"Nefyn Mariners"

Mariners that were buried (Or a memorial) at Nefyn public cemetery, up to 1991.

DAVIES, Evan, seaman (schooner ANGLER), Maes, Nefyn. Lost with all hands in St Georgeís Channel on a voyage from Sunderland to Dublin, February 18, 1868 , 38 years old.

DAVIES, Peter, seaman, Fron, Nefyn. Lost his life in the North Sea aboard the barque QUEEN, February 20, 1891, 25 years old.

DAVIES, Robert John, (MV ATHELKING) drowned when his ship sank during a collision, September 9, 1940, 29 years old.

DAVIES, Thomas David, Second Mate (SS ORANGE STAD) lost his life in conflict at Aruba, February 16, 1942, 41 years old.

DAVIES, Thomas G, Second Mate (SS EXFORD) was drowned when his ship was in collision with the enemy July 14, 1917, 30 years old.

GRIFFITH, Emrys, 2 Pool Street, Nefyn, lost his life when the SS ALMENCARA was sunk by the enemy September 20, 1943, 30 years old.

GRIFFITH, Hugh, seaman, Nefyn, lost his life at sea in 1884, 16 years old.

GRIFFITH, Robert, Ceirniog Bach, Mynydd Nefyn, drowned on a voyage from Australia to England, May 23, 1888, 16 years old.

JONES, Daniel, seaman, Bryneifion, Nefyn (d) on the barque PERSIA at Bremerhaven, January 5, 1884, 46 years old.

JONES, Daniel Henry, Fron Terrace, Nefyn was killed on board the SS NORTH ANGLIA in the Bay of Biscay on Good Friday 1922, 22 years old.

JONES, David, seaman, Post Office, Nefyn, lost at sea in 1885.

JONES, Evan, seaman, Wint Street, Nefyn (d) in Calcutta, October 24, 1885, 21 years old.

JONES, James and Robert (brothers) Castle, Nefyn both were lost when the SS BROOMHILL sank in the First World War, Mai 10, 1917, 43 and 37 years old.

JONES, John Daniel, seaman, Bryneifion, Nefyn, lost his life in The North Sea, February 20, 1891, 15 years old.

JONES, Robert, Fron, Nefyn (d) July 11, 1872, 55 years old.

JONES, William, Ardd Wen, M Nefyn, was drowned near Beachy Head passage from Londin to Dublin.

LLOYD, Edwin, seaman, Taiír Lon, Nefyn lost his life when the SS CYMRIAN was sunk, August 25, 1917, 17 years old.

OWEN, Hugh, seaman, Peniardre, Nefyn (d) January 4, 1866, 58 years old.

OWEN, Hugh David, seaman, lost his life at sea November 1916, 24 years old.

OWEN,John ( Ketch ELIZABETH), Stryd Ffynnon, Nefyn (d) July 11, 1905, 58 years old.

OWEN, Robert (Schooner COLLINA) (d) March 6, 1903, 71 years old.

OWEN, John, Cefn y Maes, Nefyn. Fell from the mizzen mast on the barque WILLIAM OWEN and died near Liverpool, January 6th 1866, 20 years old.

PARRY, Henry (barque GWYNEDD) (d) July 1888, 28 years old.

ROBERTS, Griffith, seaman, Bodefi, Nefyn (d) September 4, 1902, 61 years old.

ROBERTS, John Wilson, Shipís officer on the brig LINUS (d) April 17, 1860, 35 years old.

ROBERTS, Owen (schooner RICHARD) Nefyn, (d) January 7 1897, 80 years old.

ROBERTS,Willie, Cae Rhyg and Nefyn, lost his life August 25 1917 when the ship he was on was sunk by the enemy.

ROWLANDS, David Arthur, seaman, Plas, Nefyn, lost his life when the MV LADY MOSTYN was sunk in 1940, 22 years old.

THOMAS, Henry Richard, seaman, Gwylfa, Nefyn lost his life when the SS LORLE was sunk on July 11th 1918, 19 years old.

THOMAS, Robert, ship owner, Bryntirion Tce, Cricieth (b) March 25 1848 Ė (d) June 1st, 1908.

WILLIAMS, Dicus (schooner VRON), drowned December 24th 1880, 40 years old.

WILLIAMS, Lieutenant, Evan H, R.N.R. Ty Canol, Morfa Nefyn, lost his life on HMS Hampshire, June 5th 1916, 30 years old.

WILLIAMS, Hugh, Maes, Nefyn, died on a voyage from Santos to New York, April 18th, 1902, 35, years old

WILLIAMS, John, Chief Officer (ship DOMINION) Minallt, Y Fron, Nefyn, lost his life whilst on a voyage from Honolulu to Royal Roads, January 1899, 39 years old.

WILLIAMS, John, ships carpenter, Ty Newydd, Mynydd Nefyn, (d) July 19th 1863, 54 years old.

WILLIAMS, John, seaman, Arvonia, Nefyn, Lost his life on board the SS NORTH ANGLIA in the Bay of Biscay, 1922, 29 years old.

WILLIAMS, John Ellis, 4 Fron Tce, Nefyn met with a fatal accident whilst serving as an officer on board the SS MAHONE in Africa in 1842, 50 years old.

WILLIAMS, William, seaman. Taiír Lon, Nefyn (d) January 8th 1903, 84 years old.


The following persons also connected with sea and buried at Nefyn have their names inscribed on gravestones.

DAVIES, Capt Robert, Bryn Glas, Nefyn.

Ellis, Robert (schooner MARY REYNOLDS).

GRIFFITHS, Griffith, (schooner VINE)


GRIFFITH, Capt Owen, Taiír Lon, Nefyn.

JONES, Capt Robert.

OWEN, Capt David, Fron Olau, Nefyn.

OWEN, Capt John, Tuhwntirafon, Nefyn.

ROBERTS, Capt Owen. (schooner RICHARD).

THOMAS (schooner NELSON).

WILLIAMS, Edward Morris, Chief Engineer on the SS WAVERLEY, drowned June 22, 1915, 33 years old.

WILLIAMS, Capt RICHARD, Taiír Lon, Nefyn.


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