"Captain's wife, Ellen Jones"

Langdale, Pwllheli


"Ellen Jones"

I personally had rounded Cape Horn six times on the sailing ship ‘Langdale’, of Liverpool. My husband relieved Captain Hunter in 1904. In July 1905 I sailed on the Langdale from Antwerp for San Francisco. My first experience of bad weather was in crossing the Bay of Biscay, and again off the River Plate, we encountered a Pampero. We sighted Cape Horn five times during the six weeks we were battering off cape Horn. After about 140 days we arrived off San Francisco and two months later left for Eureka. We just escaped the big earthquake of 1906, though we felt the shock at sea. Sailed from Eureka to Guayaquil, Ecuador. On this voyage a man fell down the hold and broke his spine and he was buried at sea. Thence Iquique and Falmouth for orders. On the homeward voyage we sighted about 17 icebergs off the Falkland Islands.

"Cape Horn"

Next voyage the ship sailed without me and while off the Horn encountered heavy weather and was dismasted, therefore put back to Montevideo for repairs. There I joined the ship, I went out passenger on the SS Ortega and continued the voyage to Taltal, arriving after a short passage of 21 days. From Taltal we went to Newcastle, Australia, and back with coals to Chile and loaded nitrate on the coast for Hamburg direct.

1909, sailed from Hamburg to Valparaiso and in the Doldrums North of the Equator we signaled the ship Kirkcudbrightshire, the captain having his family on board. Both ships being becalmed we invited the Captain and family on board the Langdale for afternoon tea. The following day we returned the compliment by visiting them. Approaching Straits of Le Maire we signaled the following vessels, Dowan Hill, Lonsdale, and St Vincent and we all sailed through the Straits towards the Horn having a good run, arriving Valparaiso about 92 days from Hamburg. Thence to Caleta Coloso loading for home.




Capt Griffith Jones, with his wife Ellen and children John and Moraned.




Ellen Jones "Langdale" 1909 Ellen Jones "Grenada" 1913


Next trip I joined my husband in Australia, we went out passenger on SS Suevic. My husband was now transferred to the Grenada which made several trips between Australia and Chile and finally loaded nitrate at Tocopilla for home.

I was very happy on the ships with two children, one being born on the North Atlantic, on one of the homeward passages from Chile to Hamburg.

(Footnote) Ellen Jones was fluent in Welsh, English, Spanish and Portuguese.


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