Lombok East of Java!

I recently spent five weeks on the "Rem Etive" working on a new pipeline for a gold mine on the island of Sumbawa in Indonesia.

And on the way home we stayed at the Sheraton hotel on the island of Lombok. Below are some of the images that I took during my time there.


Henry and a bottle of Tiger at Singapore


The island of Bali


Sunset in the Java sea


Dawn in the Java sea


Rem Etive*


The Sea Sovereign


Mike Jeffries, one third of our camera club!


The R.O.V. Gang!




Four dawns on the island of Sumbawa


Wilkinson, one of the riggers


Easter Sunday Feast













Going on Leave!




Our bus broke dawn on the way!


The driver investigating


Waiting for the ferry to Lombok







Pearl Nets




Sengiggi beach


The Sheraton


Hotel garden


Cleaning the pool!


Lombok fishermen


A volcano on Bali from Lombok



Henry VIII, and his six wives!


*Seaplane photo taken from the Sea Sovereign

My photo with the Indonesian dancers taken by Mike Jeffries, many thanks.


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