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Wrth ymchwilio rhai o'r hen luniau, daethom ar draws stori drist iawn am un o fechgyn ieuanc o Ael y Bryn, Rhiw, a aeth i'r mor yn bymtheg oed fel taniwr ar longau Caerdydd. Fel arfer ai bechgyn o'r ardal yma i Lerpwl i chwilio am waith ar mor, ond am fod Griffith Thomas ei dad wedi bod yn gweithio ym mhyllau glo y de, mae'n amlwg fod gan Isaac fwy o gysylltiad efo Caerdydd. Ei long gyntaf oedd yr "Afon Lledi" ond pan ddigwyddodd y drychineb roedd ar un o longau newydd Hansen Shipping y "Stevenstone". Adeiladwyd hi yn Bideford swydd Dyfnaint, ac yn wir roedd y Capten ac amryw o'r criw yn dod o Appledore sydd yn gyfagos. Llong stem go fach oedd y "Stevenstone" 1150 tunell, ac arni 16 o griw, gan gynwys Isaac a'i ffrind Trevor Thomas o Gaerdydd. Gadewodd Blyth yn y gogledd ddwyrain efo cargo o 962 tunell o lo, ar fordaith fach fer i Elsinore, Denmarc, ond chyraeddodd hi mo' ben ei thaith, a fu dim son amdani byth mwy.

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Telegram ddaeth i deulu Ael y Bryn

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Isaac a Trevor

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Afon Lledi

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Rhieni Isaac

Adroddiad papur newydd Caerdydd.


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Loss of The Stevenstone



Considerable anxiety is felt concerning the safety of the Cardiff steamer Stevenstone owned by the Hansen company(Limited) Bute Docks.

The vessel left Blyth for Elsinore (Denmark) on December 16, and was due to arrive three days later. The distance is 562 miles and as the boat has a loaded speed of nine knots per hour, she is now about ten days overdue.

There are a number of Cardiff men aboard and a report was current at Cardiff Docks on Thursday that the crew had been picked up, but the owners are without any definite information and enquiries are being made by them. The Stevenstone is a vessel of 1,150 tons dead weight, having been built at Bideford and launched in July last. On her last voyage she carried 962 tons of coal as cargo and 116 tons of bunkers making a total of 1,078 tons. She was fitted with two lifeboats, each capable of carrying twenty two persons and also up-to-date life saving appliances. She carries a crew of sixteen men, the following being a list:

Capt, F.E. Prout,. 8 The Quay, Appledore.

Chief Mate, J D Williams, 13 Ladysmith road, Cardiff.

Chief Engineer, A. Charles, 34 Glenroy st, Cardiff.

Second engineer, R C Stothert, Severn grove, Cardiff.

Steward, J Swailes, Haverfordwest.

Boatswain, F M Cox, 12 The Quay, Appledore.

AB W Cropp, 16 New Street, Appledore.

AB J Whitlock, Silver street, Appledore.

AB J McCullan, 44, Market street, Appledore.

AB W Rice, 3 Railway street, Cardiff.

AB A Lockhit, 2 Church street, Newport.

Fireman, I Thomas, Rhiw, Pwllheli.

Fireman, A Cusstie, 11 Albion street, Newport.

Fireman, T Thomas, 11, Kerrycroy Street, Cardiff.

Cabin boy, C Clode North Church street, Cardiff.

Donkeyman, J Paklukai 22 Kingsland crescent, Barry.

Diolch i Mr E Morris am fanylion ei deulu.

Brief History of the Hansen Shipping Co. Ltd.

Sven Wohlford Hansen was born in Cardiff in 1876, son of Carl Hansen, a Norwegian who supplied pit props for the South Wales collieries, who settled in Cardiff in the 1860s and set himself up as an importer of pit props, subsequently becoming a coal exporter and ship insurance agent. Initially Sven Hansen worked in the offices of a french coal company involved in the export of Welsh Coal, but in 1910 he and his brother and father set up as Hansen Bros. Ltd shipbrokers and coal exporters. In 1915 Sven Hansen purchased his own ship, the Gledhow, and in 1916 added three more, the Natuna, Ellerslie and Penylan. Then in 1917 he purchased the whole of the fleet of the Hall Line plus four ships from another Cardiff company, Pyman, Watson.& Co.


Although the fleet suffered the inevitable First World War losses he still owned 12 ships at the end of the war. He then purchased his own colliery (Graham's Navigation Colliery, Tredegar, Mon,) and the Northam, Devon shipbuilding yard of Clearhouses.

In the early 1920s he added three more vessels to his fleet, including the "Stevenstone" but by this time the slump was affecting business very badly and he sold up. He had been created a Baronet for his services to the war effort following the First World War.


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