"Nant Gwrtheyrn"

In the late 1970ís I had great interest in Nant Gwrtheyrn, and I decided to make a photographic record of the then, deserted village. In three years I visited about ten times, and in all that time I didnít see a living soul, well except two wild mountain goats which I got to see once, and managed to take three photographs of them before they disappeared from view. I found it a fascinating place and took many black and white films. For the technical amongst you, Ilford Fp4 125 a.s.a, and Hp5 400 a.s.a, and two cameras, a Nikon F2a and a Nikon FM, and a range of lenses from 20mm up to 200mm. And in all I must have taken about 500 photographs, and used a tripod for most of them as well. I then developed the films, and printed some of them, in a makeshift darkroom at home. After the workmen moved in to start rebuilding the village I stopped going there, and have never been back there since.





















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