"Hells Mouth"

According to manuscripts and charts there has been no fewer than 142 known Shipwrecks around the coast of  Llyn in the last 180 years, that's just from Nefyn on the north coast to Pwllheli, Llyn' s only market town in the south. And at least 30 of them were in or very near Hells Mouth. Being so open to the south westerly gales that frequent this part of the British Isles, and having such a very poor anchoring quality.  Hells Mouth was feared and dreaded by Seafarers at the end of a long voyage home, as the above poem so graphically illustrates. 

The map below only shows the position of ships that foundered close to shore.Faith, Jane & Annie, Mermaid, Harvest Home, Veronica and the Twelve Apostles. How could ships with such romantic names come to grief in such a watery Hell.


Porth Neigwl

Porth Neigwl, parth anhygar,- fan affwys,

Safn uffern ystrywgar;

Hawdd twrdd ton beisdon y bar,

Niwlog erch, anial garchar.


Lle gerwin, hylla'r gorog,- terwynllais,

Tarnllyd ddygyfor;

Ni rydd ddryghin y' min y mor,

Nawdd i long- ni ddeil angor.

                                            Ieuan Llyn.


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"1819 ~1912"

Llong Ddrylliadau yn Rhiw a Llyn,

1819 Collwyd y "Bristol" ym Mhorth Ysgo.

1824 Collwyd llong oír Iwerddon ac arni lwyth o faco ym Mhorth Neigwl.

1830 Collwyd y "Newry" yn Anelog.

1839 Collwyd y "Transit" ac arni lwyth o gotwm ym Mhorth Neigwl

1840 Collwyd yr "Arferstone" ac arni lwyth o aur  ym Mhorth Neigwl.

1853 Aeth llong o Norwy i drafferthion ym Mhorth Cadlan ond mi fedrodd hwylio ar y llanw nesaf.

1859 Bu storm enfawr a chollwyd llawer o longau gan gynnwys llong o Sbaen ym Mhorth Colmon, sgwner ym Mhorth Felin a naw cwch ym Mhorthor, oír naw cwch collwyd pob enaid oddiar saith ohonnynt.

1861 Collwyd stemar ym Mhorth Neigwl.

1865 Collwyd llong o Awstralia ym Mhorth Neigwl.

1870 Collwyd y "Sorrento" yn Llangwnadl.

1883 Drylliwyd y "Perseveranza" ym Mhorth Neigwl.

1896 Collwyd sgwner yr "Idea" ym Mhorth Neigwl.

1898 Collwyd y sgwner "Joseph Nickolson" ym Mhorth Neigwl.

1898 Collwyd y sgwner "Twelve Apostles" ym Mhorth Neigwl.

1898 Drylliwyd yr "Aggravator"

1901 Collwyd y "Stuart" yn Llangwnadl.

1909 Collwyd y "Laura Griffith" ym Mhorth Neigwl.

1912 Drylliwyd y sgwner "Margaret ac Elizabeth" ym Mhorth Iago, roedd ar ei ffordd i Rhiw gyda llwyth o Lo.




Shipwrecks at Rhiw and Llyn,

1819 "Bristol" wrecked at Porth Ysgo.

1824 Irish vessel wrecked carrying tobacco, Hell's Mouth.

1830 "Newry" wrecked at Anelog, Uwchmynydd.

1839 "Transit" wrecked carrying cotton in Hell's Mouth.

1840 "Arferstone" wrecked carrying gold in Hell's Mouth.

1853 Norwegian ship with a cargo of oil was grounded at Porth Cadlan, she was refloated on the next tide

1859 Severe storms lash Llyn and many lives were lost a Spanish ship at Porthcolmon, a schooner at Porth Felin and nine vessels lost at Porthor, crews of seven of them all lost their lives and it is said that their bodies were terribly mutilated against the rocks.

1861 A steamer wrecked in Hell's Mouth.

1865 Australian ship wrecked. in Hell's Mouth.

1870 "Sorrento" wrecked at Llangwnadl.

1883 Barque "Perseveranza" stranded at Hellís Mouth.

1896 Schooner "Idea" wrecked at Hellís Mouth.

1898 Schooners "Joseph Nickolson" wrecked at Hell's Mouth.

1898 "Twelve Apostles" wrecked at Hellís Mouth.

1898 The "Aggravator" came ashore.

1901 "Stuart" wrecked at Llangwnadl.

1909 "Laura Griffith" wrecked at Hell's Mouth.

1912 Schooner "Margaret and Elizabeth" wrecked at Porth Iago, she was on her way to Rhiw with a cargo of coal.





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Figurehead of a Hells Mouth shipwreck circa 1850


"Laura Griffith" Wrecked at Hell's Mouth 1909


hells_mouth_boiler.JPG (55715 bytes)

Part of a ships boiler at Hells Mouth

(Photograph  from cimwch.com)





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