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Having lived here all my life, and being a keen angler since I was ten years old I reckon I know most of the good fishing marks around Rhiw. One thing you must always bear in mind is that most of these marks are difficult to reach and can be treacherous, and definitely unsuitable for young children. Maen Gwenonwy, Hen Fudda, Hen Ddinas and Bytilith should not be fished even if there's the slightest of swells as on more than one occasion anglers have lost their lives after being swept off the rocks.


Razor fish are available at Abersoch beach at very low spring tides, take a garden fork with you and watch out for the tell tail squirts of water, keep them in a bucket of sea water, they will stay fresh for days. Bait is also available in Rhiw village itself (live Sand Eels) Tel 780 420, Mob 0797 0106935. Winkles are plentiful at the eastern end of Porth Llawenan, the Wrasse go nuts for them.


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Eleri stores at Aberdaron (3 miles) sell a lot of different types of hooks and lures, plus rods reels and other goodies (Beer !!! ) John and Sian at the Spar shop in Aberdaron sells everything you would need for a picnic and/or b.b.q, plus a wide range of groceries and good quality meat. (John is a keen angler so you might get a few tips as well !!!!)

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Maen Gwenonwy is difficult to reach, and will take about an hour  to walk from the main road at Ysgo Farm, but is well worth the effort, I caught twenty good size Wrasse (up to 5lbs) here on a Winkle bait  some years ago. One thing to watch out for is the tides, Maen Gwenonwy has a causeway leading to it and is inaccessible for a couple of hours either side of high water, so if your going to fish the whole tide make sure you have warm clothing, and plenty of bait !!! The water is very deepPollack.jpg (41901 bytes) here, and is ideal for casting for Mackerel and Pollack, use some Mackerel strip for some good size Bull Huss.

Hen Fudda  is on the way to Maen Gwenonwy, its a small rock that sticks out to sea, there is a stream that runs down to it through a small valley, and is an excellent spot for Wrasse and Bull Huss. The bottom is very rough so be prepared to lose a lot of gear, best fished two hours either side of high water.

Porth Ysgo must be the most beautiful beach on the Llyn Peninsula and is ideal for all the family, although care must still be taken as the path down to the beach is very steep. Leave your car at Ysgo farm and follow the path down a very nice gorge, the beach itself is sandy at low tide, and is excellent for flat fish and Bass, Dog fish can be a nuisance though. I always use fresh razor fish as bait, but you can also try fresh Mackerel strips. You can fish at Porth Ysgo from one hour before low tide right through to high water, but the best catches are nearly always close to high water, The point to the east of the beach (Trwyn coch) is a good spot for spinning, Bass has been caught here (Up to 11 lbs) as well as Mackerel and Pollack, start fishing about two hours before high water. One of the best experiences of my life was catching a 3lb Bass here one summers evening and Barbecuing it on the beach. I have never tasted anything quite like it. (No wonder they cost so much.)Bass.jpg (40572 bytes)

Porth Llawenan is the best beach for Bass on the Llyn Peninsula, I have never fished here without catching at least one, my best was 8 1/2 lbs on fresh Razor, Turbot and other flat fish ar common too, August to October is the best time to go, and pick a dull day with a bit of a swell, start fishing about one hour before low tide and up to three hours after, its not very good here at high tide as the beach is very rocky, this is the best place for your Winkle bait, they are plentiful at the east end of the beach at low tide. Park your car at Penarfynydd farm and follow the path down to the beach. not suitable for young children.

I caught a 46lbs Tope in Porth Llawenan in 1996, and have a photo of it Here.

Trwyn Penarfynydd is the most popular spot in Rhiw and a lot of anglers come here in the summer months, Mackerel is plentiful as well as large Pollack, Bull Huss Wrasse and Whiting, it can be fished in a moderate swell as the only place you can fish from is a flat rock about twenty feet above the high water mark, you must come here early  in the day as space is very limited, ( No more than four can fish here) Park your car at the farm and make your way along the top of the mountain, then down a very steep cliff to the point, children ar a No No.

Hen Ddinas (The old City) is the place for Big Wrasse, (up to 5lbs) its a small rock that sticks out to sea, and very dangerous in a swell (an angler lost his life here some years ago, and his young son was very lucky to get back on to theWrasse.jpg (44536 bytes) rocks and safety) On one Sunday afternoon some years ago I got 30 Wrasse here and most were between 3 and 4 lbs, get some fresh Winkles at Porth Llawenan, its the best bait for them. the ground is very rough so you will lose a lot of gear. Pwll glas is a good spot too, its about 50 meters towards Hells Mouth the water is much deeper here and you wont snag so much. To get to Hen Ddinas walk along the top of the mountain from Penarfynydd farm, but about 200 meters from the end turn left towards Hells Mouth and walk down the steep cliff, take extra care here. Children ar a No No.

Bytilith was the first place I went fishing to, its not that easy to get there as the cliffs are very awkward to climb down, but once you are there its a lovely spot, and float fishing for Wrasse is very relaxing and enjoyable, with nice fish up to 5lbs on a hook loaded with Winkles. To get there follow the road from the cross roads in the village and leave your car where the road forks, then walk along the upper road past the water treatment plant at the end, and go straight down the hill through the valley, at the top of the cliff you will find the square foundation of a WW2 lookout hut, go down to the rocks to its left. Children ar a No No.

Porth Neigwl / Hells Mouth is not the best fishing spot around. I've never had much luck here, the lucky ones among us might catch the odd Bass or Plaice, but I would not even bother going there again. The path at the western end of the beach is very dangerous as there's a lot of land slides.





Minimum size limits, (inches)

Bass 16,  Bull Huss 23,  Mackerel 12,  Mullet 13,  Plaice 11,  Pollack 12,  Whiting 10.06,  Wrasse (Ballan) 9.


Welsh shore records,

Bass 16lbs 15oz (July 1980):   Bull Huss 19lbs 14oz (May 1992):  Cod  44lbs 8oz (Mar 1976):  Mackerel  4lbs 4oz (July 1990):

Plaice 7lbs 1oz (May 1983):   Pollack 12lbs 15oz (Dec 1986):  Turbot 10lbs 4oz (May 1984):  Wrasse (Ballan) 6lbs 8oz (1977):

The Welsh boat record for Ballan Wrasse stands at 4lbs 13oz, and is wide open for anyone to beat, as fish of this size and larger are regularly caught on the Llyn, so break out the Canoe and get cracking !!!!!

Soap Box

Leave your dogs at home, always ask permission before crossing private land, close all gates behind you,  don't climb over fencing, never walk through crops, and take your litter home with you. You would be surprised how many people discard Polythene bags old fishing lines and hooks, which are dangerous to wild animals and birds. Keep only enough of your catch for your own use and put the under sized ones back. The local farmers are welcoming to anglers and walkers, but will not tolerate fools.



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