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Date: 23 Jul 2005
Hello Tony, What a treasure this website is! I have spent a good deal of my afternoon looking through it and there is plenty still to read. I was quite surprised to see a picture of MV Lycaon on the site. I served on her in 1982 as part of a Royal Navy party in the South Atlantic. Thank you for your help with information and photo's of SS City of Cairo. Much appreciated. I wonder if you or any of the viewers of this site have a photo of Reardon Smith Line SS Queen City lost during WWII. Once again thank you – A great site! Regards, Hugh MacLean, Scotland

Thanks for your comments. Hugh has his own website dedicated to the memory of the men and women that were on the "City of Cairo" when she was torpedoed during WWII, It makes fascinating reading, and is thoroughly researched, and a great credit to him. http://www.sscityofcairo.co.uk/index.php 


Date:  29 Aug 2005
Enjoyed your site very much , I sailed with Capt S Williams in the 1950/51 period on the Busen Star, he was well liked by all, a proper seaman .Once on a voyage out from Brombrough we steamed close to the LLyn Peninsula and he sounded the ships whistle so his family could hear and know he was passing.


Date: 31 Aug 2005
Hello Tony, I have looked at your 'Rhiw' website with great interest. I know very little about boats though as a student I worked as an assistant cook on Townsend Thoresen car ferries in my home town of Dover so I have some connection and feeling for the sea. This is what prompted me to buy a small cottage in Robin Hood's Bay, in North Yorkshire. I wrote the following letter recently to Nova Scotia Archives & Records Management. I am inclined to think that 'Greysborough' might be a miss-hearing/spelling of 'Guysbrough'.

I came across your very interesting site while looking for a picture that might fit the description of 'Elizabeth Jane' given on its Registration Document'. If you could confirm your best 'hunch' of what she might have looked like, perhaps with reference to your own collection of photographs, I would be most grateful. Many thanks.  Stephen Gavin.

porthdinllaen_01.jpg (68881 bytes)

Hello Stephen, Glad you found our website interesting, the schooner on the right in this photograph would be similar to the "Elizabeth Jane" being of similar length and having two masts, but as no two of them were the same, that's as close as anyone could get it really.


Date: 02 Sep 2005
Found your website fascinating, I live on King Island in the middle of Bass Strait where the "Canarvon Bay" was shipwrecked, here is the site address if folks are interested.  www.kingisland.net.au/%7Emaritime/carnarvonbay.htm
I found it also interesting that 'she' came from your area.
I had not read the info on your website before about the Carnarvon Bay & found it very interesting, I will discuss it at the next museum meeting this month, I'm sure the rest of the members will also be interested.
I stumbled upon your site, looking for information on a "Captain Owen Owens" who was on the "Netherby" that was shipwrecked off King Island in 1866.
Is this the same Captain Owen Owens, that is in your "Llyn Captains" page? I hope someone can help me as I have been trying to find out what happened to him after he left King Island and the wreck. I can be reached on cconn@kingisland.net.au Thank you, Chris Conn, Secretary, King Island Historical Society.

Hello Chris, Thanks for your comments and the link to your website. We use the following link quite a lot as it is a brilliant source of information. http://www.welshmariners.org.uk

Capt Owen Owens of the "Netherby" was born at Llangrannog Cardiganshire in 1821. Netherby from 1864-6, Bombay, ship lost, discharged Melbourne 7 Nov 1866. C/55869/ "Samuel" 1867-74, Callao, Rangoon, Akyab, SA. C/54160 "Pegasus" 1874-83. It is interesting to note that the "Pegasus" was Commanded by Capt Griffith Jones Nefyn from 1867, whose son also called Griffith Jones was a brother in law to Capt William Griffith of the Carnarvon Bay. Regards Tony.


Date: 03 Sep 2005

Thank you very much Tony for your swift and useful response concerning 'Elizabeth Jane'. Stephen Gavin

Glad that we were able to help Stephen. Regards Tony.


Date: 30 Sep 2005

Hi Tony, had a good look at your website and thought it was excellent from a seaman's point of view regards Tom Montgomery.


Date:  01 Jan 2006

Can you help me find a ship which was lost at sea 7 November 1925 called Irena of Liverpool, my uncle was on this ship and I haven’t a clue where to start looking.  I would like to find out anything about this tragedy. Diolch Gwenda

I think this is going to be tough one to crack. I’ve looked in the big black book, and there’s no mention of the “Irena” at all. Are you sure that you have the correct spelling? I ask this because it can make all the difference when searching. One place to look would be the Maritime Museum at Liverpool. Good luck with your search, and if I come across anything I will let you know. Regards Tony.


Date:        18 Jan 2006

Had pleasure in reading about your voyage with the Palm Line, I sailed on three as E.D.H. got stabbed on board in Sepeli, Andoni Palm hospitalised flown home me and bosun, tough ships??

And I thought I had a bad trip!!! Tony


Date:        24 Jan 2006

What a fabulous web site, such dedication. I have book marked the site, as it will take more then a couple of hours to digest its content. Like a lot of people these days I am researching my family background. One such project is my grandfather’s service with the Merchant Navy (1925 – 1963). Normally I would not ask but because as this has a Welsh connection any assistance would be welcome.

According to information found on my grandfathers CR2 he was signed off a ship in SWANSEA on 23 March 1939.

1. Would any organisation or individual have a list of ships in port on that particular day?
2. Why would a seaman who lived in South Shields and normally sailed from the Tyne be signed off such along way from home?

David Bolt

2. If you joined a vessel at South Shields or any British  port, you would normally pay off at the first port, when arriving back to the U.K. That's why, most probably your grandfather signed off at Swansea. Regards Tony.



Date:        28 Jan 2006

My name is Robert Perrin and as a boy of 16 served in SS Ramsay of Bolton Shipping as a galley boy in 1956. Voyage to Australia via The Cape due to the Israeli/Egyptian War. I subsequently joined the R.N. for 9 years leaving in 1967. Your site is brilliant and I would like to place a link on my own http://www.oldships.org.uk where we can all find some old friends.

I joined the Royal Navy in October 1967, and was at H.M.S. Ganges for three months, bought my self out for £20, got to be one of the best moves I ever made!!! Regards Tony.


Date 03 Feb 2006

I anchored for shelter on the 13th Jan this year with the City of Cardiff overnight off Porthdinllaen. Enjoyed your site very much. The account about the trip on the Palm boat was a reflection of the trip I made on the Ikeja Palm in 1970! The worst trip I have done in 38 years at sea.

Looks like Palm Line, had a bit of a record at being bad boats to sail on. Tony.


Date: 19 Feb 2006

Dear Tony,
Thank you for such an informative site. It's been a pleasure browsing around and imagining how my ancestors lived. I've been researching my GGGGrandfather John Mark. He was born in Llanbedrog in 1834, went to sea at 13, moved to Liverpool and became a captain in 1861. He tragically died of typhoid at the age of 34 in 1868. His brother Robert was also a master mariner. His father Robert Mark is noted as being a mariner. He married Ellen Hughes from Pwllheli - her father Robert Hughes was a Master Mariner. I've found out all of John's service history, but I'm having trouble getting info on his parents, or his father-in-law. The Welshmariners.org site is great - but I'm finding it hard going! Would love to know if you have ever heard of this family. All the best, Chris McKenna.

Thanks for your comments Chris, we have your e-mail address, and we’ll get back to you soon. Regards Tony.


Date:  01 Mar 2006
Truly a wonderful site, I have visited it a few times now looking for ships that my grandfather sailed on and found some. He was a passenger on the Canadian Star that was sunk in the North Atlantic and was made a Member of the British Order for bravery during the sinking.

The scenery is stunning there! William Oliphant, Winnipeg, Canada

The scenery must be good, for you to say that, seeing you live in one of the most beautiful countries on earth. Regards Tony & Gwenllian.


Date: 22 Mar 2006

A fine collection, made me feel quite nostalgic looking at them. well done. always a pleasure to see pictures of ships that passed in the night as it were

 Thank you, I'm sure we'll have some more ship photos soon, so keep a look out. Gwenllian


Date: 27 Mar 2006

Bore da. F'enw i yw David Jenkins., Uwch Guradur yr amgueddfa newydd yn Abertawe, Amgueddfa Genedlaethol y Glannau. Diddorol oedd darllen am Owen Hughes ar fwrdd yr York City, gan fod gennym fodel anferth o'r llong ymhlith ein harddangosion yma. Dewch i'w gweld!

Mi fydd raid ni ddod lawr rywbyrd pan fydd Tony gartref yn saff. Tybed welsoch chi'r ddau lun a dynnwyd ar fwrdd yr 'Edernian' yn hanes Capt Hugh Roberts, OBE, siwr y byddent o ddiddordeb o gofio eich didordeb yn llongau Pwll Parc, ac mae hanes da iawn ar y ffordd o brofiad llongwr arall o Edern, Capt John Roberts(brawd Hugh) ar longau'r cwmni ar ei ffordd yn fuan. Diolch am gysylltu Gwenllian


Date: 02 Apr 2006

Congratulations on an excellent web site, it brought back many memories looking at the photos of the old blue funnel ships. Just looking back in my old discharge book it appears that we must have sailed together on the Aureol. I joined 6/3/72 and left 29/6/72 I was a 2nd Electrician. I then stayed at sea until July 1985, and then worked in the offices at India Buildings.  Keep up with the good work. Regards David.  Smirthwai@aol.com

Thanks David, Tony will get in touch when he gets back.


Date: 04 Apr 2006

Diolch yn fawr.Thank's for an excellent site. I left Nefyn 20 years ago and live in London. However my father was from Pendre and I visit Llangwnnadl on a monthly basis. We were lucky this weekend to visit at low tide and saw the Keel of the sorrento and what is left of the Iron plates.


Dylan Roberts ar Teulu  

Thanks for getting in touch Dylan, we have had a couple of really low tides recently, which is great for exploring. 


Date: 12 Apr 2006

Great web site to browse for those with memories of Llyn and Blue Funnel.

I spent my summer holidays in Aberdaron as a small boy. We stayed at The Ship Hotel run by a Mr Ellis. Haven't been back for years but will do one day I hope.

I went to sea as a Midshipman with Blue Funnel and my last ship was the SS Patroclus - great days for those of us serving at the time.

Ah well, back to the real world!!

Peter Maxwell-Brown

Well Peter as they forecast a good summer you'll have to come to Aberdaron and bring a few of your Blue Funnel photos with you !!! All contributions to the Blue Funnel page are more than welcome.  Just to tempt you why not take a look at our holiday cottages section. Gwenllian


Date: 18 Apr 2006


Hi Sue, we have an account of the sinking of the Autolycus in Rhiw and the Sea as a young man from the village ( Ellis Jones ) was also lost on her when she was attacked. If you send us an email we could put you in touch with the Blue Funnel Assoc, who could perhaps help you further with your search. Gwenllian

Date: 18 Apr 2006

Very Nostalgic trip down memory lane, at sea 1954 - 1970 then Holts Wharf, stayed in the company through out working life! Retired from Warehousing now and live in South Wales, a long way from HK

Roger Swabey

Keep looking in for more nostalgia in the future. Gwenllian


Date:  25 Apr 2006


Glad you found the photo and pleased you found the website to be interesting. Gwenllian      


Date: 25 Apr 2006

I was recommended to this site by a friend with similar interests and found it quite fascinating. There is a great deal of history here and I congratulate those who have worked on it. I plough the same furrow on the South Wales coast and Bristol Channel with the history of trading vessels here, notably the Severn Trow which was the subject of my book "Severn Traders", published in 1999. I would be interested in setting up a dialogue with you if you wish to e-mail me on severntrader.green@btinternet.com

Colin Green

We'll certainly be in  touch. Regards Gwenllian


Date: 03 May 2006

I have been looking for information on the shipwreck Kenilworth Castle 1870 for some time and yours is the first website that I have found any information on.  The Captain of the ship William Wallace Steel was an ancestor of mine.
Thank you.  jmounter@optusnet.com.au

Julie Mounter

Glad we could help you Julie, Regards Tony.


Date:  04 May 2006

Hello, I've read with great interest the memoirs of Capt Hugh Roberts OBE, and fascinating they are too. I knew him very well as Griff and Menna are great friends with my mum (and late father, also a Master Mariner). I grew up as great friends with their two children, Aled and Iola. Aled of course following his Taid to sea. He was a lovely, gentle man and always full of great stories.
The website is superb, and most enjoyable. Keep it up.! Regards, Richard Roberts (ex Colwyn Bay, now in sunny Devon).

Hope you've seen the memoirs of Hugh's brother Jack, they too are very interesting. Perhaps you'd like to include your father's story, especially if he was  from Llyn. Thanks for your kind comments. Gwenllian


Date: 10 May 2006

I heard of the website on the Welsh radio to-day and find it really super, it has brought back memories for me. I am 73 years of age and was born in Nant Gwynthern (I do believe that I was the last person to be born there) as a small boy I used to watch the ships being loaded at Caernant with granite and can see in my mind the ''Lady Thomas'' being loaded. There is a lot to to see on your site so I have not yet seen the ''lady'' but will keep looking I now live in England but do try and get down to Llyn and Nant as often as possible, David Roberts.

lady_thomas.jpg (23585 bytes)Many thanks for you comments about our website. This is the "Lady Thomas" which you saw at Nant, she was a regular runner there. If you send us an e-mail, we could send you a much larger photo of her, or of any of the Nant photos. We also have three pages of photos of Nant Gwrtheyrn, just follow the links, Regards Tony & Gwenllian.





Date: 11 May 2006

Many thanks for the Photograph of the Lady Thomas, my dad, who was a joiner at the quarry, once took me on board when it was being loaded, as far as I can recall I was about 5 at the time it was a real treat for me then. I went to school in Nant until we left when I was 9. Two years ago I went back and stayed  for a few days and slept in the house that I had left over 60 years before, emotional !! I have lots of memories and look forward to seeing the census for the 1891 should you log it as my Family had lived in Nant for years and my grandad was known as ''Brenin -y-Nant David Roberts.

Thank you David for getting back, look forward to having some more of your memories of Nant, Gwenllian.


Date: 12 May 2006

All the best Tony, it's a great site. Regards Joe (ex. seawell)

Nice to hear from you Joe, and it was great sailing with you. Regards Tony.


Date: 16 May 2006

My father, Emil John, was a fireman on the "Athelknight" he survived and lived until he was 90 in 1998. I've heard many times the stories of his experiences and have some notes jotted down by him of these.

Many thanks for adding to our Guest Book. We'd love to hear about your Father's experiences on the Athelknight. Regards Gwenllian.


Date: 19 May 2006

Some great and classic ship photos, keep up the good work, Best wishes, Jim Pottinger

Keep looking in, as we get new ships photographs all the time, Regards Tony.


Date: 22 May 2006

Thank you for showing the photo of the CITY OF SYDNEY, (Ellerman Line)
I believe this was the ship that picked up all the 1300 survivors of the migrant ship MS SKAUBRYN when that ship caught fire and sank in the Indian Ocean on 1st of April 1958 while on its way to Australia. Thanks again. William.

Glad you found the photo, and pleased you found the website, Regards Tony.


Date:  23 May 2006

Excellent site.. photos are a superb collection. It will fill many pleasant days working through all the pages.

Ron Rushbrooke. (Master Mariner BTC & Caltex)

We're lucky on Llyn, that there's a wealth of Maritime history, and people are kind enough to share their photos with us. Regards Tony.

Date:  23 May 2006

Brilliant, I have yet to read and discover everything so I will return...... One other website people who visit this site might like is that of Ambrose jones ....


David Barnes, Westport, New Zealand

Yes it's well worth a visit, and will put a link on my Maritime Links page, Regards Tony.


Date:  23 May 2006

I visited this site hoping to find out more about the SS Wimborne.  My great uncle lost his life after he went overboard off Iceland somewhere between 1920 and 1922.   If you know of any other sites where I might find the information I Seek,  I would like to hear from you.  Thank you for an informative and interesting website.   lyndachidell@aol.com 

I hope someone can help you with your search, I have a Dutch friend who has a wealth of knowledge, on just about everything Maritime, and will contact him today, Regards Tony.


Date: 02 Jun 2006

Have only just found your site and read with great interest the story of Capt. John Lewis Jones OBE. In the 60's I lived in Morfa Nefyn and "Jack" Jones would come to our house to teach me trigonometry in preparation for the HMS Conway entrance exam. This I passed and for a few years he taught me and others signals and navigation, a great character. I left Conway in 1969, joined Harrison Line of Liverpool and am now working for Stena Line in Holyhead.  A Fantastic site and glad I have found it.  Capt. Neil Humphreys.

Many thanks for your comments, I sailed with Capt Jones's son Keith when he was Chief Engineer on the Holyhead ships, a really nice guy, Regards Tony.


Date: 09 Jun 2006

Excellent, very enjoyable easy to follow site. George Taylor ex BI engineer 1956/62.

Glad you found it easy to find your way around, this is an important issue, that we are constantly trying to improve. Regards Tony.


Date: 21 Jun 2006

Well organized and outstanding collection of photos.  And thank you for answering a question my family has had for many years; what happened to the S.S. Arvonian?  You see my mother's father served onboard Arvonian when she was the U.S.S Santee / H.M.S Bendish.  He was aboard (Chief Boatswain's Mate) when she was torpedoed, her refitting and later off Gibraltar. He always said there was more to the story than what the U.S.N. released.  He died in 1953, so Arvonian outlived him. 

We are very pleased that you have found the missing piece in your grandfathers jigsaw, if you put Arvonian into Google search, there's another fuller account on an American website, which goes into great details about her role as a navy boat. Regards Tony.


Diolch yn fawr i chi gyd / Thank you all very much

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