"Capt Hugh Roberts O.B.E."

1895 ~ 1987

Hugh Roberts from Edern, like a lot of young men from the Llyn, chose the sea as his career. But three things made this great man stand out from the crowd. First, he worked his way up from a mess-boy to Captain, secondly he was awarded the O.B.E. for his leadership and sheer courage during WWII, and third but by no means last, he kept a detailed account of his life at sea. These have never been published before, and his family have lent us his remarkable story. They are quite brilliant in their content, from his first trip at fifteen years of age on a tramp steamer, right through to WWII, and his command of tankers, the most feared vessels by seafarers, as the loss of life on these vessels was horrific. So in his own words, lets go back in time, to the days of steam and his voyages.



Over 30.000 British Merchant Seamen

lost their lives during WWII.

That was one out of every three.


I would like to dedicate these pages to them.

Remember Them?



The Memoirs of Capt Hugh Roberts O.B.E.


Childhood memories First trip Second trip
Family Background June 1910 ~ July 1911 July 1911 ~ January 1913


New Ship Second Mate Between the Wars
March 1913 ~ November 1915 January 1916 ~ September 1917 March 1918 ~ October 1939


M. v. Athellaird North Atlantic Convoys M.v. Athelknight
July 1940 1940 ~ 1941 May 1942



Battle of the Atlantic



Documents and Letters
1910 ~ 1943


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We would like to thank Capt Roberts's family for letting use share this unique bit of History.


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