S S Manitoba

                                                                      New York

                                                                           Jan 4th 1893

My Dearest Sister,

                      I wish you all a Happy New Year,- it is some time since I last wrote to you but better late than never. I suppose you know that Catherine has been in America for some time now and she is staying with Eliza, my uncles daughter in Salt lake City, I believe I told you this when I wrote from London. By all accounts she likes it there and doesnt want to come home by now, shes talking of saving her money and not of returning home and if she can she might as well, well thats what I think anyway.

Ive come across Owen Ty Rhyd since a while now and I go to his home each time Im here, he lives a decent life for a worker, and has a good wife according to my estimation and two little children. Owen looks exactly the same as Sion Llidiardiau, even though Id never seen him in my life until he came to the ship one summers evening, I knew him even before he spoke, and that in the dark on deck, I really thought the old fellow had risen from the grave when I saw Owen walking towards me.


We had a good chat about the preacher from Pencaerau, you know the clever one. Robert Williams is his name. Owen told me that he said he knew me really well and that hed seen me at  Blawdty many times, Owen told him dont tell lies hes hardly been to Blawdty in the past twenty years, and then in another conversation he had to tell him the same thing over again, and that he should stop telling his lies. Hes a clever fellow and I wish hed come and see me sometime, hed go away with more than clip on his ear, my hands are yearning to choke him to death or near as damn it!

Owen has told me more gossip about Aberdaron than Id ever known before in my life, he knows all about everyone.

Ill be sailing on the 7th and hope to be in London on the 18th.

               I am yours sincerely

                          With fondest regards to everyone

                                      Your faithful brother R Griffith


Thanks to Mrs J Hughes, for this Letter.

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