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* This rather disturbing postcard was sent home to Llyn on the 9th of January 1912, and the message on the back reads; “SS Harrovian” Messina. Arrived here this morning for coal (bunkers) we will be sailing tonight for Constantinople. This is the place where they had the earthquake three years ago, All the Best Evan.

(Footnote) On December 28, 1908, at approximately 5:20am, Europe's most powerful earthquake shook southern Italy. Cantered in the Messina Strait, the quake's magnitude equalled a 7.5 by today's Richter scale. Moments after the quake's first jolt, a devastating Tsunami formed, causing forty-foot waves to crash down on dozens of coastal cities. Messina’s population of 150,000 was reduced to only hundreds, and the total death toll throughout Italy was estimated at nearly 200,000. The uniformed men in the photograph were from a Russian Naval warship, who helped with the rescue.


Every one of these cards were sent home to Llyn, by seafarers on their travels.

Because of the enormous value of some of these very rare postcards, their owners will remain anonymous. Thank You.

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