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                                                                     May 11th 1890

Dearest Sister,

                       Your letter came to hand and Iím glad that you are all enjoying good health, as I am. I arrived here yesterday and will be sailing again next Friday for Swansea as usual Ė I think the ship will be going to Belfast after the next trip, they want to make some changes inside, and maybe Iíll have a few days to come to Wales then, unless weíre in great haste as usual which means I wonít be able to come. Iíd like to come and spend a few days and see the family, but they are scattered all over the place and it would be impossible to see them all unless I had a year or so. Aberdaron, Holyhead, Aberystwyth, Bangor, Pwllheli, Llanengan they all seem to have gone to the four corners of the earth or should I say the six corners? And itís difficult to say how you will have grown, however Iíll come that way if I can, and if I can escape seeing some of the old family Ė I hadnít heard a word about the preacher from Pencaerau until receiving your letter, but I believe his American wife will do him some  good, unless someone takes a stick to beat him with. But I canít help thinking that she canít be a true American, that lady must be a half breed, because as a nation Americans are too cunning to be hoodwinked by such a character as he is.

I am yours sincerely your loving brother R Griffith.


Thanks to Mrs J Hughes for this Letter.


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