Rhiw's New Road



Taken in sequence as I walked from Bryn Ffoulk passed Treheli to Hell's Mouth, sometimes looking back as I go. If you know the area, you will know what I'm on about.














Thank you

We've watched the new road taking shape over the last few months, and now it has been completed a full six weeks ahead of schedule.

The standard of work that has gone into this project is quite outstanding, and full credit must go to the men of Griffiths, Abregavenny who undertook this work. The stone walling for example is of the highest possible order, and to finish so far ahead of schedule, is a bonus to us all.

Many thanks to everyone that was involved in the project.


We hope you have enjoyed our step by step photographs of the project. But please don't forget, drive carefully. It's far better  to arrive late, than Dead on time.


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