"Trading from Pwllheli"

"William Jones timber yard 1890"

Pwllheli was truly an international port, as well as the main hub for the Llyn Peninsula. Below we take a glimpse at the movement of shipping between 1836 and 1869, when the town was at its busiest.


(August 13, 1836) Pwllheli.


Northumbrian, Capt Matthias, with timber from Poitou, New Brunswick.

Hawk, Capt Jones with slates from Porthmadog.

Henrietta, Capt Williams; Betsy, Capt Evans, with timber, from Barmouth.

British Queen, Capt Morris, Peggy, Capt Prichard, with coal from Mostyn.

Richard and Mary, Capt Jones, Eliza, Capt Jones, with sundries.

Speedwell, Capt Griffiths, with limestones from Carnarvon.

Spigot, Capt Roberts, from Abersoch.

Stag from Aberdaron in ballast.


Priscilla, Capt Evans. For Llanelli. Lively Capt Francis, Hawk, Capt Jones, for Porthmadog.

Otter, Capt Roberts for Llanbedrog, in ballast.

Stag, Capt Lewis, for Aberdaron.

Spigot, Capt Robert Abersoch with timber.

Fairy Queen, Capt Williams, for Barmouth, with sundries.

Speedwell, Capt Griffiths for Dwyfor with limestones.



(December 24, 1836) Pwllheli.


Northumbrian, Capt Brown,from Mirimachi,

Ann, Capt Evans, from Quebec, with timber.

Mermaid, Capt Evans, from Aberdovey,

Ceres, Capt Ellis; Eliza Ann, Capt Roberts, with sundries from Liverpool. 


Defiance, Capt Jones, with sundries, for Barmouth.

Rose, Capt Cloveley, for Bristol.

Providence, Capt Davies, for Lymington.

New Expedition, Capt Jones for Southampton, with slates.

Mermaid, Capt Evans, for Aberdovey.

British Queen, Capt Morris, for Porthmadog in ballast.

(August 19, 1848) Pwllheli.

Arrived on the 9th instant, the brig Aratus, Fowls, master, from Quebec, with a splendid cargo of fine Canadian timber, for Mr. David Evans, timber merchant, of this town.

(August 9, 1851) Pwllheli.

The weather in this locality has been most delightful, there having been all the week light, breezes from the eastward. The brig Martha, Captain Roe, after a thirty days' passage from Quebec, anchored in the Bay, off the Gimblet, on the 7th inst. Her cargo is of timber for David Evans, Esq., Mount Pleasant.


1855 (January 13) Pwllheli.


Jasper, from Plymouth.

Mary Elizabeth, from Cardiff.

Agnes, from Plymouth.

Pwllheli Packet, from Porthmadog.

Catherine, from Dundalk.

Jane, from Southampton.

Aurora, from Liverpool.

Anne, from Newport.


Alice, for Fleetwood.

Vigilant, for Porthmadog,

Gimlet, Pwllheli Packet, Catherine, and Bardsey, for Liverpool.

(1855 January 27)


Woodcock, from Liverpool.

Baton, Mary and Jane, from Runcorn.


Mary Elizabeth, Little Martin, Sisters, Orion, Andes, for Porthmadog.

Leith Packet, for Abersoch.

Mary Ann, for Mostyn.

Aurora for Liverpool.

Lillias, for Swansea.

Ellen and Ann, for Aberdovey.

"Pwllheli timber schooner"

(1855 Feburary 3)


Fossile, from Neath with Culm.

Ann and Elizabeth, from Neath.

Jane and Catherine, from Cork.

Two Brothers, from Plymouth.

Jane, from Runcorn.

Eliza Ann and Ellen, from Aberavon.

Mersey, from Liverpool.

1855(February 10)


Ann Prichard, Catherine and Providence, from Liverpool.


The Mersey, for Criccieth.

Ann and Elizabeth, for Mochras,

Woodcock, for Barmouth.

Jane and Catherine and Daniel Morris, for Porthmadog.

(1855 February 17)


The Merioneth, from Runcorn.


Quarry Maid, Eliza and Jane, Mary and Ann, Eliza Ann and Ellen, and Two Brothers, all for Porthmadog.


(1855 March 10)


Swallow; Mary Ann, from Porthmadog.

Pero, from Constantinople.

Gimlet, from Liverpool.

Pilot Fish, from Carnarvon.

Bertholly, from Dublin.


Catherine, for Bagillt.

Swallow for Liverpool.

Mary Ann, for Mostyn.

Henry Turner, for Porthmadog.

(August 15,1857) Pwllheli. The brig Thompson, Capt Burton, and the Cameron, Capt Hewitt, arrived from Quebec during the week, with prime cargoes of timber. Both vessels are consigned to David Evans, Esq, timber merchant, Pwllheli. It will be noticed that all four vessels arrived at Pwllheli in early August, a time of year, leaving Canada a month or so earlier, when fair weather could be reasonably expected. The brigs Ann and Northumbrian, as we have seen, were not so fortunate and many shipments of timber to Pwllheli involved winter passages.

(December 14, 1861) Pwllheli. Arrival of Timber. On Saturday last, after a passage of thirty nine days, the barque Currency, of Whitehaven, Gibson, master, arrived at St Tudwal's Roads from Quebec, with a cargo of prime timber consigned to Mr. David Evans, timber merchant, of this town. Master and crew all well.

(July 24, 1869) Arrival of Timber. On Tuesday last, the brig Derwent, Capt Temple, arrived here from Quebec with a cargo of prime timber consigned to Mr. David Evans, merchant, of this town.

"Pwllheli schooner"




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