"Caernarfon Jail 1757"


    I do make so bould on you as rite these few lines to you in hopeing you will pity my Deplorable case and hard wanting in my close Confinement I am suffer to the So Point of Poverty as you ever shee a Man in your day, for any short of crime I hope Your Honr Greet Goodness of his Majestys Customs to Acquaint them of my Sat Condition as I am suffer Since the Sixteen day of April 1756 I am Every Willing to go any wea as their Hon Pleced for me that I may have my Bread before I starve in Prison, Pray Consiter what Dificult is to be a bon Short Allowance for One Week time Which I am ever since I came to Confinement with my poor Wife and Six unhelbet Chidren if the Honble Commrs Let me go to one of is Majesty’s Ships of War or any where Else as the Honrs be Plesat for me to go from my Clos Cnfinement and hart Wanding of Bread as God shall be my Judge when I Depart from this World do not know where I shall have any more Bread in heare I have not a bet to Lea on, Nor any kind of furnutiur But What I have Allrety Sould to keep me Alive in Prison with my Poor unfortunable Children, my poor Children (such as are able to Walk) went about from Door to Door to beck a Morsel of Bread in Order to keep me Alive in Prison which I refraind Tell everi farthing Consumeded of what I got in the World Sr I  hope that you will not be Angry to me to Explaine the Druith, before you of my Condition as I am in I hope the Government Dus not Order me to be Starve there is (not) any Short of Allowance for Any One But what I can find myshefe and that is nothing at Bresent Sr I have Petitision the Honble Commissioners for my Redemption from my Said Confinement but never hart not wort ever since I am shower if the Honble Commrs know of my Extreamity and Miserable Condition as I am in I am Shower if ther any Christanyty in them that they will Disgarge me to some Way or theaer to Labour for my Bread if your Honr be Pleased to Quentet them I shall be in Duty Bound shall ever pray with you as long as I live

All from my poor Unfortunate Servt        John Jones

Carnarvon Goal

Aug 9th 1757



John Jones,

This poor unfortunate chap had been caught smuggling brandy, and was destined to spend the rest of his life in the slammer. But after this letter pleading for mercy, the customs in London agreed to his release, and at the end of the following year, 1758 he walked out of jail, but was far from being a free man. The condition of his release was, he had to join the preventive cutter “Pelham Cutter” at Beaumaris Anglesey where he served on the other side of the fence as it were!!!



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