"D.S.N.D. Mayo"

In the summer of 2000 I was in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea, on the dive support vessel D.S.N.D. Mayo, involved in the construction of the Oseberg SOR platform. Id never seen the Italian owned Saipem 7000 before, let alone watch it in action. For those of you that are not familiar with this beast, it has the largest lifting capacity afloat in the world, with a tandem lift (using the two cranes) it can lift a whopping 14000 tons!!! She could in theory lift four ships the size of the Mayo together!!! And has accommodation for up to 800 crew. Ive included a blown up shot of its port quarter, so you can see some men working on a yellow structure, the sheer size of this monster is awesome. The night before it lifted the whole accommodation block into place, no photo though, it was dark.

"The Mayo"

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"Saipem 7000"

"Lifting the flare off boom"


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