"The brig Bristol"


On December 16th 1819 the "Brig" Bristol came to a sad end at Porth Ysgo one of the three beaches in Rhiw. She was en route from Cardiff to Liverpool with a cargo of iron,( having a cargo of iron probably affected the compass reading, which brought her so far off course) and she was driven on rocks in storm force winds. Captain William Williams, his young son and a crew of four took to a small boat and desperately tried to get to the beach and safety. Tragically the boat was overcome by the huge waves and all but one, Robert Owen from Holyhead were lost. Their bodies were washed up on the shore, and they were taken to Llanfaelrhys church, which is situated above the cliff top. Captain Williams and his son were laid to rest in the Dyneio cemetery in Pwllheli. The other crewmembers were, Robert Humphreys, Caernarfon. Lewis Jones, Barmouth, and William Benjamin, from Chester. Robert Owen the survivor went on to be a deeply religious man, and went throughout Wales preaching the gospel.


A two-masted vessel with both masts square rigged, there is also a gaff sail on the main mast”



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"Porth Ysgo"

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"Llanfaelrhys Church"


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