The Blue Funnel Line

Idwal Jones

1911 ~ 1974

A Classic Blue Funnel Postcard



Idwal, from Llyshyfryd, Rhiw, like his father William Jones, went away on the Blue Funnel Line. His father, who was a ship's carpenter, was tragically killed on the Glaucus at Swansea in November 1930. He wrote a letter to Idwal, only days before his accident.     The Letter


Idwal's first ship the Teucer, 1929-31.



His Seaman's National Insurance Card



Christmas card to his wife from the Sarpedon



Idwal's Vaccination Card


Ajax 1931-33

Menelaus 1933-35


Sarpedon 1935-39


Peisander 1940



Betty his wife was very concerned about him, when she hadn't heard from him for a while. But letters to Blue Funnel drew a blank, because of the secrecy that had to be maintained about ship movements at times of war. Idwal arrived home safely a few weeks after the last letter.


Meny thanks to Mrs E Jones, Idwal's daughter for lending us this fascinating collection.

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