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Geulder Rose


Alder, common. Alder, grey. Alder, Italian. Ash. Blackthorn. Beech. Birch. (Downey). Birch, (Silver). Broom. Cherry, (Bird). Cherry. (Rum). Cherry. (Wild). Chestnut, (Horse). Chestnut, (Sweet). Crab Apple. Cypress Monterey.

Dog Rose. Elder. Guelder Rose. Hawthorn. Hazel. Holly. Hornbeam. Maple. (Field). Oak, (Sessile). Poplar. (Black). Rowan. Sycamore.

Walnut, (English). Walnut, (Black). Whitebeam. Willow, Hybrid, (salt tolerant). Willow, (Red), and Yew (Common).


Native Black Poplar.

Belinda inspects one of her Black Poplar saplings


Populus nigra subsp betulifolia, is found only in Britain, western Germany and northern France. It is currently estimated that there are only 7,500 Black Poplar in this country. And out of that total there are only about 600 females. 

The Native Black Poplar is predominantly found in the south of the U.K. thatís roughly south of the river Humber, and another genetically distinct population exists in Ireland.

Many of the Poplar were destroyed 5000 years ago, when Neolithic man cleared vast areas of wild wood, and only a few tiny fragments that are believed to be relics of the original habitat remain in Britain.

Coed Llŷn is one of the few Nurseries in the whole of Britain, that specialises in growing this ancient tree, and at present there are over 2200 saplings at Tyddyn Meirion. Two thousand of these were grown for the Environmental Agency.



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