The Welsh Whiskey Galore

In 1954 when I was a G.P. in Nefyn, I had a call late one night to a house in the Llangwnadl area. On arrival I was greeted by two men obviously drunk, I was directed to the bedroom of their uncle.

In there was this old man lying in a feather bed (gwely weinscot). He was dressed in a flannelette shirt, long sleeved woollen vest, woollen long johns and a green beret on his head. He was obviously dying from terminal bronchopneumonia and cardiac failure. After doing what I could to make him comfortable I returned to the living room.

The house had one living room, one bedroom, a small kitchen and a pantry. There was a big fire in the cast iron range and on the table were several bottles

On enquiring how the two nephews came to be under the influence,  I was told that they had found several bottles of whiskey in the pantry, and they explained that they had come from a ship that had sunk in the nearby bay.

I was offered some of the whiskey but declined!!

Later that night the old man died.

Several years later I was able to return to the bay by boat and able to snorkel over the skeleton of the sunken vessel



The Stuart was wrecked at Llangwnadl on April the 6th 1901


The wreck of the Stuart


Thanks to Dr G Parry, for this recollection, by e-mail.


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