Evan Williams,

Tryfan_04.JPG (36818 bytes)   (Capt Bryn Meillion)  1887~1975

One of Rhiw’s young men that started their seafaring career on sailing ships was Evan Williams who was born at Cadlan in 1887. One of the ships he sailed on was the “William Pritchard” a three masted schooner built at Porthmadog  by David Jones for Pritchard Brothers. She was launched by Miss Nesta Pritchard the daughter of one of the owners on 14 February 1903. For sixteen years she sailed the Atlantic to Newfoundland Canada to load salt cod to bring back to European ports. These types of vessels were known as “Newfoundland Traders”

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Porthmadog Schooner "William Pritchard"

In 1906/1907 Evan Williams worked on the “William Pritchard” as we can see from his little notebook, he paid off at Amlwch o the 25th of January 1907. He sent a postcard to his nephew Robert "Blawdty" from Amlwch saying that he would be home in a few days.

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Evan "paying off" at Amlwch in 1907

Evan sailed on many sailing ships, he sent a postcard to his sister from Port Pirie South Australia where he was working on the “Milverton” as well as postcards from Chile South America which means he had rounded Cape Horn in a sailing ship. Another card of a German Vessel was sent to his brother John, who was also a seafarer.

Postcard Evan.jpg (70615 bytes)                        Port Pirie.jpg (50528 bytes)

Post cards that Evan sent home.

milverton_1.JPG (26226 bytes)                      milverton_2.JPG (46982 bytes)

Postcard of the "Milverton" that Evan sent from Newcastle, Australia in 1909.

(In it he states, that he is standing third from the bow.)

John became a chief engineer with Blue Funnel line and then went on to work as an engineering supervisor at Camell Laird Birkenhead. Evan continued his career on ships and was a Captain with Blue Funnel for many years. Blue Funnel line was nicknamed “The Welsh Navy” as so many young welsh men started off their seafaring careers with them.

Thanks to Mrs M Jones a Mrs J Hughes, for their help.



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