D.S.V. Seawell

From October 28th 2002 to February 9th 2006 I worked on the dive support vessel "D.S.V. Seawell" as an A.B./ Crane Operator, on a four week on four week off basis, in the North Sea. Her main role in life is Well stimulation, which means in layman terms, we inspect and overhaul Subsea oil wells, that is to, repair, lubricate, or in many cases replace well head manifolds, valves, and anything that the clients need doing to their Subsea equipment, to improve production, and keep everything working in tip top condition.

Man Overboard Exercise     Seawell in Drydock

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Seawell at her home port of Aberdeen.

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"Hove to" Somewhere north of Shetland.

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At Aberdeen


To do this work,  gathered together is a team of people (up to 120) that make up the crew. This is broken down into different departments, Marine, Diving, Well operation, R.O.V, Survey, but most important of all the Catering department, which makes your average five star restaurant, look like a pig swill convention!!! 


Typical "Seawell" Breakfast Menu.


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Tucked in under Ninian Southern

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"Mobbing up"

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Looking up from our deck.

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"Flaring off" (Notice the cooling sprinklers)

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Night Chef, Kenny.


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Tim the Chief Engineer

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Rick, Life Support Supervisor.

"More Helium anybody !!!"

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"140 meters down"

The Helmet alone cost £20.000!!!

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Rick, Serving "High Tea"


Aug 13th to Sep 12th 2003, was spent in the Ninian field, eighty miles north east of the Shetland islands, one of the most inhospitable places on earth, with 60mph winds and mountainous seas, (And thatís just in July!!!!) But August and September 2004 was very kind to us, and we spent four weeks there tucked in under the Ninian Southern Platform, inspecting the legs of that giant structure.


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Richie R.O.V.

Not your average Playstation

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Into the "Bin"

Suited up and ready to go.

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One of the two

"Diving Bells"

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Saturation Chambers

Up to 18 Divers spend 28 days in them!!!

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Charlie, Technician

After a hearty Scottish Breakfast


We all work a 12 hrs on 12hrs off roster system. The cabins have T.V, plus some of us have Internet access. And also on board we have two lounges with T.V. Gymnasium. Quiet room (Library) and a Sauna. Some have a free telephone, but the rest of us have one pay phone between us all that costs £1 for approx 15 min.


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On our way home after 28 days,

"Super Puma Helicopter"


"Seawell" Specification


More photos of Seawell


I would like to thank all the lads on the "Seawell" that helped me with this article. Bon Voyage!!!!!


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