T. S. Vindicatrix

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National sea training school T.S. Vindicatrix.

Length 263feet, Beam 39feet, 1946 gross Tons.

1893, Built on the Clyde as “Arranmore”.

1903, Wrecked at Algoa Bay, ashore for five months then towed 6,800 miles to the Clyde.

1910, Sold to Germany, re-named “Waltraute”.

1913, Dismasted, became Hamburg Seaman’s Mission.

1915, German Naval Auxiliary U Boat crew’s rest ship.

1918, In Leith Roads, repatriation depot for German M.N. crews.

1920, Surrendered to British.

1923, Bought by the Shipping Federation, re-named “Vindicatrix”.

1926, Became Gravesend, Sea School.

1939, Towed from Thames to Sharpness on the river Severn.


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