages, have just started with your last voyage as told to me by Gwenllian today and now both Dave and I are going to go back to the start of your voyages and really enjoy reading all of this you are so clever and it is so interesting the way you have both put all this together, well done and carry on it is marvelous.

You're so kind, you've made Tony blush and that doesn't happen often !! Gwenllian


Date: 08 May 2006
Newydd ddod ar draws eich gwefan gynhwysfawr wrth chwilio am fy achau ym mhen Llyn. Gofaint oeddynt yn Edern a Phencaerau. Deuthum ar eu traws yng nghyfrifiad 1861, 1871 ac 1881. Edrych ymlaen am weld cyfrifiad 1891 ! Oes lluniau o'r ddwy efail yn eich casgliad gwerthfawr. Cofiwch amdanaf os y deuwch ar draws rhai. Gyda llaw, wyddoch chi am lyfryn gan wr o'r enw Hendrick, dwi'n meddwl, am ofaint Llyn, "The Smiths of Llyn". Clywais fod cyfeirio at fy nheulu yn hwnnw hefyd. Diolch am eich gwaith pwysig, a phob rhwyddineb i barhau. ycelt@f2s.com

Na yn anffodus does ganddo ni ddim lluniau ohonynt eto, ond pwy a wyr efallai y don nhw i'r wyneb cyn hir, ac os cawn ni rai mi fyddan yn siwr o adael chi wybod. Gwenllian


Date: 10 May 2006
Llongyfarchiadau calonnog i'r ddau ohonoch am we fan ddiddorol dros ben...difyr iawn yw olrhain hen hanes morwrol Pen Llyn. 'Roedd fy Nhaid yn fachgen o dyddyn 'Ty Rhos' Cilan ym mhlwyf Llanengan, aeth i'r môr yn fachgen pedairarddeg oed (o Lerpwl) a daeth yn gapten llong hwyliau pedwar mast yn pedair ar hugain oed, sef y 'Metropolis'. Aeth ymlaen i gapteinio 'Cambrian' Hills ar ddiwethaf oedd 'Rowena'. Bu farw yn 51 oed o'r 'dropsy' yn 1922 ar ddechreu cyfnod y llongau stêm. Aeth fy nhad ai frawd Owi i'r mor a hefyd fy mab ieuengaf Dafydd. Yvonne Lloyd-Jones, Abersoch.

Diolch Yvonne a diolch hefyd am y CD gobeithiwn roi'r hanes a lluniau ar y we cyn bo hir. Pob hwyl i chi efo'r Arddangosfa Hen luniau yn Abersoch eleni,  edrych ymlaen at ei weld. Gwenllian


Date: 10 May 2006
I heard of the website on the Welsh radio to-day and find it really super, it has brought back memories for me. I am 73 years of age and was born in Nant Gwynthern (I do believe that I was the last person to be born there) as a small boy I used to watch the ships being loaded at Caernant with granite and can see in my mind the ''Lady Thomas'' being loaded. There is a lot to to see on your site so I have not yet seen the ''lady'' but will keep looking I now live in England but do try and get down to Llyn and Nant as often as possible, David Roberts.lady_thomas.jpg (23585 bytes)

Many thanks for you comments about our website. This is the "Lady Thomas" which you saw at Nant, she was a regular runner there. If you send us an e-mail, we could send you a much larger photo of her, or of any of the Nant photos. We also have three pages of photos of Nant Gwrtheyrn, just follow the links, Regards Tony & Gwenllian.





Date: 11 May 2006

Many thanks for the Photograph of the Lady Thomas, my dad, who was a joiner at the quarry, once took me on board when it was being loaded, as far as I can recall I was about 5 at the time it was a real treat for me then. I went to school in Nant until we left when I was 9. Two years ago I went back and stayed  for a few days and slept in the house that I had left over 60 years before, emotional !! I have lots of memories and look forward to seeing the census for the 1891 should you log it as my Family had lived in Nant for years and my grandad was known as ''Brenin -y-Nant David Roberts.

Thank you David for getting back, look forward to having some more of your memories of Nant, Gwenllian.


Date: 12 May 2006
All the best Tony, it's a great site. Regards Joe (ex. seawell)

Nice to hear from you Joe, and it was great sailing with you. Regards Tony.


Date: 16 May 2006
My father, Emil John, was a fireman on the "Athelknight" he survived and lived until he was 90 in 1998. I've heard many times the stories of his experiences and have some notes jotted down by him of these.

Many thanks for adding to our Guest Book. We'd love to hear about your Father's experiences on the Athelknight. Regards Gwenllian.


Date: 18 May 2006
Just been looking at your landscapes again Tony. Sitting here in my office in Hobart I can almost see myself sitting there, looking out over the Irish Sea... wonderful stuff. Justin

You wouldn't want to be crossing it today Justin, it's pretty rough !! Cheers Tony


Date: 19 May 2006
Gwenllian, It is truly a credit to you and Tony. There is something in it for everybody. The work that has gone in to compiling it must be tremendously time consuming to have gathered the facts and information which lie within it, there is so much information about the area and much more. It is certainly fascinating and I will return to it again probably many times in order to explore the many topics covered. Keep up the good work. Hope to meet you again, Pat Guest.

Thanks Pat, hope to see you in Treaddur Bay, in the summer, Regards Gwenllian 


Date: 19 May 2006
Some great and classic ship photos, keep up the good work, Best wishes, Jim Pottinger

Keep looking in, as we get new ships photographs all the time, Regards Tony.


Date: 22 May 2006
Thank you for showing the photo of the CITY OF SYDNEY, (Ellerman Line)
I believe this was the ship that picked up all the 1300 survivors of the migrant ship MS SKAUBRYN when that ship caught fire and sank in the Indian Ocean on 1st of April 1958 while on its way to Australia. Thanks again. William.

Glad you found the photo, and pleased you found the website, Regards Tony.

Date:  23 May 2006
Excellent site.. photos are a superb collection. It will fill many pleasant days working through all the pages.

Ron Rushbrooke. (Master Mariner BTC & Caltex)

We're lucky on Llyn, that there's a wealth of Maritime history, and people are kind enough to share their photos with us. Regards Tony.

Date:  23 May 2006
Brilliant, I have yet to read and discover everything so I will return...... One other website people who visit this site might like is that of Ambrose jones ....


David Barnes, Westport, New Zealand

Yes it's well worth a visit, and will put a link on my Maritime Links page, Regards Tony.


Date:  23 May 2006
I visited this site hoping to find out more about the SS Wimborne.  My great uncle lost his life after he went overboard off Iceland somewhere between 1920 and 1922.   If you know of any other sites where I might find the information I Seek,  I would like to hear from you.  Thank you for an informative and interesting website.   lyndachidell@aol.com 

I hope someone can help you with your search, I have a Dutch friend who has a wealth of knowledge, on just about everything Maritime, and will contact him today, Regards Tony.


Date: 02 Jun 2006
Have only just found your site and read with great interest the story of Capt. John Lewis Jones OBE. In the 60's I lived in Morfa Nefyn and "Jack" Jones would come to our house to teach me trigonometry in preparation for the HMS Conway entrance exam. This I passed and for a few years he taught me and others signals and navigation, a great character. I left Conway in 1969, joined Harrison Line of Liverpool and am now working for Stena Line in Holyhead.  A Fantastic site and glad I have found it.  Capt. Neil Humphreys.

Many thanks for your comments, I sailed with Capt Jones's son Keith when he was Chief Engineer on the Holyhead ships, a really nice guy, Regards Tony.


Date:  06 Jun 2006

Has definitely made me want to visit. The photographs are stunning. Thank you!

Chris Peel

If you are thinking of coming, take a look at the holiday cottages to let section or the B&B all are well recommended. Thanks for the compliment on the photographs. Regards Tony


Date: 08 Jun 2006

Llongyfarchiada ar safle we gwych. Ges fy'n denu draw wedi gweld llun ar safle we BBC. Rhaid imi ddweud mae'r lluniau yn anhygoel, yn enwedig lle bo niwl yn dod mewn i'r lan.

Diolch Andreas. Ydi mae'r boreau diweddaf yma wedi bod yn anhygoel i'w gweld ac yn werth codi'n gynnar. Pob Hwyl Tony


Date: 09 Jun 2006

Excellent, very enjoyable easy to follow site. George Taylor ex BI engineer 1956/62.

Glad you found it easy to find your way around, this is an important issue, that we are constantly trying to improve. Regards Tony.


Date: 09 Jun 2006

Brilliant website.As an ex Merchant seaman I find "The Sea" section of great interest. The picture of the coaster "Roma" brought back memories: as as I boy I can remember her bringing in Welsh coal to Bideford, Devon in the late 50's.
Keep the good work up.
Roger Northcote

You wouldn't happen to know whether anyone took a photo of her in Bideford by any chance? Regards Tony


Date: 21 Jun 2006
Well organized and outstanding collection of photos.  And thank you for answering a question my family has had for many years; what happened to the S.S. Arvonian?  You see my mother's father served onboard Arvonian when she was the U.S.S Santee / H.M.S Bendish.  He was aboard (Chief Boatswain's Mate) when she was torpedoed, her refitting and later off Gibraltar. He always said there was more to the story than what the U.S.N. released.  He died in 1953, so Arvonian outlived him. 

We are very pleased that you have found the missing piece in your grandfathers jigsaw, if you put Arvonian into Google search, there's another fuller account on an American website, which goes into great details about her role as a navy boat. Regards Tony.


Date: 28 Jun 2006
Thank you for bringing back some good memories of the Deck Boy School and YMCA where I stayed in the 70's then sailing Coastal with Elderdempsters and Glen Line moving on to the Far East with the Blue Funnel Line and Protesilaus. It was interesting to see she changed her name and was then hit by a missile in the Persian Gulf. Great site Thank You again Nick Wileman.

Hi Nick, Many thanks for your comments. Mr Gwyn Jones lent me the YMCA photographs, and much of the material for the Blue Funnel pages, for which I'm most grateful, so we can share them with like minded people. Regards Tony 

Date: 29 Jun 2006
I am trying to find a record of my uncle, Claude Campbell, who was a seaman with the Blue Funnel Line. He was last heard from in the 1920's. Thank you very much, Judy Balcombe, balcombe@netspace.net.au

Thanks for getting in touch Judy, we have left your e-mail address here, in the hope that someone out there might be able to help, Regards Tony.


Date: 01 Jul 2006
You have a great site I have found a lot of information regarding my family. Many thanks to you.  I was born in Bwlchtocyn and now live in Derby.  I am looking for any information you may have or can find regarding Griffith Griffiths born around 1809 in the parish of Llanengan.  I know he was a Mariner and that his wife Ellinor was widowed by 1861, I know he drowned at sea but that’s it.  I would be most grateful if you could find any information regarding this matter.  Diolch yn fawr ichi. Tom Griffiths

Many thanks for your comments. Sorry but we don't have much information before 1861. The only place that we can think of that may be of help is The Welsh Mariners website, which is a great source of knowledge. Regards Tony. http://www.welshmariners.org.uk 

Date: 03 Jul 2006
Hi, I am back again.  Tom Griffiths from Bwlchtocyn now from Derby.  I was reading your short stories like “The Purse” Could you tell me if Tom Jones from Aberdaron compiled the story. William Jones was my uncle so Tom was my cousin. I remember My Uncle Will telling me lots of stories from that part of the world when I we used to visit with my mother Jenny  (Parry her maiden name) from Pen-y Bont Llangwnadal and my father John Griffiths from Bwlchtocyn. It would be interesting for me to know regarding these stories. Many thanks Tom.

Hi Tom, I knew your aunts Phoebe and Ella, Pen-y- Bont, very well, my father was the vicar of Llangwnadl. The stories we borrowed for the website were written by your uncle William Jones. Could you get in touch with us by email please. Gwenllian


Date: 04 Jul 2006
Gwefan dda ar y diawl, lot o waith wedi mynd iddi ac mae'n ddifyr ei archwilio .Mae mwy o hanes Rhiw yn llyfr Evan J Davies Tyn y mynydd .enw'r llyfr ydi  Y Llwybr Cul. Hwyl.

Diolch mae'n waith caled, ond yn waith pleser a falch eich bod yn mwynhau, ac yn ol yr arfer os oes genncyh chi hen luniau neu hanesion cofiwch gysylltu. Gwenllian

Date: 07 Jul 2006
Great collection or as we say in US Navy BRAVO ZULU but I missed not seeing KING'S ARM in Kobe one of my favorites of 50-years ago on aircraft carrier port calls. Bud Hoff Capt USN-ret  Alexandria Va.

Thanks for your comments Capt, I did venture into the King's Arms once or twice, but it wasn't what you would call your average Far Eastern "Girlie Bar" but more like an English country pub. Quite out of place in down town Kobe!!! Regards Tony


Date: 08 July 2006


Thank you for bringing back some good memories of the Deck Boy School and YMCA where I stayed in the 70's then sailing Coastal with Elderdempsters and Glen Line moving on to Far East with the Blue Funnel Line and Protesilaus I will see if I have any memorabilia you can use and email it to you Thanks again Nick.

Many thanks for your comments Nick, we look forward to hearing from you, Regards Tony


Date: 12 Jul 2006
What a lovely site. The warmth and charm of the webmaster is very strong. Hope to visit someday. Seems my 11 grandfather, Joseph Eastland is from Wales. We were fortunate to visit his original homesite at Oyster Bay, New York last week. Again, I truly enjoyed browsing this website.
Suzanne Dean-Drucker, League City, Texas.

We're very glad that you like our website Suzanne, your comments are much appreciated, and we hope that you call again soon. Regards Tony & Gwenllian.


Date: 15 Jul 2006

Hello all - a bit late getting back to you regarding my earlier post in August 2004 on St Aelrhiw's Day . However there really IS a St Aelrhiw's Day on September 9th every year! Where better to celebrate it than at Rhiw?

The dates of the various Celtic Saint's days are recorded in the lists of Celtic Saints which is on the druidsutterance.net site!. Here is a sample:-

St Aelrhiw 9 SEPTEMBER,
St. Deiniol 11 SEPTEMBER,
St. Eilfyw 12 SEPTEMBER,
St. Ninian 16 SEPTEMBER,
St. Socrates 17 SEPTEMBER

Meanwhile - anyone with any more information on the Jones family who once lived at "Trip" in the centre of the Rhiw (a modern bungalow now stands on the site) I would love to hear from you on dmj@newsnet.co.uk . David Morris Jones

Nice to hear from you again David, and many thanks for the information, we will have to celebrate.  Regards Tony & Gwenllian.


Date: 18 Jul 2006
I found your site while looking for information on Nevin.  What a great site!!  Really enjoyed all the information about the men of the sea and pictures of the ships.  A pleasure to visit with you.  Thank you for all the hard work and dedication it must have taken to put the site together. Heather Rouse

Hi Heather, Glad you found the website enjoyable, and we hope that you call again soon, Regards Gwenllian.


Date: 29 Jul 2006
Enjoyed the website of the Welsh Navy tremendously. Many thanks. I left Holts 40 years ago (as Mate) and now live on top of a hill in central Texas, 100 miles away from the sea, where there are NO ships and NO hurricanes. My father was on the Conway when anchored in the Mersey when it froze before the Menai straits had been colonized, and Deck Boys joined Holts who didn't speak English  More recently I lived near the lady from League City (12 July comment). Nostalgic Richard Dixon.

Thanks for your interesting addition to our guest book, glad you like the site, Rg Tony


Date: 29 Jul 2006
Thank you for an interesting and informative site. My gg-grandfather Daniel Davies (b 1813) was a mariner and came from the area of Tydweiliog. He sailed as mate on the vessel "Ellen" in 1860 was Captain of the "Sea Lark" in 1869 and his last vessel "Clara" was lost in 1870. I would like to hear from anyone with similar interest and I would especially like to trace him in 1841. Best wishes Chris.

We have a copy of the 1841 census for Llyn, but a lot of the villages are illegible. But we will look up Tudweiliog, to see if your family is on it, Rg Gwenllian.


Date: 01 Aug 2006


Kerry Thomas, Penrhyndeudraeth ar y mor ers 1969 Union Castle, Empress of England, Blue Star, Port Line, Shaw Savill, Moss Hutchison, PSNC ac R.F.A. ers 1980, nawr yn Bosun.

Diolch yn fawr am dy sylwadau Kerry. Hwyl Tony.


Date: 01 Aug 2006
Hi Tony (and Smot the dog),

Great to meet you on Sunday, love the site have enjoyed mooching through and seeing the area we love so much. We enjoyed our walk and appreciated your advice on the route. We will be back soon to explore some more. Regards from Dave and Sue.

Great meeting you also, and look forward to seeing you both again, when you next come over to Rhiw. Regards Tony & Gwenllian.

Date: 01 Aug 2006
Trevor Evans Sr.

Mother from Llythfaen, father from Trefor. Lleyn  Am Byth.

Da iawn chi Trevor, does yna nunlle fel Llyn, Hwyl Tony

Date: 01 Aug 2006
Heddiw y daethum ar draws eich gwefan ac yr wyf wedi cael pleser o'r mwyaf yn pori yma ac acw ynddi. Un o hogia Llyn wyf i, wedi fy ngeni a'm magu yn Llanbedrog ond yn byw yng Nghanada ers 40 mlynedd bellach. Codi tipyn o hiraeth arnaf wnaeth eich gwefan, ond mae ar gadw 'rwan ymhlith y "Favourites." Byddaf yn ymweld a'r dudalen yn aml 'rwyn siwr. Hwyl a bendith - Norman

Diolch am gysylltu ac yn falch eich bod wedi mwynhau ein gwefan. A neis clywed ei fod yn un o'ch ffefrynau.  Hwyl Tony & Gwenllian.


Date: 04 Aug 2006
Mae'r wefan hon yn 1 or gwefanau mwyaf diddorol sydd erioed wedi ei chreu!!! mae'r llyniau yn ddidorol hefyd mae pwy bynnag wnaeth feddwl am y wefan hon yn wych hefo syniadau gwerth chweil!!! pwy oedd hwn/hon tybed??? a fuasech yn medru helpu pobl fel  fi chwilio am wybodaeth am y teulu oherwydd dwi wedi gweld rhagor o lyniau o'n nheulu!! a fuasech yn medru cystyllu a mi ar (e-bost) diolch yn fawr iawn!!! Megi.

Diolch yn fawr am dy sylwadau Megi. Mae dy e-bost gennym, ac fe wnawn gysylltu yn fuan. Hwyl Gwenllian.


Date: 06 Aug 2006
Thank you for your site which brought back many memories of Blue Funnel.  I worked in India Buildings in the Inward Freight Department from 1968 and then Bills of Lading until the last Blue Funnel sailing from Liverpool which was a very sad day. My only trip on a Blue Funnel ship was a coastal trip from Liverpool to Glasgow and back to Birkenhead on Ascanius shortly after she had returned from a spell with Elders. Thanks once again for your site and all the hard work that must have been put into it. Bob Vague.

Many thanks for your very interesting comments Bob, I'm very glad you like you like my Blue Funnel pages, but it has been a labour of love, Regards Tony


Date: 07 Aug 2006
Braf yw cael gwybodaeth diddorol a hanesion melys o ben llyn. Sian Jones, Qatar

Diolch yn fawr am dy sylwadau. Mi fues i yn gweithio yn Qatar am rhai misoedd, mae'r aur yn rhad fel baw yno!!! Mi brynais tsaen aur yno am £126, ac yma roedd werth £500 yma, fedrai ddim gweitiad i fynd yn ol yna. Hwyl Fawr Tony


Date: 14 Aug 2006
Gwenllian, Tony & Sarah :-)
Clare from Newcastle here!
Thought I would have a quick peek to see if this was still up and going after a fab weekend in Aberdaron.  The site is fantastic and am really pleased that you all still have the passion and energy to celebrate one of my favourite places in the world!  I have of course stolen a few pictures for my PC at home to keep me going until my next visit! Hope you are all keeping well! Love Clare Xxx.

Great to hear from you Clare, and thanks for your lovely comments. Next time you're down, make sure you come and see us, we'd love to see you.

Love Gwenllian & Tony.


Date: 19 Aug 2006
As a former resident of Sarn and before that Rhiw I found your website quite fascinating.  It is great to be able to see views and information of my home area so easily.  Keep up the excellent work.

However I noted one omission, there seemed to be no mention of the Neolithic axe factory (grid reference SH 237 299 I believe).  Surely when such a village is associated with an archaeological site of such importance should be mentioned on the web site. Diolch Matt.

Many thanks for your comments Matt. We do have a small piece about the Axe factory in one of the pages, but like you say we should give it more prominence. Regards Tony. Link to the page About Rhiw page


Date: 18 Aug 2006
Capt Nick Bennett

Sailed on:- Clan Malcolm, Clan Maclaren, Clan Graham, Clan Ross - Nee Kinpurnie Castle, Clan MacGreggor, Clan Macintosh, Pendennis Castle, King James and Rotherwick Castle. I'm still afloat!!! Good to see there's still interest

Best wishes Nick.

Many thanks for your comments Capt.  Regards Tony


Date: 22 Aug 2006
Firstly, I would like to say what a fantastic site -written by people who obviously appreciate what a special area this is. I only wish I'd come across your site sooner though. I've just completed a book entitled 'Ancient Echoes: the early history of a Welsh peninsula' (published by Gwasg Carreg Gwalch Sept 2006), which examines many of the ancient sites of Llyn, Arfon and Eifionydd (starting in the Neolithic period and ending in the early Christian period). I was not previously aware of the Meillionydd parc holy well, the Tyn Fron burial chamber or the Ysgo and Nant Gadwen stones until I came across your site by chance. I have to agree with you that the markings on the latter stone certainly look man-made, though what a strange monument! Anyway, I would certainly like to include the above in future editions of the book and mention your website. Congratulations on a superb and fascinating site!

All the Best, Julian Heath.

Many thanks for your comments, and for such an interesting subject. I wonder if you can get in touch with us, our e-mail address is on our contact page. Regards Tony.


Date: 02 Sep 2006
Just spent a pleasant hour looking at the ships. A nicely laid out website with very useful links of genealocal interest. You have obviously put a lot of time and effort into this. Well done...da iawn, Mervyn in Bangor.

Many thanks for your comments Mervyn, we will add a link to your excellent website on our Census page, Regards Tony


Date: 06 Sep 2006
Wonderful site, found images of my grandfather's vessel 'Centurion' he sailed from the UK in 1907 as ships carpenter, disembarked Newcastle N.S.W Australia in February,1908 with illness.  Never to return home. Would like to obtain copies of photo's
Spencer G Jones
Bellingen N.S.W.

Thanks for getting in touch Spencer. I'll have a look through the scans, and hopefully will be able to send you a large image of the "Centurion". Regards Tony


Date: 20 Sep 2006
Yr wyf yn cysidro a oeddwn yn adnabod Tony ar longau caergybi,a oedd o yn gweithio i lawr yr 'injan room'? Pob hwyl. Meirion.

Helo Meirion, Ar dec oeddwn i pan oeddwn ar longau Caergybi, o Ionawr 1979 dan Fehefin 1995. Mi oeddwn yn Q.M. ar y Stena Cambria, am y dair blynedd olaf. Hwyl Tony.


Date: 20 Sep 2006


Rhiw.com is the best website ever! When the hiraeth is getting too much I spend a couple of hours browsing through the photos and feel much better! Thank you for your brilliant site. Rosemary Lewis.

Many thanks for your kind comments Rosemary. Regards Gwenllian.


Date: 23 Sep 2006
Great Site and Credit to those responsible for creating. Brought back lots of memories of ships  and companies mentioned, having served with some of companies mentioned whilst serving in Merchant navy myself after leaving Gravesend Sea School 1952 thence left Merchant navy  1990
Colin Attey.

Glad you enjoyed our Maritime section, it certainly was a labour of love setting it up, and I hope to add more over the coming months. Rg Tony.


Date: 23 Sep 2006
Hi - What a terrific site, we used to come up the area for family holidays 40 years ago, but we have not been back for a while. I have just convinced my wife that we must have a long weekend on the Lleyn before the end of the year. You have rekindled so many fantastic childhood memories, I can't wait to come back and check out Porth Iago, Porth Oer. PS Mike Sheldrakes photos are stunning!! Many Thanks for the great site!!!! Kevin - Wrexham

Hope you have a great time when you come over, and thanks for your comments. Rg Tony


Date: 25 Sep 2006
Newydd gael hyd i ddau neu dri llun o Bremerhaven 1991, bydd yn rhaid i mi eu postio gan fod rhywbeth wedi digwydd i fy scanner, fel y buasent yn dweud yn Nigeria ers talwm "My scanner disapoint me, it will not agree to work" Daliwch ymlaen hefo'r wefan wych yma. Hwyl fawr Dic Jones.

Edrych ymlaen i weld y lluniau Capt Jones. Gaeson ni dipyn o sbort yn y tri mis yn Bremerhaven yn do. Hwyl a diolch yn fawr, Tony


Date: 27 Sep 2006
Having visited your site I was so pleased to find the Llyn Peninsula Census which has been invaluable in my research into Family History. I originate from Pwllheli but my ancestry stems from the "Lion Inn" Tydweiliog where my father was born in 1897. Congratulations on a very interesting site to visit and may your excellent work continue. Many thanks.
John Bennett Jones (now of Croydon). Diolch eto.

Many thanks for your comments, Regards Gwenllian.

Date: 28 Sep 2006
Tracey Grimsley, Bangor.

My grandfather was Hugh Jones from Amlwch (Dempsey was his nickname) and he died after falling from the Kylebank in 1952.  I found an article in the local archives office when researching the family tree:

Amlwch Officer’s Fate: Swept Away By Sea

“Chief Officer Hugh Jones, aged 40, of the 969 tons collier ‘Kylebank’ was swept away and presumed drowned on Monday when he was endeavouring to free the ship’s anchor, which was fouled by a length of wood.  His home was at No.2 Council Houses, Burwen Road, Amlwch, and he leaves a widow and three children.

The collier was anchored in Barry Roads, outside the dock entrance, and Mr Jones went over the side in the bosun’s chair, watched by several members of the crew.  He was trying to clear the wood when the chair swung out and he fell into the sea.

A witness said Mr Jones was wearing a heavy overcoat and was seen struggling to get it off.  He grasped lifebelts which were thrown to him, but was swept away.”

I would be interested to hear from anyone who worked alongside Hugh or knew Hugh.  Also his brothers Colin McLeod Marshall who drowned in Hamble and John Norman Marshal (Johnny).  Ant information would be gratefull received.

Hi Tracey, If you e-mail us we will try our best to help you, Regards Gwenllian.

Date: 29 Sep 2006
Hi, stumbled across this site and very interested to read about Capt. Roberts, I sailed with him in 1966 and would love to have more details about him today  many thanks   by the way .  Is the page available in English   regards   Maurice Day

Hi Maurice, Yes the page is in English, in the Llyn and the Sea section. Rg Tony

Date: 01 Oct 2006
Gwefan gwych!
Oes rhywun yn gwybod enw iawn "Sion Gorni" sydd yn un o'r hen lyniau fel "un o gymeriadau LLyn"?
Daliwch ati!
Eleri, Caernarfon

Hi Eleri, Diolch am y sylwadau. John Griffith Hughes, mab Neli Modlan o Tai Isa, Edern oedd Sioni Gorni, ac mae o mewn amryw hen luniau fel yr un tu allan i'r Ship Aberdaron, lle mae J Glynne Davies yn ddyn ifanc yn eistedd yn y cert, ond yr un dwi wedi weld fwyaf  cyffredin ydi hwnnw ble mae o ar y ffordd yn Llangwnadl. Hwyl Gwenllian

Date: 01 Oct 2006
Helo! WAAAAA website fab

 Diolch am y sylw, falch fod o yn plesio. Hwyl G.

Date: 02 Oct 2006
Diolch am yr ateb prydlon. Yr hanes yn y teulu ydi bod "Sioni Gorni" yn hanner brawd i fy hen daid. Hwyl
Eleri Caernarfon

Diddorol iawn Eleri os gawn ni fwy o'i hanes mi wnawn adael i chi wybod. Mae'n amlwg ei fod yn dipyn o gymeriad o'r lluniau a'r ffaith fod na fwy nag un llun ohonno. Falch ein bod wedi medru helpu. Hwyl G.

Date: 02 Oct 2006
HI my name is Tim Norman i live in hampshire uk,I think your work is very good,and your a man after my own heart,as i also love bird's of prey and alike.i enjoy chainsaw carving these bird's from old tree's,here's to your next brilliant and welcome work's. sincerely Tim.N.  

Hi Tim We'll pass on your comments to David Frisby. He is as you say a brilliant sculptor of birds of prey. If you visit our links page David has his own website and you could get in touch with him if you like. Regards Gwenllian

Date: 02 Oct 2006
Love your website. The pictures are beautiful and you present the history of the area wonderfully.

I would like to learn more about Tyn y Graig as my 5th great grandparents lived there (Arthur & Catherine Roberts) and my 4th great grandfather Robert Arthur was living there until he came to the United States approx 1824, aged 79. I found two of his children on your list of Emigrants to America page, but he and the rest of the kids were missing.  Any information would be appreciated.
Diolch, Tegwyn, email- cyfnither@yahoo.com    

Hi Tegwyn.We do have a small article on the house in the history pages. It has been a kind of icon for Rhiw, many artists have painted it and it is also well photographed, due to it's picturesque location. It was once a tavern and legend has it that the smugglers had a secret tunnel up to it. For the past few years it has sadly been abandoned but is now undergoing renovations. Regards Gwenllian

Date: 07 Oct 2006

Hello all.

Does anyone have access to the old parish registers of Rhiw - births, marriages and deaths recorded perhaps at St Aelrhiw's Church? They'd be a great addition to this site if they're available somewhere.

David Morris Jones

Hi David. Yes it would be good to have them on. We'll look into it in the near future. But in the meantime if anyone could help with this we'd more than grateful.  Regards Gwenllian

Date: 07 Oct 2006
Tony - thanks for getting back to me re Parish Registers. It would be great to have these on the site some day.
Thanks again too for a wonderful website and for all the hard work that goes into it. We aim to pay a visit to Rhiw before the end of this year.

Kind regards

David Morris Jones (ex Teulu "Trip") dmj@newsnet.co.uk

Look forward to seeing soon. Regards Gwenllian


Date: 07 Oct 2006
Dear Tony,

My compliments for this brilliant site about Blue Funnel. My father sailed on many of the "Dutch" blue funnel ships as a chief officer and master. This gave me the opportunity to sail on a number of coastal trips from Liverpool to Hamburg and Amsterdam on blue funnels "Laertus" "Eumaeus" "Polydorus"and "Adrastus". Greetings

Dirk 't Lam - Zoetermeer - Holland.

Many thanks for your comments Dirk. Regards Gwenllian.


Date: 08 Oct 2006
Ddrwg gennyf fod yn boen, ond cwestiwn arall am Sion Gorni sydd gennyf. 'Da chi'n gwybod enw iawn ei fam Elin Modlan? Hefyd fedra'i ddim gael hyd i "Tai Isa" yng nghyfrifiad Edern. Fedrwch chi helpu?

Dwi ddim yn gwybod enw iawn Neli Modlan ond mae Tai Isa lawr Lon Cae Glas, Edern, wel mae na Tai Isa lawr y lon yna, prun ydi nhw'r un lle allai ddim bod yn sicr. Hwyl Gwenllian


Date: 10 Oct 2006:
Diolch am y cyfle i ymeld a Rhiw.com.  ER nid oLlyn yr wyf mae digon o atgofion gen pan yn ymweld a fy modryb yn Abersoch - Gladys williams Riffli a dreuliodd ei hoes yn dusgu plant yr ardal.  Gwlad braf yw llyn yn enwedig  ym mhenLlyn ar ddiwrnod o ha'.  Rwy.n byw yn awr yn Vancouver Canada ers dros 40 mlynedd bellach ond yn cadw cysylltiad a Chymru drwy  e-bost.  Diolch
Ann Gwyn Roberts

Diolch am gysylltu Ann a falch ein bod yn gallu dod ag atgofion i chi. Cofion Gwenllian

Date: 12 Oct 2006
I think your website is better than good. It makes such enjoyable reading. Thank you. Signed,Norma Williams from Welsh Liverpool

Many thanks for your comments Norma. So glad that you have enjoyed the website and hope you keep looking in from time to time. Regards Gwenllian


Date: 14 Oct 2006
Hello I 've visited a few times but quite new to computers so just plucked up courage to sign your guest book, i found it by accident while researching my family tree.my grt grandfather was born in Nevin in 1856 Griffith Hughes.So far I' ve traced the family back to 1841 in NEVIN would love to find any family relations.His fathers name was Robert Hughes and on the 1861 census they lived at 56 Tyddyn y ffynon.what a lovley site this is WELL DONE love from Karen Hughes (a south walian )

Thanks Karen. I hope someone of the same family sees this and gets in touch with you. All the best and good luck with your research. Gwenllian.


Date: 16 Oct 2006

Fe ganfuaist y safle yn ddamweiniol ond rwyn falch ofnadwy am hynny. Rhodd teulu ar ochr fy mam yn byw yn Rhiw bynyddoedd maith yn ol. Mae'r lluniau a'r storiau yn wych ac llenwi llawer o fylchiau am y gorffennol.

Huw Price o Dreorci

Diolch am eich sylwadau Huw. Os oes ganddoch chi hen luniau o'r teulu, efallai yr hoffech eu cynnwys ar y tudalennau hen luniau. Hwyl Gwenllian


Date: 18 Oct 2006
One of the most comprehensive and informative web sites I have ever come across. Alas, I only looked at in more detail after paying Rhiw a fleeting visit a few weeks ago and I was knocked sideways by its stunning beauty! This site gives all the information one is ever likely to need and more.  The photographs are stunning but, as good as they are, they cannot hold a candle to the real thing.  There are some things that are so beautiful that the camera, even in the hands of the most accomplished of photographers, can never do it justice.  There has obviously been a lot of love and time been put into the construction of this site and this could only have been done by someone whose heart and soul lies in this very speical place.  Great Stuff - I will return!!

Kind regards
Diàne Horsfall, Poole, Dorset

Thank you so much for the compliments for Rhiw, Diane, it is a beautiful place and hope you do return soon and before you do take a look at some of our holiday cottages, all well recommended. Regards Gwenllian


Date: 26 Oct 2006
I would like as much information as possible about the Reina Del Pacifico - more importantly from the years 1957 when she ran aground off bermuda.  My Father George Quilliam was at the wheel of the ship at the time and would love to hear from anybody who was around in this period.  Many Thanks - Christine Quilliam (christinequilliam@hotmail.com)

I think shipsnostalgia would be a good place to try and get some info, there's a link on our maritime links page, which you may find helpful. Regards Gwenllian

Date: 05 Nov 2006
maynard (manny)smith, mn. ret.  at sea. 1950.-1960.
then instuctor' 1960-1966 vindicatrix .tsharpness.glos.training ship.
just found your very enjoyable site. my father was. welsh. from ton pentre, rhonda valley.will be looking at your site often. I live in the forest of
dean. gloucestershire

Many thanks for your comments Manny. Regards Gwenllian

Date: 10 Nov 2006
What a charming web-site! The aerial photos of your beautiful peninsula are quite simply, stunning! I'm in my 50's and have been holidaying in Llyn since I was in single figures. My teenage son James now regards Llyn as the ideal 'chill-out' place for himself and his mates, so you are obviously pressing all the right buttons with OUR family. When James was in single figures, we spent a glorious fortnight in Rhiw; the views out toward Ynys Enlli are still vivid in the mind. James, I remember, developed a soft spot for a rather spirited pony in a field nearby. Name of Ffion, if I remember correctly. MY recollections of her were that she had a predeliction for taking large and painful lumps out of any part of my anatomy within easy reach! Happy days!
Anyway, your site is wonderful. I've only scratched the surface yet, and hope you have something on the manganese mines in the valley leading to Porth Ysgo.
 Also the radar station under the Clip has always intrigued me. Is it purely for shipping, or are there more esoteric theories surrounding it? Hmmmm.
Rest assured, I'll be back to your fascinating site regularly, especially over the coming winter months.
Keep up the good work!
Andy Talbot,

Thank you for your comments Andy. The radar station is owned and run by the MOD and what goes on there is not privy to mere mortals such as myself !!! The aerial photographs are fantastic aren't they and it was whilst sitting on the Clip one sunny Sunday morning that Tony took a photo of Mike flying around and fortunately for the rest of us Mike got in touch and kindly lent us his images, which are really breathtaking. All the best Gwenllian

Date: 13 Nov 2006
Hi Tony, I have been looking at your photo's here and on the Ephotozine, your photo's are amazing, I am from Dublin myself live on the East coast, It only recently that I have taken a keener interest in photography. Outdoors, my dogs, and after that anything that catches my eye. Looking over your pictures has me thinking I can do better. I recently purchased a Fuji S9500 and have enjoyed the learning curve, it feels very steep at times,`
Thanks for the inspiration and give Smot a pat on the head for me. Wishing you and yours good health.

Hi Aidan, Many thanks for your kind comments about my photos. It's only since I joined EPZ some six months ago that I have really appreciated the medium, by looking at other photographers work, and learning by comments on my own and other images. Just keep at it, and by reading the weather, and a bit of luck, your photos will improve, and your enjoyment accordingly. Regards Tony.

P.S, If you see the Llyn on a clear day, could you photograph it and send it on, as we'd love to see one taken from the Emerald Isle. Thanks.


Date: 15 Nov 2006

Dear all thank you
this is a very good web site to look at old days sorry can not find words to say
so thank you .

Many thanks for commenting and glad you find it enjoyable. Gwenllian


Date: 18 Nov 2006
Safle ardderchog i unrhyw un yn olrain hanes teuluol, gallaf nawr rhoi gwyneb im hen hen daid Hugh Jones Cae Crin Uwchmynydd. Os oes gan unrhyw un wybodaeth am deulu Cae Crin , PenMaes neu Talcen Foel Uwchmynydd byddwn yn falch iawn i glywed ganddoch. Meinir Jones. bobameins@tesco.net

Diolch am eich sylwadau Meinir. Dipyn o gymeriad oedd eich hen, hen daid, ac mae ei hanes ar y we yn dangos dycnwch a chaledi yr oes a fu, fedrai ddim gweld neb yn cerdded o Uwchmynydd i Bwllheli i weithio rwan. Pob hwyl i chi ar ymchwilio'n bellach, Gwenllian


Date 28 Nov 2006

Hi My name is Steve Davidson And I was brought up in Tan-Y Graig where my parents still live. ITs a great site and a wonderful place to live

Thanks for your comments Steve. You must miss the place, Tan y Graig has some of the best views in Rhiw. Regards Gwenllian.


Date:  29 Nov 2006

Newydd fod yn edrych ar luniau LLangwnadl.  Mae llun ysgol 1906 yna,  Mae fy nain sef Ann Llain Las yna ai ddwy chwaer sef Mary( cae geifr,Aberdaron) a Jane yno.  Mi roeddynt yn byw yn Llain Las cyn i fy nain a nhaid sef Robert Jones Penmount, Rhiw yngartrefy yn Mhlaenau Ffestiniog yn 1927.  Mae y wefan yn rhagorol. Diolch Eifiona

Diolch am gysylltu Eifiona. Da ni newydd gael mwy o hen luniau ysgol Llangwnadl a hefyd llun o Barti Tonic Solffa, Capel Penygraig. Mi rhown ni nhw ar y we cyn bo hir. Os oes ganddoch luniau efallai y medrwch eu ebostio i ni. Os wnewch chi gysyslltu efo ebost mi ddown yn ol atoch. Cofion a diolch Gwenllian.

Date:  29 Nov 2006
"Eifiona -nodion 29 Tachwedd 2006"
A oes cysylltiad rhwng teulu Llain Las a teulu Tyn FFynnon Llangwnadl? Tuag 1880's Evan Parry yn priodi Jane Jones Tyn Ffynnon, a mab gennynt Henry Parry gannwyd yn 1882? Rhyw sylwadau
John Jones Croydon Surrey..

Date: 02 Dec 2006

Dear Gwenllian

It's a wonderful site and have spent some time exploring it. I don't have the time today to go through all the pics of "Alfred Holt's navy" so I'm saving those up for another time.

My mother's family had connections in Trefriw but started visiting Llanbedrog in the summer after the closest relative died (about 1924).

Originally they stayed in the upper village but soon formed a friendship with Mrs Jones of Argoed, whose husband was Prifathro at Foel y Gron school in Mynytho. The family's connection with Llanbedrog continued after the war and two of my aunts retired there.

When on leave from the WAAF in 1941 my mother met an airman who was stationed at Penrhos (of Saunders Lewis fame). He was a Canadian who had been living in Belgium and who with his brother had escaped to Britain to serve in the Armed Forces.

After the airman was killed in action, my mother married his brother and so I was born. I might add that my mother carried me to term in Llyn and only went to her sister's in Manchester for the confinement.

I often long to be there, and looking at the views both modern and old, is of some solace.

Thank you very much for all your hard work.

Albert Gomperts, Antwerp, Belgium

PS. I wonder if you know of any information about or pictures of the quarries on Llanbedrog headland?
I remember the last boat sailing from jetty there in April 1949/1950. My sister was very small and had a red knitted hat. It blew off and snagged in the rigging of the ship.

Hi Albert, Many thanks for your kind comments about our website, and we read your account of your time in Llyn with great interest. Sorry but we haven't seen any photographs of the Llanbedrog quarry yet, but if someone lends us any, they will be posted in the Llyn photographs pages.

Regards Gwenllian.


Date: 05 Dec 2006
maynard (manny)smith, mn. ret.  at sea. 1950.-1960.
then instuctor' 1960-1966 vindicatrix .tsharpness.glos.training ship.
just found your very enjoyable site. my father was. welsh. from ton pentre, rhonda valley.will be looking at tour site often. I live in the forest of
dean. gloucestershire.

Thanks for getting in touch and glad you enjoyed the website. Regards Gwenllian


Date:  8 Dec2006
I have just come across your excellent web-site and thoroughly enjoyed searching through it. My own connection with Blue Funnel was as travelling to Hong Kong as a child aged 10 in 1956. It remains the most exciting time of my life and I often think about the Ascanius. I have collected, from various web-sites, pictures of many of the ships for my personal enjoyment but have yet to come across any interior photos, particularly of the A Class ships, of which the Ascanius was, I believe, one. Thank you so much for your entertaining site, I shall visit it often.

Mike Downing

Hi Mike, Thanks for commenting and hopefully an interior photo will  turn up soon. Keep looking in, we have a few more Blue Funnel pages to add in the next few weeks. Regards Gwenllian

Date: 09 Dec 2006
9ed Rhagfyr 2006: Ivor Bodfel Owen.
Mi ddeuthym ar draws yn y sylwadau 2005 Rhif 188 gan Ifor Bodfel Owen. Blynyddoedd yn ol, yr oedd un or un enw yn byw yn 25 High Street Pwllheli. Y newydd ddiwethaf oedd wedi mynd i fyw i New Zealand.'Sgwn I ydyw hwn yr un un. Oes bosibl i gael e-mail address iddo fo. Yr oeddwn i yn byw drws nesaf 27 High Street, (John Bennett Jones a Olwen fy chwaer) Fy e-mail I ydyw :farquharjones@supanet.com Mi fuaswn yn ddiolchgar am glywed amdano.
John Bennett Jones (Croydon)

Mae Ifor Bodfel Owen mewn cysylltiad a ni a mi yrrwn ei e-bost chi John. Pob Hwyl Gwenllian

Date: 12 Dec 2006
Tai Isaf , Edern
(Ymholiad am Sion Gorni)
Yn bur amal , bydd Tai Isaf a Brynogollwyd a Chwmistir  etc.yn cael eu cynnwys hefo Cyfrifiad Plwy Tudweiliog.
Gwilym Owen, Edern (ers talwm)

Diolch am eich sylw Gwilym. Pob Hwyl Gwenllian


Date: 17 Dec 2006
I have spent another extremely pleasurable hour trawling through Rhiw.com. It gets better and better,anhygoel.Meirion

Thanks for the comments Meirion, the New Year should see a few more Blue Funnel memories, so keep looking in. Regards Tony

Date:  18 Dec 2006
Enjoyed the web of the Blue funnel line ships,I sailed with them for 11years, first ship Menelaus,( football posts), perseus on maiden voyage, then on a number of A boats, Jason, helenus, last ship was the Pyrrus, this web brought back lots of memories, thank you for that,   sincierly  pete rodgers, (ex A.B )

Thanks for your comments Pete, if you have any photos of the Blue Funnel ships you sailed on please let us know. Regards Tony


Date:  20 Dec 2006
Cael hyd i Rhiw.com heb yn ddisgwyl pan yn chwarae ar yr Internet. Wel dyma safle ardderchog. Mae yn awr dros bymtheg mlynedd ers pan fu farw fy rhieni ac ers y siardwn i fawr yn Gymraeg, felly efallai y maddewch i mi am droi i'r saesneg.
I have been trying to follow a branch of my family tree where I knew my grandfather was a native of Llanfaelrhys but remote efforts from Wiltshire had not been very successful.
Thanks to your site I have got back 5 generations to 1796. This will prove the spur needed to take up the chase again.
I have found the photographic section very interesting and nostalgic and I will certainly be accessing the site on many occassions in the future, it now having been firmly planted in my Favourites.
Thank you for all the effort you must have put into the site.
Hywel Thomas

 Hi Hywel, so glad you found the website useful and that you could find a few more branches of your Family Tree. Good luck with the rest of your research. All the best and many thanks for your comments. Gwenllian


Date:  22 Dec 2006
Great lifeboat shot Tony - happy memories of my one and only visit to the station in 1989.



Thanks Justin, it took some planning, glad the sun shone on me that Sunday morning.


Date:  27 Dec 2006
What a wonderful website!  I came across it while researching my father's family, who were from Edern.  His uncle, Hugh Rowlands, was a ship's engineer on the Arvonian, but I don't know which other ships he served on.  The Rowlands family were employed at the woolen mill in Edern.  I would be grateful for any information about them. 

I lived in Anglesey and in Colwyn Bay before coming to Canada in 1972.


Thanks for your comment Sheila. Hopefully someone may have some more info for you about the Rowlands family, will get back to you on this one. Regards Gwenllian

Date:  28 Dec 2006
Hello, I'm French, I've found this Website when I was searching Grey Fergie's photos! There are very beautiful Ferguson tractor's pictures in your site!
But, what is Rhiw, an Irish Village?? What is the language of the site, Gaelic? Gaelic look likes Breton, the old language of Brittany, which is a region of France, in the West.
So, I've a website, you can see my Ferguson on it!
The address is www.vtb.bzh.bz

Congratulations for your good site, and photos are wonderful!

Bye        Rémi

Hi Remi, The Grey Fergie is a fantastic little tractor and very close to the hearts of many and also to the Bretons it appears from your website. Rhiw is in Pays de Galle and the language is Welsh,(Galles) which is very similar to Breton. Many years ago the onion sellers used to come from Brittany and we understood each other in our own languages, as many words are very similar. We will put a link to your website on ours in the Little Grey Fergie section. Merci Beacoup pour votre comment et Felicitations Gwenllian


Date: 31 Dec 2006
I had the pleasure of joining the Jason in Melbourne in 1966 as a junior engineer.After several voyages I joined the Nestor on the Singapore Aussie run, we took her back to the UK where she became the Glenafric. I did a trip on the Calchas to the Far East then a quick trip down to West Africa on the Oti. Deciding to return to Australia I shipped out to Singapore on the super P Priam then flew home from there. My father sailed with Blue Flu as a leckie and my grandfather was a mate that was torpedoed during the war. I am still working as an engineer and over the years have met a lot of ex Blue flu people working in Aussie.Within our industry ex Bluies engineers are held in high regard although there arnt many of us left working these days. I enjoyed my time with the company. I think at the time there were about 8 Aussies working in the company.
My name is Ian Berry and I can be contacted by Email, thank you for the web site and photos.

Many thanks for your comments Ian, I'm glad you like our Blue Funnel pages, and all the very best for the New Year. Regards Tony


Diolch yn fawr i bawb am eich sylwadau / Many thanks to you all for your comments


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