Holyhead Boats


Rhodri Mawr / Brian Boroime

Stena Hibernia

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Lord Warden

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Rhodri Mawr


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Saint Eloi

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St Columba Bridge

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St Columba

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St Columba


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Stena Hengist

Stena Cambria

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St David


Lord_Warden.jpg (63343 bytes)

Lord Warden

Avalon.jpg (49301 bytes)


Lady_of_Man.jpg (121922 bytes)

Lady of Mann

St_Columba_2.JPG (21252 bytes)

St Columba

Some of the Holyhead boats I sailed on, in the fifteen years that I worked at the port.


All photographs from the Justin Merrigan collection


Many thanks to Justin for lending me these great Photographs

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