These Regulations are distinct from, and in addition to, those contained in the Act, and are sanctioned but not universally required by Law.  All or any of them may be adopted by agreement between a Master and his Crew, and thereupon the offences specified in such of them as are so adopted will be legally punishable by the appropriate Fines or Punishments. These Regulations, however, are not to apply to Certificated Officers. These Regulations are all numbered, and the numbers of such of them as are adopted must be inserted in the space left for that purpose in the Agreement, page 1, and the following copy of these Regulations must be made to correspond with the Agreement by erasing such of the Regulations as are not adopted, The signature or initials of the Superintendent of a Mercantile Marine Office, or Consular or Colonial Officer before whom the Agreement is made, must be placed opposite such of the Regulations as are adopted.

For the purpose of legally enforcing any of the following penalties, the same steps must be adopted as in the case of other Offences punishable under the Act; that is to say, a statement of the Offence must, immediately after its commission, be entered in the Official Log Book by the direction of the Master, and must at the same time be attested to be true by the signatures of the Master and the Mate, or one of the Crew; and a copy of such entry must he furnished, or the same must be read over to the Offender, before the ship reaches any Port or departs from the Port at which she is; and an entry that the same has been so furnished or read over, and of the reply, if any, of the Offender, must be made and signed in the same manner as the entry of the Offence. These entries must, upon, discharge of the Offender, be shown to the Superintendent of a Mercantile Marine Office before whom the Offender is discharged; and if he is satisfied that the Offence is proved, and that the entries have been properly made, the Fine must be deducted from the Offender's wages, and paid over to the Superintendent. If, in consequence of subsequent Good Conduct, the Master thinks fit to remit or reduce any Fine upon any Member of his Crew which has been entered in the Official Log, and signifies the same to the Superintendent, the fine shall be remitted or reduced accordingly. If wages are contracted for by the Voyage or by Share, the amount of the Fines is to be ascertained in the manner in which the Amount of Forfeiture is ascertained in similar cases under Sect. 234.



(One) Striking or assaulting any person on Board or belonging to the Ship (if not otherwise prosecuted) Five Shillings.

(Two) Bringing or having on Board spirituous liquors. Five Shillings.

(Three) Drunkenness. First Offence. Five Shillings.

                                      Second and for each subsequent Offence. Ten Shillings.

(Four) Taking on Board and keeping possession of any fire-arms, knuckle-duster, loaded cane, slung-shot, sword-stick, bowie knife, dagger, or any other offensive weapon or offensive instrument, without the concurrence of the Master, for every day during which a seaman retains such weapon or instrument. Five Shillings.

(Five) Insolent or contemptuous language or behaviour to the Master or Officers, or disobedience to lawful commands, if not otherwise dealt with according to law. Five Shillings.




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