Priodas / Wedding

Richard a Rhiannon

St Hywyn, Aberdaron

25 ~ 08 ~ 07


















Mr & Mrs Williams



Pob dymuniad da Richard a Rhianon / Best wishes to Richard & Rhiannon


Guestbook Greetings!


Date: 25 Aug 2007

What lovely wedding pics! Did you take them Tony? They're really nice and it looks like a happy day. Eif and Viv

Date: 26 Aug 2007

Congratulations Richard and Rhiannon. Pob dymuniad da.
David Morris Jones
descendant of Morris Jones "Trip", Rhiw born Aberdaron 1816.

Date: 28 Aug 2007

There are some great photo's here Tony, especially the one where we are all laughing! It was a lovely day and great to catch up with Sera and Gwenllian again. Until Next Time! Lots of Love, Clare


Date: 29 Aug 2007

Just wanted to let you know that we are totally chuffed to bits with the pics you took of our wedding. They're totally lush man!!!! It was a nice surprise to see you there and love the fact that you've displayed us on your web page! Keep up the good work! love from Rhiannon and Richard xx

I liked the way the sun came out of the clouds, just as you walked out of the church! Fantastic!!!

All the very best to you both, Tony & Gwenllian.


Date: 03 Sep 2007

Splendid spontaneous pictures of a very wonderful day - thanks to you for them, and many thanks indeed to Albert / Tom and Anne for yet another unique and unforgettable wedding. Don't know how you do it!

Kevin and Maggie


Date: 10 Sep 2007

To the wedding party in Aberdaron at Rhiannon and Richard's wedding.  We all looked great!  But nothing could top the beautiful bride and her elegant groom.  Wish we could bottle it up and keep it in Northumberland to cheer us in the winter months!  xx Izzy and Ron


Date: 10 Sep 2007

Fabulous photos to remember a fabulous day.  Wedding with a WOW factor!  Thanks to all for making it such.

Anne and Albert



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