Iron Barque

Built: Aberdeen, 1877.

Builder: Alexander Hall & Co Ltd. (yard no 294)

Length on deck: 149.5 Feet.

Spared length: 205 Feet.

Molded depth: 16 Feet.

Beam: 28 Feet.

Gross tonnage: 411 tons.

Sails: 19 (12,000 square feet)

Hull plates and frames: Lormore iron.

(except where renewed in welded steel)

Fore and Main mast, lower yards and bowsprit: Welded steel.

Main yard: 58 feet long.

Decks, upper yards and masts: Douglas fir.

Interior: Birdseye maple and teak.

Bright-work and pinrails: teak.

Mainmast: 100 feet above deck.

Ballast: 220 tons.

Engine installed: 1986, GM V12-92, 450 hp, Diesel.

(Original engine, 1918)


Elissa's Log: 1877 ~ 1897


Elissa's name changes over the years

Elissa 1877 - Great Britain

Fjeld 1897 - Norway

Gustaf 1918 - Finland

Gustaf 1930 - Sweden

Christophoros 1966 - Greece

Achaeos 1967 - Greece

Pioneer 1969 - Greece

Elissa 1982 - United States


The Seaport Museum

Galveston, Texas



Officers Saloon



As you can see from the above photographs that I took in April 2006, she has been beautifully restored to her former glory, and lovingly cared for by volunteers at the Seaport Museum, Galveston Texas.


Elissa's Website


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