British Consulate,

San Juan,

Puerto Rico,

July 23, 1942.

Sir :

Yesterday the Cuban SS Libertad, arrived with twenty-survivors from the British M/V Athelknight O.N.161143 of Liverpool, and from the British M/V Anglo Canadian O.N. 160529, of London, who were embarked at St Kitts, B.W.I., for transhipment to a U.S. Naval Transport, which conveys them to a port in the United States.

For reasons unknown to me, neither Captain H Roberts, of the Athelknight, nor Captain D.J. Williams, of the Anglo Canadian, were furnished with the usual Conveyance Order for the Consular Officer at port of landing to take these men in charge. In consequence, Officers and men were hurdled together on the “Libertad” at St Kitts and dealt with accordingly when transferred to the Naval Transport here last night.

In order to remedy this situation, I hereby request you to take these 72 survivors in charge, upon landing at your port, for onward conveyance to a proper port in the United Kingdom, or disposal otherwise.

A list of the two above crews is attached hereto and made a part hereof.

All the above are proceeding by U.S. Naval Transport and are still under the charge of their respective Masters.

Bill for their subsistence and accommodation, in accordance with their respective ranks, will be rendered by the Commanding Officer of the conveying Transport, and you may pay it, or pass it on to this post for settlement from here.

I am, Sir,

Your obedient Servant,

A.H. Noble,

H.B.M. Consul.


H.M. Consul, at port of Landing.




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