Our Maritime Logbook

(Page Three)

Date: 28 Jun 2006

Thank you for bringing back some good memories of the Deck Boy School and YMCA where I stayed in the 70's then sailing Coastal with Elderdempsters and Glen Line moving on to the Far East with the Blue Funnel Line and Protesilaus. It was interesting to see she changed her name and was then hit by a missile in the Persian Gulf. Great site Thank You again Nick Wileman.

Hi Nick, Many thanks for your comments. Mr Gwyn Jones lent me the YMCA photographs, and much of the material for the Blue Funnel pages, for which I'm most grateful, so we can share them with like minded people. Regards Tony 


Date: 29 Jun 2006

I am trying to find a record of my uncle, Claude Campbell, who was a seaman with the Blue Funnel Line. He was last heard from in the 1920's. Thank you very much, Judy Balcombe, balcombe@netspace.net.au

Thanks for getting in touch Judy, we have left your e-mail address here, in the hope that someone out there might be able to help, Regards Tony.


Date: 01 Jul 2006

You have a great site I have found a lot of information regarding my family. Many thanks to you.  I was born in Bwlchtocyn and now live in Derby.  I am looking for any information you may have or can find regarding Griffith Griffiths born around 1809 in the parish of Llanengan.  I know he was a Mariner and that his wife Ellinor was widowed by 1861, I know he drowned at sea but that’s it.  I would be most grateful if you could find any information regarding this matter.  Diolch yn fawr ichi. Tom Griffiths

Many thanks for your comments. Sorry but we don't have much information before 1861. The only place that we can think of that may be of help is The Welsh Mariners website, which is a great source of knowledge. Regards Tony. http://www.welshmariners.org.uk 


Date: 07 Jul 2006

Great collection or as we say in US Navy BRAVO ZULU but I missed not seeing KING'S ARM in Kobe one of my favorites of 50-years ago on aircraft carrier port calls. Bud Hoff Capt USN-ret  Alexandria Va.

Thanks for your comments Capt, I did venture into the King's Arms once or twice, but it wasn't what you would call your average Far Eastern "Girlie Bar" but more like an English country pub. Quite out of place in down town Kobe!!! Regards Tony.


Date: 08 July 2006

Thank you for bringing back some good memories of the Deck Boy School and YMCA where I stayed in the 70's then sailing Coastal with Elderdempsters and Glen Line moving on to Far East with the Blue Funnel Line and Protesilaus I will see if I have any memorabilia you can use and email it to you Thanks again Nick.

Many thanks for your comments Nick, we look forward to hearing from you, Regards Tony


Date: 14 Jul 2006

Love your website...I am looking for working plans of Blue Star Line Ship.. Australia Star 1  1935...can you help me
Cheers Shane Doyle
Many thanks for your comments, please could you e-mail us, and we will put you in touch with someone, who may be able to help, Rg Tony.


Date: 15 Jul 2006

Very good website and I see one of my old Ships which I sailed on back in the 1960s " Plainsman " James Edgar Liverpool
Many thanks James, there was a lot of Llyn seafarers working on the Harrison line as well. I was never on one myself, but I believe they were good jobs. Rg Tony 


Date: 18 Jul 2006

I found your site while looking for information on Nevin.  What a great site!!  Really enjoyed all the information about the men of the sea and pictures of the ships.  A pleasure to visit with you.  Thank you for all the hard work and dedication it must have taken to put the site together. Heather Rouse

Hi Heather, Glad you found the website enjoyable, and we hope that you call again soon, Regards Gwenllian.


Date: 29 Jul 2006

Enjoyed the website of the Welsh Navy tremendously. Many thanks. I left Holts 40 years ago (as Mate) and now live on top of a hill in central Texas, 100 miles away from the sea, where there are NO ships and NO hurricanes. My father was on the Conway when anchored in the Mersey when it froze before the Menai straits had been colonized, and Deck Boys joined Holts who didn't speak English  More recently I lived near the lady from League City (12 July comment). Nostalgic Richard Dixon.

Thanks for your interesting addition to our guest book, glad you like the site, Rg Tony


Date: 29 Jul 2006

Thank you for an interesting and informative site. My gg-grandfather Daniel Davies (b 1813) was a mariner and came from the area of Tydweiliog. He sailed as mate on the vessel "Ellen" in 1860 was Captain of the "Sea Lark" in 1869 and his last vessel "Clara" was lost in 1870. I would like to hear from anyone with similar interest and I would especially like to trace him in 1841. Best wishes Chris.

We have a copy of the 1841 census for Llyn, but a lot of the villages are illegible. But we will look up Tudweiliog, to see if your family is on it, Rg Gwenllian.


Date: 31 Jul 2006

Unbelievingly the best blue funnel site I have seen.

Many thanks for your comments, we will be adding more on to the Blue Funnel pages shortly, Regards Tony


Date: 06 Aug 2006

Thank you for your site which brought back many memories of Blue Funnel.  I worked in India Buildings in the Inward Freight Department from 1968 and then Bills of Lading until the last Blue Funnel sailing from Liverpool which was a very sad day. My only trip on a Blue Funnel ship was a coastal trip from Liverpool to Glasgow and back to Birkenhead on Ascanius shortly after she had returned from a spell with Elders. Thanks once again for your site and all the hard work that must have been put into it. Bob Vague.

Many thanks for your very interesting comments Bob, I'm very glad you like you like my Blue Funnel pages, but it has been a labour of love, Regards Tony


Date: 18 Aug 2006

Capt Nick Bennett

Sailed on:- Clan Malcolm, Clan Maclaren, Clan Graham, Clan Ross - Nee Kinpurnie Castle, Clan MacGreggor, Clan Macintosh, Pendennis Castle,King James and Rotherwick Castle. I'm still afloat!!! Good to see there's still interest

Best wishes Nick.

Many thanks for your comments Capt.  Regards Tony


Date: 06 Sep 2006

Wonderful site, found images of my grandfather's vessel 'Centurion' he sailed from the UK in 1907 as ships carpenter, disembarked Newcastle N.S.W Australia in February,1908 with illness.  Never to return home. Would like to obtain copies of photo's
Spencer G Jones
Bellingen N.S.W.

Thanks for getting in touch Spencer. I'll have a look through the scans, and hopefully will be able to send you a large image of the "Centurion". Regards Tony


Date: 20 Sep 2006

Yr wyf yn cysidro a oeddwn yn adnabod Tony ar longau caergybi,a oedd o yn gweithio i lawr yr 'injan room'? Pob hwyl. Meirion.

Helo Meirion, Ar dec oeddwn i pan oeddwn ar longau Caergybi, o Ionawr 1979 dan Fehefin 1995. Mi oeddwn yn Q.M. ar y Stena Cambria, am y dair blynedd olaf. Hwyl Tony.


Date: 23 Sep 2006

Great Site and Credit to those responsible for creating. Brought back lots of memories of ships  and companies mentioned, having served with some of companies mentioned whilst serving in Merchant navy myself after leaving Gravesend Sea School 1952 thence left Merchant navy  1990
Colin Attey.

Glad you enjoyed our Maritime section, it certainly was a labour of love setting it up, and I hope to add more over the coming months. Rg Tony.


Date: 28 Sep 2006
Tracey Grimsley, Bangor.

My grandfather was Hugh Jones from Amlwch (Dempsey was his nickname) and he died after falling from the Kylebank in 1952.  I found an article in the local archives office when researching the family tree:

Amlwch Officer’s Fate: Swept Away By Sea

“Chief Officer Hugh Jones, aged 40, of the 969 tons collier ‘Kylebank’ was swept away and presumed drowned on Monday when he was endeavouring to free the ship’s anchor, which was fouled by a length of wood.  His home was at No.2 Council Houses, Burwen Road, Amlwch, and he leaves a widow and three children.

The collier was anchored in Barry Roads, outside the dock entrance, and Mr Jones went over the side in the bosun’s chair, watched by several members of the crew.  He was trying to clear the wood when the chair swung out and he fell into the sea.

A witness said Mr Jones was wearing a heavy overcoat and was seen struggling to get it off.  He grasped lifebelts which were thrown to him, but was swept away.”

I would be interested to hear from anyone who worked alongside Hugh or knew Hugh.  Also his brothers Colin McLeod Marshall who drowned in Hamble and John Norman Marshal (Johnny).  Ant information would be gratefull received.

Hi Tracey, If you e-mail us we will try our best to help you with this very sad account, Regards Gwenllian.

Date: 29 Sep 2006
Hi, stumbled across this site and very interested to read about Capt. Roberts, I sailed with him in 1966 and would love to have more details about him today  many thanks   by the way .  Is the page available in English   regards   Maurice Day

Hi Maurice, Yes the page is in English, in the Llyn and the Sea section. Rg Tony


Date: 07 Oct 2006

Dear Tony,

My compliments for this brilliant site about Blue Funnel. My father sailed on many of the "Dutch" blue funnel ships as a chief officer and master. This gave me the opportunity to sail on a number of coastal trips from Liverpool to Hamburg and Amsterdam on blue funnels "Laertus" "Eumaeus" "Polydorus"and "Adrastus". Greetings

Dirk 't Lam - Zoetermeer - Holland.

Many thanks for your comments Dirk. Regards Gwenllian.



Date: 26 Oct 2006

I would like as much information as possible about the Reina Del Pacifico - more importantly from the years 1957 when she ran aground off bermuda.  My Father George Quilliam was at the wheel of the ship at the time and would love to hear from anybody who was around in this period.  Many Thanks - Christine Quilliam (christinequilliam@hotmail.com)

I think shipsnostalgia would be a good place to try and get some info, there's a link on our maritime links page, which you may find helpful. Regards Gwenllian



Date:        05 Nov 2006

maynard (manny)smith, mn. ret.  at sea. 1950.-1960.
then instuctor' 1960-1966 vindicatrix .tsharpness.glos.training ship.
just found your very enjoyable site. my father was. welsh. from ton pentre, rhonda valley.will be looking at your site often. I live in the forest of
dean. gloucestershire

Many thanks for your comments Manny. Regards Gwenllian



Date:        05 Dec 2006

maynard (manny)smith, mn. ret.  at sea. 1950.-1960.
then instuctor' 1960-1966 vindicatrix .tsharpness.glos.training ship.
just found your very enjoyable site. my father was. welsh. from ton pentre, rhonda valley.will be looking at tour site often. I live in the forest of
dean. gloucestershire.

Thanks for getting in touch and glad you enjoyed the website. Regards Gwenllian



Date:  8 Dec2006

I have just come across your excellent web-site and thoroughly enjoyed searching through it. My own connection with Blue Funnel was as travelling to Hong Kong as a child aged 10 in 1956. It remains the most exciting time of my life and I often think about the Ascanius. I have collected, from various web-sites, pictures of many of the ships for my personal enjoyment but have yet to come across any interior photos, particularly of the A Class ships, of which the Ascanius was, I believe, one. Thank you so much for your entertaining site, I shall visit it often.

Mike Downing

Hi Mike, Thanks for commenting and hopefully an interior photo will  turn up soon. Keep looking in, we have a few more Blue Funnel pages to add in the next few weeks. Regards Gwenllian



Date: 17 Dec 2006

I have spent another extremely pleasurable hour trawling through Rhiw.com. It gets better and better,anhygoel.Meirion

Thanks for the comments Meirion, the New Year should see a few more Blue Funnel memories, so keep looking in. Regards Tony



Date:  18 Dec 2006

Enjoyed the web of the Blue funnel line ships,I sailed with them for 11years, first ship Menelaus,( football posts), perseus on maiden voyage, then on a number of A boats, Jason, helenus, last ship was the Pyrrus, this web brought back lots of memories, thank you for that,   sincierly  pete rodgers, (ex A.B )

Thanks for your comments Pete, if you have any photos of the Blue Funnel ships you sailed on please let us know. Regards Tony



Date: 31 Dec 2006

I had the pleasure of joining the Jason in Melbourne in 1966 as a junior engineer. After several voyages I joined the Nestor on the Singapore Aussie run, we took her back to the UK where she became the Glenafric. I did a trip on the Calchas to the Far East then a quick trip down to West Africa on the Oti. Deciding to return to Australia I shipped out to Singapore on the super P Priam then flew home from there. My father sailed with Blue Flu as a leckie and my grandfather was a mate that was torpedoed during the war. I am still working as an engineer and over the years have met a lot of ex Blue flu people working in Aussie.Within our industry ex Bluies engineers are held in high regard although there aren't many of us left working these days. I enjoyed my time with the company. I think at the time there were about 8 Aussies working in the company.
My name is Ian Berry and I can be contacted by Email, thank you for the web site and photos.

Many thanks for your comments Ian, I'm glad you like our Blue Funnel pages, and all the very best for the New Year. Regards Tony


Date: 21 Jan 2007

Good day to you all.
I was a Midshipman from October 1964 till September 1969 and my first trip was on the Autolicus from Liverpool to Hong Kong and back. Your web site is very well presented and I will return to search and read the full site with many memories being recalled.

Paul J. Baxter
Living in Perth WA

Thanks for writing in our Guest book Paul, and I'm glad that you found my pages interesting.  Regards Tony


Date:   29 Jan 2007

Hi all
my name is Ernest Cowan Taylor, and i was a chief engineer with blue funnel from 1948 until retirement in 1983, then office working until 1986, now living in Spain, would love to get in touch with old shipmates! please email me at gerry@landofolives.com, and congrats on fantastic site

Ernest Taylor

Hope you get loads of response Ernest. Regards Gwenllian


Date: 31 Jan 2007

My name is Tony Brand and I am currently Chairman of the Liverpool Pilots. I was a cadet with Ocean Fleets from 1975 - 1979, when I was made redundant. On passage out of the Mersey to Point Lynas on Sunday I spotted what appeared to be a familiar vessel alongside in Seaforth. The name "Expert" did not mean anything to me but my wife used her internet search skills to discover that the ship was built as Menestheus at Nagasaki in 1977. She was in fact my last ship as cadet. Love the site
Tony Brand

Many thanks for your comments Tony. Regards Gwenllian


Date: 20 Feb 2007

Hallo Rhiw.com
Greetings from Norway!! You have a great website.
Extremely impressive  well done!! My interest is specially your great picture from offshore and the D.S.V. Seawell.
I'll be back again soon!

Kindest Regard from Bjarne http://home.online.no/~bjaholte/

Hi Bjarne, Thanks for getting in touch, and glad you like our pages on the Seawell. Regards Tony


Date: 08 Mar 2007

Hello, just found your excellent site. I joined Ocean Fleets in 1974 as a deck cadet and stayed in Aulis in Liverpool. I sailed on a few Blue Funnel ships namely- Agapenor & Melampus, when they both came out of the Suez Canal in 1975, Atreus in 1976, Lycaon in 1978/79, Phrontis in 1979, Melampus in 1980/1/2(8 trips) Other ships served in include, Dalla, Forcados, Pegu, Daru, Liverpool Bay, Dolphin Point, Sherbro and Studland Bay (ex Maron, I think) My cousin was Hugh Griffiths whose photos you have on your site and it was because of him I joined the Merchant navy.

Many thanks for the memories, Gareth Griffiths, Tudweiliog.

Hi Gareth, Thanks for comments. If you have any photos or memories you'd like to include on our Llyn Seafarers pages please get in ouch with us. Regards Gwenllian


Date: 09 Mar 2007
Bore Da!  I sailed with Blue Funnel in the fifties; Memnon; Myrmidon; Mentor; Euryades; Patroclus; Perseus; Neleus and others. I have just found your site and like the looks of it. Although born and bred in England I am half Welsh and now a resident of the United States.
  Thank you for this site; Gorau dymuniad   Keith BRanton

Hi Keith, Many thanks for your comments. We hope you find the website interesting and that it'll bring back a few memories of your seafaring days. Regards Gwenllian


Date:  09 Mar 2007
Wonderful site and keeping our old memories of Blue Funnel and Glen alive.

I would like to hear from anyone who was a crew member of any M or N class vessel who traversed the Suez Canal  and may think they were the ship in Lawrence of Arabia.


Take care everyone and thanks for helping in trying to PROVE which ship it was in the goof shot of the film.


ex Blue Funnel and Starits Steamship. Singapore.

Hi John, Let's hope that J Hughes looks in and gets in touch with you. Many thanks for your kind comments. Regards Tony.


Date: 16 Mar 2007

Just looking in following a trail for info on m.v. Lycaon with Dutch Flag.

Interesting site and will return for a longer look later.

Mark V. Colman
(Port Line  66-81)

Date: 19 Mar 2007

Hi - just found your website.  Brilliant!   I did 3 trips as a cadet with Blue Funnel in 1951/52: s/s Melampus (built 1924); Aeneas; Hector.  I wonder if there are any former shipmates out there.  Does anyone have a wartime history of the Melampus?
David Hadfield, Talybont, Ceredigion

Date: 22 Mar 2007

Hi just came across your website, looking for blue flue websites after a nostalgic trip to Liverpool last week. I joined in 1968,sailed on Theseus, later onto bay boats, finishing on Peisander for chief`s combined motor time. Would like to hear from any past shipmates. Keep up the good work
Geoff Brant - gbrant@btinternet.com



Date: 25 Mar 2007

Fantastic web site of MN nostalgia.
Ex Junior Electrician
Melampus Suez 1967


Date: 13 May 2007

There is much more to see - so will return later. Meantime I was very interested to see the photographs of coastal vessels from the collection of John Griffith Jones. In your introduction to his collection you refer to Liverpool - others may have been in contact and you may now know that the majority, I am confident, were taken at Preston. Many of the Preston photos show vesssels entering or leaving the outer lock or passing through the half tide basin which were always popular locations for photography. Others show vessels within the dock at Preston, coming alongside or at berth, and in many ways these are more interesting as I have seen fewer of these. Do you know if Mr Griffith Jones had any connections with Preston? Was he a seafarer or involved in the shipping industry? Am I right in concluding this is only a part of his collection? If it is, the chances are his collection includes more photographs taken at Preston. In his lifetime the Diversion Quay would still have been open and as far as I can ascertain photographs of shipping at this wharf are rare - I have never seen one. It would be interesting to know more.
I grew up overlooking the Ribble Estuary which sparked my interest in the sea. This developed into a career - initially shoreside with Ben Line and then moving into shipping agency and ship broking.
With kind regards
John Knight

Many thanks for getting in touch John. I knew that some of them were taken in Liverpool, but had no idea that most were taken at Preston. The three albums that we borrowed from Mr Jones's son gave no indication of the locations, only brief descriptions on some of the ships e.g. if they had called at various quarries around Llyn, or were lost around our coast. And I assume, that this was his only interest in these vessels. This is the complete collection, as far as we know.

Thanks once again for passing this interesting information on to us. Regards Tony


Date:   22 May 2007

Hi, great site,spent a few happy year's with Blue Funnel,I sailed on a couple of the featured ship's,Menalaus and Machaon,1967-1969,sorry to see how they ended up but that's life,keep up the good work,I'll try and work my way through the rest of your site could take a while.John.

Hi John, Many Thanks for your comments. We've a few more photos and articles to add to the Blue Funnel pages, so they are very much on going, hope you keep looking in. Regards Gwenllian.

Date: 28 May 2007

Hi, very nice web site, I sailed on the Myrmidon in 82 to the south Atlantic, then on the Ocean Fleets bay boats which then was bought by P&O, I have done a very amatuerish web site for lads who were on the bay boats.
About 50% of the lads on the bay boats in the early days were from Blue Funnel
again, nice site
Lofty Shears

Hi Lofty, Thanks for adding your comments and the link to your website, it'll be of great interest to many of those who sailed on the Bay boats after their time on Blue Funnel, as well as to others. It's good to keep the memory of these fine ships going. All the best Gwenllian

Date:   30 May 2007

David Clues of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea here.
Originaly from Aberystwyth though (went back last year for the first time in 6 years!).
I spent 7 years in the Merchant Navy in the 70's and it were bloooody great!
I did not come to PNG in those days so I know not of any bars but I note you are missing the Criterion Hotel in Napier in your list - fond memories but I recall she had a big nose!

Hi David, Guess Port Moresby's a bit warmer than Aberystwyth, no wonder it took six years to come back !! - It's been so cold here this last week, but things are looking up, albeit the warmth is accompanied by the rain ! Thanks for the bar name, we'll  pop it on to the list soon. Regards Gwenllian.


Date: 30 May 2007

Really good website.... Nice to see so many pictures of the vessels.....

Did you know that the Germans wrote a ditty about Blue Funnel Line? I think Lale Anderson sung it in english... Charlie and his orchestra played it..... Based on a wartime song.. es geht alles voruber.....
Go to

http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2005/03/charlie_and_his.html No copyright on this...

All the best Richard Castle

Hi Richard, Thanks for your comment, we hadn't heard about the song, and I don't suppose many others will have either, so once again thanks for this interesting little snippet. Regards Gwenllian


Date:  07 Jun 2007

Enjoyed your excellent website-particularly the
Blue Funnel parts. First ship mv Maron , was
also on Melampus as a middy when we got stuck in Suez.Have a nice original oil of Melampus on office wall!
Been living and working Panama Canal since 1974. Pete.

Thanks Pete. The Skipper of the Scottish Star, that was also caught in Suez at the time only lives a couple of miles away, small world. If you've any photos or stories we could include in our Blue Funnel, pages, please let us know, we'd be more than grateful and could add them to the pages we already have. All the best. Regards Gwenllian.


Date:  12 Jun 2007

Thanks for a brilliant website, my father left the Blue Funnel in 1961, (sadly passed away 12yrs ago) below are names of ships that he sailed on, Atreus, Ascaneus, Demodocus, Peleus, Perseus & Priam.  Keep up the very good work.

We've got more Blue Funnel photos to include on the website and a few more articles on the way. Thanks for your comments, glad you enjoyed the site. Regards Gwenllian


Date: 22 Jun 2007

I am doing my family tree, my brother Cyril William D'Arcy from Liverpool was a chef on Blue Funnel Boats during the fifties, he was on Hector, Perseus,Sarpedon,Nestor and others,
Great web site very helpful for my in my research.
Ged D'Arcy

Thanks for your comments Ged and good luck with the research. Regards Gwenllian.


Date:   26 Jun 2007

This is a wonderful website and I have spent many hours looking.  I would have loved to find out any info on my seafaring ancestors.  My GG John MacDonald (Portmadoc b Inverness 1863) and my GGG Richard Jones (born Nevin 1857)who was captain of the Glen Ogwen when he drowned in Portmadoc harbour in 1903. It would have been amazing if I had come across a photo in your "Llyn Master Mariners" section!!!  Any info greatly received.  Many thanks
Janet Spencer

Hi Janet, Hopefully someone reading this may have a photograph of your great grandfathers and more information about the Glanogwen. Thanks for your comments. Regards Gwenllian

Date:   23 Jul 2007

Hello all at rhiw.com
What a great site,and to see your photographs of the cape horners was great.there is a photo of the langdale,she was a barque built by charles lamport at workington in 1854, 832 gross tons, 3 masts, female figurehead, ellipti stern, with a poop quarter deck, and coppered and copper-fastened,  she was built for a liverpool firm for the eastern trade.if i get anymore info will contact you all the best   JOHN DOLAN WORKINGTON

Hi John, Many thanks for the info and also the comments. The Cape Horners, were fantastic ships and the sailors who sailed them a real hardy breed. Regards Gwenllian


Date:    23 Jul 2007


I keep returning to this site and enjoying the atmosphere.....and the memories.

Completed my cadetship with Ocean, sailing on the following; Polydorus, Glenfalloch (two voyages), Eumaeus, Perseus, Rhexenor (when she became the Opobo), Phrontis, Kowloon Bay and Ajax (the Bulker)and ED's Dummurra.  Left the Merchant Navy and became a plod, now work in a most unusual (but very satisfying)job

Got a box full of photos and memories...and a scanner! so when my current employers allow me some time I'll get to work and copy them to you for you to share with others......if they're good enough!

Anyway thanks for making me a happy person.

Regards Allan 

Hi Allan, We'll certainly look forward to seeing your photos and sharing your memories - hopefully there'll be time to scan and time to write. Many thanks for your comments, it's nice to know folk enjoy our website and that we can bring back happy memories, makes it all worthwhile. All the best Gwenllian


Date: 04 Aug 2007

Still like to look at the site keep up the good work....
Mark .seawell.

Hope you are keeping well Mark, nice of you to drop in! Regards Tony


Date: 12 Aug 2007

I am amazed to find such a good website. I have been researching my family history and out of desperation typed in  "Hugh Pugh Carnarfon" in a search engine and bingo!

I would like to know more about Hugh Pugh though as he is a relative, I need to know about his wife and childrens names together with any siblings. I have a marriage certificate for 1818 in Llanbeblig he is only listed as full age, assuming he was 21 then it fits except his wife is listed as Jane Ann Jones. Did he marry twice or is this another relative? any help would be gratefully recieved.

Jayne Merrington (Aberystwyth)

Hi Jayne, Thanks for your email. I hope someone can help you out with this one. All we have on Hugh Pugh is what is already on the website. Regards Gwenllian


Date: 13 Aug 2007

Thoroughly enjoyed browsing this site. Am looking for any photos of A Class ships, including interiors and am happy to supply my e-mail address if required.

Mike Downing (mdowning@toucansurf.com)

Hi Mike. Glad you enjoyed browsing the website and hope you get the old photos you're looking for. If we come across any will let you know. Regards Gwenllian


Date:  21 Sep 2007


Many thanks for your comments. All the best with the work Regards Gwenllian


Date:  22 Sep 2007

Thanks so much for the info on the San Demetrio. My Great Uncle Charlie was one of the crew who brought her home. He was paid £1000 pounds salvage for her which was a lot of money in those days.

Good to have such an interesting comment. Thank you for getting in touch and glad that you came across the information about the San Dememtrio on our website, if you would like to add a few words to our pages you're more than welcome. All the best. Regards Gwenllian

Date: 4 Oct 2007

As a (young) Nestorian, ex Engineer Cadet, (Aulis and all that), Second Engineer and then Superintendent with Cory Towage here in South Wales, I have often looked at this site and admired it.
If you want to see a blue funnel that is still working, check out my website, www.elpenor.co.uk . Not quite what you might be expecting, but the video taken on Windermere this summer is quite interesting.

Many thanks for your comments. Folk will be pleasantly surprised when they click on to your website - well worth a visit, most interesting. All the best Gwenllian

Date: 10 Oct 2007

S.V. Sentinel
Yr Aifft

Helo Tony a Gwenllian,
'dach i ar y "Rem Etive" byth Tony?
Dyma fi yn ol ar hen llong eto! Y "Scotia" oedd hi gynt. Efallai 'dachi'n cofio hi yn Aberdeen rhyw ugain mlynedd yn ol. Rhywsyt, mae'r tywydd yn braf a'r bwyd digon da! Hwyl a fflag,Robat Cadiw o Gricieth

Neis clywed gynno chi Bob. Mae Tony ar y Maersk Reliance ar hyn o bryd - heb fod yn bell oddwrthoch efallai - mae yntau allan yn yr Aifft. Mae o i fod adref wythnos nesaf os eith pob dim i amser. Hwyl i chi am y tro. Gwenllian


Date: 18 Oct 2007

Actually am trying to find the names of ships my father sailed on as a chief engineer in the 30's possibly on this line - he sailed to Rio - Panama canal - Russia- injured at sea in storm and hospitalised in Alexandria. Any advice welcomed. His name Andrew Dempster Whitton now deceased.


Date: 29 Oct 2007

Good afternoon,
              I've recently started looking into the background of my family and came across your site today! Without doubt, it's one of the best put together sites that I have come across in recent months and the contribution of photographs by members is extremely good. I was surprised to see four of Buries Marks' ships on the site, such as the La Falda and La Colina! My uncle, Captain William Davies was master on these vessels during the 60s and he later became commodore skipper of the company.
I've made the site one of my favourites and will certainly be visiting it weekly if not more often.
Regards, Will.

Date:   05 Nov 2007

I am ex blue funnel steward.1959 ships Peleus etc my dad was William Robert Parsons (Bob) last ship Priam sadly passed away 30th Oct 2007 cremation 7th Nov best website about the Welsh navy well done brings back memories

Hope the memories bring you some comfort at this sad time. In sympathy Gwenllian.

Date:  15 Nov 2007

This website is very enjoyable and so did my grandad. he used to work on these ships
and that is why I am on this website and I have learnt a lot about the ships and the people who used to work on them .


Date: 18 Nov 2007

Spent many happy times in the Rectory visiting my mother's uncle, the Rector Deiniol Jones and his wife, my grandmother's sister, Kitty. My great grandmother died in that house, as did my aunty Bessie. Anyone remember them? Croeso ichi atab yn Gymraeg!

Dafydd Bullock, www.bullockmusic.info


Hi Dafydd, The summer before Tony went away to sea he spent a few weeks working for Mrs Jones painting the house. Though my father was Rector of the neighbouring parishes of Llangwnadl and Bryncroes, I can't recall meeting your great uncle, but my father knew them well. Thanks for your comments if you have any photos of your times at the Rectory, please send them along or if you have any old photos of your family there. Regards Gwenllian

Date: 24 Nov 2007

Great website; keep up the good work !
Both my father & grandfather sailed on Blue Funnel ships, so the photos are good to sea.
Charles Hockenhull


Date:        05 Dec 2007

I was Directed to your site by by RUUD of Ships Nostalgia, I have looked at it with great interest and found pictures of some of the ships I sailed in, I am very interetsed to find a picture of British and Continental Steamship's SS"Dotterel" as I have almost completed a picture album with photographs of each ship I sailed in (26)and I dont have that ship, I would be grateful to you, should you have a picture of if you would allow me a copy.
Kind Regards
Peter (Peggy747 ships Nostalgia
My email is :-  seadog747@yahoo.com.au


Date:  16 Dec 2007

Enjoyed your website. went to sea myself 47 - 76 deck dept.various companies. i.e
CUNARD, FURNESS-WITHY.MC.ANDREWS.to name afew.will keep in touch .thanks.

Date: 6 Dec 2007

Just came across your website via friend of mine (now in aussie).Notice on 25.1.05 there is a letter from TERRY BUTLER.could you please give me his E-MAIL or pass mine on to him, once again, good website. I was with a TERRY BUTLER on NEWFOUNDLAND and tried to get in touch no luck so far .

Thanks for your comments Alf, have emailed you with Terry's address, hope it's current and you get in touch with him and share some memories. Regards Gwenllian


Date: 05 Jan 2008

I am interested in adding Welsh Maritime links to the Her Name Was SS. web site, a first look out of South Wales towards more Welsh Maritime History on the web within Wales led me to your site. My first reaction was how good your site is and I wonder how many more are out there.

The intention is not to poach anything away from you but more to include yourselves in uniting Welsh Maritime History etc. The content of your site is truly amazing and well worthy of the Gold Maritime Award. We would be pleased to share links.

Although we are first and foremost a tribute site with a particular Ship, Captain and Crew, survivors and relatives as a main reason for our research,  we try to assist people that have no outlet for the work that they do and there seems to be many that are collecting and collating information. We would like to bring them closer together and unite all Welsh researchers and sites etc together.

We do realise that your site is well established and one of the best seen on the net, but think our joint link and the forming of a Welsh Maritime web link would be beneficial to Wales and Welsh people etc.

Please consider our request and contact me in your own time.

I remain yours sincerely
Keith Greenway

Her Name Was Tregenna is a site created as a tribute to Captain Care of Barry and the men of one particular ship, though it now carries additional material.


I have dealt with many people in Maritime Circles, but found you by chance. I acknowledge that you have an already well established site of immense Welsh Maritime History and your own wide audience. But hope that you may join us in this uniting of Maritime Sites of Wales.


Many thanks for getting in touch Keith. This sounds like a great idea, which will make things a lot easier for people doing research. I have placed your website in our  Rhiw.com's Maritime Links Page

Regards Tony


Date: 19 Nov 2008

Great site, I came across your site while researching my family history. I have a postcard sent by my grandfather who was on a Torpedo boat, it was addressed to his brother who was on SS Mayflower, Ringaskiddy, Cork. They were from Ringaskiddy, but this is the first time I have linked the ship that his brother was on. My father was from the Ffrith north Wales, so it was nice to see the link to Ireland. Keep up the good work,
Regard from Canada

Glad you like the website Clive, Regards Tony


Date: 17 Apr 2009

Stumbled upon this site - marvellous pictures of ships, including some I sailed on. You have wonderful photos of the last ships that were beautiful and it was still fun to go to sea on. I used to love those general cargo boats of the 60's - 5/6 hatches, goalpost derricks, samson posts, jumbos with max lift of 80tons. Sailors aft, idlers midships, treated like shit by pompous wanker deck officers. But, we didn't care as that freed us of any moral responsibility. Great runs ashore to Monty's, Ma Kellys, Hugo's in Montevideo, Quinns of Tahiti. Beer n 'fisticuffs - what bliss! The girls following us around the coast in Oz when we couldn't smuggle them from port to port. Jumping ship when we fell-in-lust. Shipping home DBS - working passage for SFA. Would I do it all again? Wouldn't you?!
Happy Daze (sic) from bosuntom(at)hotmail.com

Yes I would Tom! Regards Tony



Diolch yn fawr i chi gyd / Thank you all very much


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