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Date: 31 Aug 2003

Hello Tony just visited your website after talking to you in the smoking area onboard the CS Seawell. Bob Toward Canyon ROV. Thank you for all your effort on this site. As you know the signals out here can be erratic an so I was unable to open some of the pages. I will however be returning to this site in the future.


Date: 04 Oct 2003

What a great web site. We were all very impressed in Holyhead Coastguard Station. Nice to see pics of some of the old ships we sailed on Tony. Keep up the good work. Regards John McClymont.

Nice to hear from you John, Holyhead was a great place to work, and some of the best seamen I ever had the pleasure of working with. Tony


Date: 29 Oct 2003

Found the web-site almost by accident-I was re-living some old memories of my seafaring days on the Blue Funnel web-site and then had a tour of this wonderful site. Now I need to visit the area again to re-live some childhood memories! A wonderful site, and worth the time I've spent on it. I'll be back! Thanks for sharing the area with the unfortunates who live in less beautiful areas!


Date: 15 Jan 2004

It's a very good web site, lots of interesting stuff. George & Ash from the Seawell.


Date: 04 Jun 2004

Love all of the old photos and also the story of the Stuart wreck. Can copies of the wreck photos be obtained? Are there any webcams on Rhiw, Lleyn & Snowdon etc? Will visit your site regularly from now on. Charlie Smith, London. PS. I have been visiting the Lleyn for 40 years now and my parents (Richard & Barbara) still have a caravan at Moel-y-Berth, Llangwynnadl. They tell me that your rhiw.com "Gwenllian" is the same Gwenllian that used to baby sit my brother Simon and sister Debbie and myself all those years ago! I can remember and would like to say a big 'HELLO' to you!


Date: 28 Jun 2004

Its very intersesting to see the pictures of the ss kylebute and kylebank as my great grandad was captain of both of those ships many years ago. I actually have a framed version of the kylebank pictures that you have.


Date: 18 Aug 2004

I enjoyed surfing through your website, you have done a very good job. I too sailed on the Blue Funnel Ships (Welsh Navy).1955/1962. Also ships out of Holyhead. I have taken many a drive around the Llyn Peninsula to see some of the best views in the World. I now live in Virginia USA, but always enjoy my trips back home to Wales. Ernie Barrow.


Date: 25 Aug 2004

Hi Tony how are things with you? Its John Mulholland here from the Stephaniturm and Mayo, I am on the Rocky 1 at the moment should go home tomorrow. Mal Roberts told me about your web site. I thought you had finished with the sea, but I hear you are on the well servicer. Good web site you've got. John


Date: 26 Aug 2004

Da iawn, fydd rhaid i mi drio mynd drosodd ir 'Seawell' tro nesa' fyddai yn Aberdeen. LLyr Tegfan, Uwchmynydd


Date: 07 Oct 2004

Tony, you salty ol sea dog, excellent site. Very impressed with Seawell pages, better than Well-ops own, fancy a job in sales????? A' the best Ray Dudfield


Date: 23 Nov 2004

Gwefan wych, byddaf yn ymweld a hi yn amal o hyn ymlaen, daliwch ati. Tipyn o amser er Bremerhaven Tony. Dick Jones (Harlech gynt)  Cofion fil atoch Captan Jones, a gobeithio eich bod yn cadw yn dda. Oeddan dyddiau difyr iawn, a cofiwch fi at y yr hen longwyr i gyd!!! Tony.


Date: 23 Nov 2004

I came accross this site from another Merchant Navy site. Was at sea from 1944 to 1956. Was in Blue Funnel from 1947 to 1956. Any site connected to blue flue (the Welsh Navy) is of interest to me. I have some fond memories of some of the welsh lads, both deck and catering and some stories, to long to submit here, note my email address. Ron Singleton R307363.


Date: 22 Dec 2004

As an ex blue funnel seaman 1958 thru 1961 I have never seen a better web page, your pictures are the best, keep up the good work, (gibsons british columbia)


Date: 23 Dec 2004

Hello Tony. Iechyd dda pob Cymro.....Your site is extremely interesting, I was piloted there by Capt. Richard (Bwana) Ellis Jones. Ti cofio y dirnodiau dda yn y gwchion Caergybi ? Please excuse the bad Welsh. Pob lwc. Capt. N.W.Lester (wedi ymddiswyddo). St.Columba/Stena Hibernia, M.V.Rhodri Mawr, Brian Boroime et al. Thanks for your kind words Capt Lester, and I hope you are keeping well, Tony.


Date: 01 Jan 2005

Hi Tony - Bob (Mellie) Harrison here. Interesting website - dont know how I fell into it but enjoyed the Jump Jet 127 bit. I was on the crane as it was winched up hoping to hell it didn't drop out. I have a photo of the aircraft hanging from the hook clear of the water if you would like it.

Good to hear from you Bob, Hope you are keeping well, Tony.


Date: 12 Jan 2005

I was fascinated by the whaling photos. It seems that Capt Williams, was master of SOUTHERN KING, and worked for the Southern Whaling Company (Lever Brothers). The whaleboat shown in profile (catcher_01.jpg) has the funnel marking of the Hektor Whaling Company of Tønsberg (N.Bugge), [a square, split with a diagonal, red above and aft, white below and forward] and the boat is probably one of their six catcher-boats, which were named HEKTOR 1 to HEKTOR 6, and built in 1929 by Kaldnes mek. Verk. The gangway or 'gunner's bridge' shown in the picture running from hunting-bridge to gun-platform, (and in catcher_02.jpg) came into use in 1925. The cannon shown in two of the photos are of the pre-1926 muzzle-loading pattern, fitted with recoil-cylinders. They were probably manufactured by Bofors, but Kongsberg were bringing similar weapons to market by 1926, and one or other might be from the latter firm. John Harland ......jharland@smartt.com Kelowna B C, Canada.

Thank you very much John, for all your help, Tony.


Date: 23 Jan 2005

I'd like to thank you for giving me the opportunity of seing some of my old ships, I was in the Kyleglen; Kylebank, and the Dalegarth Force also the Enid Mary, There is one thing I'd like to mention though, the pic of the Dalegarth Force was taken before she had a mishap (enemy action) and her superstructure was gretly altered, the result of the change made her a little top heavy and caused a lot of apprehension to the people who crewed her after this, as a matter of fact there was one time in the middle of winter when we were loaded with coal that was destined for Limerick, The skipper was a little apprehensive of going to the west of Ireland so we were diverted to Waterford instead, the consequences of this was another story. The town went on strike and the road bridge was kept down and we couldn't discharge or leave , we were there over Christmas and New Year and really enjoyed the Irish hospitality, I think this was around 1950 I do remember there was a Flu epidemic in Britain and people were dropping like flies. I think your coastal ships section should be put in some archives somewhere as they are irreplaceable thanks for your time. Terry Butler (Liverpool)


Date:  23 Jan 2005

Hello to you all and thanks for a good read. Terry Butler

Hello Terry, Thanks for your kind words about our pages, and your reflections about the "Dalegarth Force". A local young man R J Roberts, Fireman, lost his life on the "Kylebank" on  the 7th of January 1944, and that's all we know, so far, about the incident. (Can anyone help us?)

The album that I borrowed, with the ships photos in, had dozens more ships in it than we have published, the reason being, as far as we know they have no relevance to this part of the country (Llyn) plus they would take a lot of web-space, some thing that we are constantly concerned about. But we have scanned them, and they are of staggering quality, and I would think historically important. Most of them are coasters and short sea, (All are British) taken between 1900 and 1960, We hope to publish the full list of their names and what little we know about them, so if you or anyone would like a copy of any one of them, drop us a line after we publish the article, we would be more than happy to e-mail you the relevant photograph or photographs. Tony (Webmaster)


Date: 27 Jan 2005

Hello Tony, John Garner from Mystic V. Great job on the website well done. Cheers John G 


Date: 04 Feb 2005

Can you please help with any details on the following 1st officer HUGH ROBERTS SS North Gwalia 18th Nov 1893 He was awarded a medal for a gallant act on the above date. but which HUGH ROBERTS was he ? would be most greatfull for any help thank you Jim Kenny.

Sorry but we don't know which Hugh Roberts was the Ist Officer of the North Gwalia, we asked a couple of local historians from the Nefyn area and they weren't sure either, although one of them thought Capt Hugh Roberts, Morannedd, who died in 1934 rang a bell , but he wasn't positive. We'll make a few more enquiries and see if we can find out in the archives, and we will let you know if we come across anything relating to him. Tony.


Date: 02 Mar 2005

Hello Tony! What a superb website! Full of interest and with much to read - well done to you. I was interested in the section on Porthdinllaen as I sailed a 32ft boat from Dun Laoghaire to there back in 1989. We spent two nights on a mooring enjoying the local pub and a also visit to the lifeboat station. Best regards, Justin Merrigan Hobart Tasmania

Nice to hear from you Justin, drop me a line, so we can have a Yarn. Tony. a.jones02@ntlworld.com


Date: 25 Mar 2005


What a great site with all the history, it would make a very good movie with the tales of all the smuggling that went on, puts Cornwall to shame.


Date: 05 Apr 2005

Aled Roberts, captaled@aol.com Hailed from Edern, but now live in Houston, Texas. Found your web site very interesting, and will visit again soon to really read it in depth. Very enjoyable.

It's a small world Aled, we are now in the process of documenting your grandfather's career, Captain Hugh Roberts O.B.E. of Edern, and it makes fascinating reading. The first part should be published in the next couple of days. Regards Tony.


Date: 20 Apr 2005


Tony ~ What a wonderful site! I have really enjoyed my visit and I am in awe of the great photos and stories here. Thank you for sharing!! Sincerely ~ Cynthia Owen-Gaines (cynthia_gaines@sbcglobal.net)


Date: 11 May 2005

Enjoyed your site very much of special interest was Capt Sam Williams with whom I sailed with for almost a year back in 1950 M A Bond MM ret.


Date: 14 May 2005

Diddorol iawn oedd gweld hanes Sam Kent Williams - roedd ei dad yn frawd i'm Taid John Richard Williams a oedd hefyd yn master mariner. A oes rhywun hefo gwybodaeth am Dicus Parry o Nefyn a oedd ar y mor? Fe'i collwyd 1860-1866.


Date:  20 May 2005

Your site is really very good and a delight to browse at so much history / photos  of the Llyn .

 I was particularly delighted to see the account of my father's  ordeal on the San Demetrio (memoirs of Mariners - Capt. J. L. Jones). I think there was also a film made about this story which has been shown many times on tv.


Date: 09 Jun 2005
I am very interested in the ships of Blue Funnel lines. I do hope I can find more photos related to Blue funnel lines. Although I am a Chinese, I really feel fresh after visiting this website. Thanks.

We hope to have more Blue Funnel photographs in the next few days. Regards Tony


Date: 13 Jun 2005
Fe fydd fy hen daid Griffith Jones Hughes, Llain Las, Llangwnadl foddi yn Mor India yn 1910, tra roedd yn gwasanaethu ar yr Arvonia. Oes gan rhywun ychwaneg o wybodaeth? Diolch.


Date:  22 Jun 2005
Great Website - which I only had time for quick look at today, after my cousin told me about it. I will be back. I have particular interest as descendant of Hugh Jones, Tan Y Parc, Nevin 1812-1881 - Master and owner of 'Ann and Ellen' built in Porthdinllaen. (which by the way seems to be the only one on the Porthdinllaen list which you don't list the fate of - any ideas as i don't know either?
Dr. Robat Williams (Dumfries)

Glad you like our website. Just had a look in the big black book!!! The schooner Ann & Ellen was built at Porthdinllaen in 1858 by Hugh Hughes, length 79 ft, breadth 29 ft, and depth 11 ft 1 in. She was owned by Hugh Jones of Nefyn. She had a new standing jib fitted on the 24th of June 1872 by David Rice Hughes the Sail Maker at Porthdinllaen which cost £7.4s.8p. She was sold in 1883 to Lewis Williams of Porthdinorwic. (Felinheli) She was converted into a hulk on the river Thames in 1895. Regards Tony  


Date: 26 Jun 2005
Just found your site. My wife and I were in Nefyn last week and cleaned the grave of my great Grandfather, Captain Owen Jones, Glasmor, Nefyn, who died 25 Dec 1923. The churchyard in Nefyn is a disgrace - the local authorities should be ashamed about the state it is in.

My mother still has her father's log book from when he sailed in the early 1900's and I will see if I can find out any information for your website. He is buried in the churchyard in Morfa Nefyn, having been born in Nefyn in 1886. His mother Elizabeth Ellis, Owen Jones's wife, was born at Pistyll Farm in 1865. Chris Williams.

We're sorry to hear about the state of the churchyard at Nefyn, but this is an exception rather than the rule on Llyn, the ones at Rhiw and Aberdaron for example are always well kept.


Date: 19 Jul 2005
I am doing some research on my Grandfather, Master of the coastal vessel BAY FISHER. Through an enquiry to a diver, I have discovered your excellent website. Now I've got my first picture of this ship.
The BAY FISHER was originally called the Tarnwater, built by J Lewis & Sons Ltd. of Aberdeen in 1919 for the Mason Shipping Co Ltd, Liverpool. She was sunk by enemy aircraft near the Bell Rock Lighthouse, off Dundee in 1941. Sadly my Grandfather died and I never got to meet him. Thank you for the picture, it means a lot to me. Regards, Brian Pritchard



 Diolch yn fawr i chi gyd / Thank you all very much


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