"Ellen Jones her Notebook"

Langdale, Pwllheli


"Ellen Jones"


Joined Langdale Jan 27th 1904. Left Liverpool in tow for Glasgow Feb 1st arr. Feb 3rd. Sailed from Glasgow Feb 18th for Hongay, China arr, June 21, 1904, passage 116 days, sailed from Hongay for Portland, Oregon August 18th, 70 days to Portland. Sailed Dec. 6th for Channel for orders, arr. Falmouth Easter Sunday April 23, 1905, passage 138 days from Portland. Sailed May 2nd for Antwerp arr, May 8th in tow. Chartered at Antwerp for San Francisco.


Second Voyage.

Sailed from Antwerp, July 24, 1905. Crossed Equator September 6th. Cape Horn Oct. 10th. Crossed Equator Nov. 23, arrived Frisco December 15 1905, passage 144 days from Antwerp.

February 8th, 1906 left Frisco in tow for Eureka arr. Feb 9th, loaded lumber for Guayaquil, Ecuador. Sailed from Eureka, April 9th, Equator, 75 days to Puma, 79 days to Guayaquil (calm passage) arriving June 27th, 1906.

Sailed from Guayaquil July 26th, Puma 27th, Santa Clara 30th, Taltal 27th August, left August 30th for Iquique to load for Falmouth. Arrived Iquique September 4th. Sailed from Iquique October 6th 1906, Chan for orders. Cape Horn November 5th (30 days from Iquique). November 10th 1906, amongst icebergs in Lat 49 –28 south, Long 50-47 west from 4 am to 8pm (17altogether) Sighted 500 feet, highest, lowest group 2 miles long. Several pieces floating adrift. Crossed the Equator December 12th 1906 (67 days from Iquique).

Reported per S/S St Andrews, Cardiff in Lat 9-40 north, Long 27-30 west, 3rd January 1907 (sighted lighted).

Arrived Falmouth 12th January 1907, 15th January orders for Plymouth.


Third Voyage.

Langdale sailed from Port Talbot on the 1st April 1907, for Taltal with coal.

Spoken April 11th 33 N 18 W.

May 22nd put in port at Montevideo, sickness on board, received letter on the 4th July and first pay from Office, July 10th 1907.

July 18th put in again at Montevideo, partly dismasted etc.

July 22nd received letter from Liverpool to go out and join ship in Buenos Aires.

Sailed from Liverpool on the ‘Ortega’, Aug 15th 1907, 12 o/c.

Ports of call :-

August 14th La Pallice,

August 19th La Corunna, Vigo.

August 20th  Oporto.

August 21st Lisbon.

August 26th Cape Verde.

August 29th Equator.

August 30th Fernando Islands.

August 31st Pernambuco.

September 1st Bahia.

September 3rd Rio.

September 5th Santos.

September 8th Monte Video.

 September 9th Took river boat for Buenos Aires, arrived.

Left BA November 25th for Roads, left November 27th 1907 discharged pilot on the 30th November at Recalada (lightship) Left Roads November 27th for Statten Island.

December 11th Cape Horn

December 12th Diego Rameses.

Christmas day 1907, 300 miles from Taltal, arrived December 30th 1907.

Griff went to Mec, February 13th returned 25th 1908.

Sailed from Taltal March 23rd 1908. May 8th sighted Society Islands (200ft high)

May 11th Euoa Island (600ft)

May 12th Pylstaart Islands (700ft)

Crossed Meridian 22sth, Wednesday 13th 1908.

150 miles from Port, were delayed 21 days, southerly gales &co. (59 days from coast to coast, 83 days from port to port. Arrived Newcastle (Australia) June 15th, 1908. (Spoke SS Camp Hill, May 27th 1908 after 5 days head wind and spoke to a Norwegian steamer June 8th after 16 days headwind. Sailed July 17th 1908 for Caleta Colosa and arrived August 28th (crossed the meridian July 23rd.) (Went from Newcastle to Sydney to dry dock 17th to 20th) 42 days passage from Newcastle to Caleta Colosa. Sailed from Caleta Colosa October 30th. Cape Horn November 27th. Sighted Staten Isalnd November 30th (light east winds). December 3rd & 4th sighted Beauchamp Island, light north east wind). Christmas day in calm 22-48 south 23 –7 west. Crossed the Equator on the 6th January 1909 68 days from Caleta Coloso.

January 26th baby born in the North Atlantic, Lat 37 –42 North, Long 33 – 00 west at 5 am.

January 27th sighted Flores, arrived Channel February 6th (10 days from W Island) Arrived Hamburg February 16th 1909. Left for home March 20th. Griff left home for Hamburg April 13th got to Hamburg April 16th 1909. We left Pwllheli May 13th for Hamburg and arrived May 15th, 1909.


Fourth Voyage.

Sailed from Hamburg May 25th 1909 for Valparaiso with coke. Equator July 7th (43 days on board ship Kirkcudbrightshire June 25th Lat 8-21 nth Long 25 w)

Cape Horn August 3rd, 27 days from the Equator. Arrived Valparaiso August 31st 97 days.

Sailed from Caleta Coloso December 16th for Channel. Cape Horn January 9th 23 days from Coloso. Equator February 20, 42 days from Horn Western Islands, Queenstown March 31st.

Going out rounded St Paul’s Rocks on July 4th rammed the rocks (?)

Loaded at Cardiff for Montevideo, sailed June 9th arrived August 6th 57 days, left September 26th for Australia arrived Adelaide November 12th passage 47 days from Monte Video.



Joined Grenada in Newcastle NSW, December 24th 1910 and sailed for Guayaquil December 31st. Arrived March 4th 1911 and sailed 19th April, detained in Puma till May 10th with sickness. Arrived Newcastle NSW July 10th and sailed for Valparaiso September 20th, arrived October 30th Left December 2nd for Hamburg direct 103 days.


Sailed from Hamburg 12th May for Newcastle NSW and arrived August to load and sail for Valparaiso September 10th. Arrived October 30th and sailed from Valparaiso for Newcastle NSW December 2nd. Arrived Newcastle January 31st. Sailed for Guaycan February 13th arrived 28th March 1913.

Reported by wireless Terrado Nononka per RM boat, February 16th, 1914

March 10th in Lat 31. 33 N Long 42.10.

Got boat manned with second mate (Mr Owen) and four app. To get stores from 4 masted Barque Olympia (German ship) Capt Peters.

Arrived Frisco from Antwerp 130 days on October 18th, 1915. Sailed from Frisco December 10th for Channel. Arrived Falmouth April 22nd 1915, left 27th arrived Bristol May 1st

Galgate July 8th

Grenada       15th

Owenee        22nd


William died on board ‘Torrisdale’ June 7th 1912.

Lat 4.2N

Long 23.29W.

William Griffith, was her brother, and was Master of the Torrisdale a 2312 ton, bark.


Left Bristol July 15th put back 19th, Barry roads, left July 26th Arrived New York September 11th 1915 (47 days)

Arrived Sydney February 2nd 1916 (110days)


Sailed from Sydney for Havre direct May 24. Discovered an island on passage from Hongay to San Francisco in China Seas. Reported to English and American authorities, latter claimed it and presented Griffith with new charts. He named it Langdale Island after the ship.


Moraned, their Daughter's Recollections

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