"The Vine"

Built at Pwllheli in 1838, certificate of registry granted at Beaumaris 11th of June 1838, now delivered up and cancelled, the vessel required to be registered de Novo.

No 3 in Pwllheli, Port of Caernarfon dated 14th January 1846, Griffith Griffiths, master.

One deck, two masts, length 50ft x 6. Stern carved, Galleries. Figurehead bust of a woman.

Subscribing Owners

Griffith Griffiths of the parish of Pistyll in the county of Caerns – mariner 16 shares.

Robert Thomas of Nefyn – mariner, 4 shares

John Pritchard of Pwllheli shipbuilder 16 shares.

Other owners

William Griffith Nevin, mariner – 8 shares.

John Griffith Nevin, mariner – 4 shares.

Owen Thomas Nevin mariner – 4 shares

William Jones Nevin ship’s carpenter – 4 shares.

Thomas Turner of Newport county of Monmouth, sail maker - 4 shares

William Cook of Bristol - 4 shares.

H Lindsey. Sub comp R Ellis.

Customs House, Pwllheli, 28th December 1847. This vessel lost on Caernarfon Bar in the autumn (September) of this year together with the registers and licences. The crew drowned (except boy)

It further appears that the hull of the Vine was removed to Caernarfon where it is now undergoing repair – but the register and licences were not found when the vessel was recovered.

Cancelled Registered De Novo here in 1848 – dated 19th August.

Administration produced by the widow of Griffith Griffiths, Customs House Pwllheli 19th August 1848. William Griffith and John Griffith both of the parish of Nevin in the county of Caernarvon, mariners have transferred by bill of sale dated 31st day of January 1848. Twelve sixty fourth shares unto Ann Griffiths of the Parish of Pistyll in the said county, widow. William Griffiths 8/64 and John Griffiths 4/64 shares.

John Turner in the county of Monmouth and William Cook Bristol sailmaker have transferred by bill of sale dated the 1st day of March 1848 four sixty fourth shares unto Ann Griffiths of the Parish of Pistyll in the county of Caernarvon, widow. Viz 4/64 each making 8/64.

The Schooner Vine

Caernarfon and Denbigh Herald

October 10th  1846.

The Vine arrived at Porthdinllaen – master Griffith Griffiths.

September 18th 1847.

The Vine arrived Porthdinllaen, sailed Oct 2nd – master Griffith Griffiths..


The family memorandum at the Gwynedd Archives, Caernarfon mentions Griffith Griffiths lost at sea autumn (October) 1846. According to Pwllheli Customs House register the year was 1847 (September).

The 1851 census registers Ann Griffiths (his wife) of Penarfynydd, Nefyn, as being a widow at that time, so it is clear that Griffith Griffiths had lost his life prior to this date.

The family were as follows

Ann Griffith widow age 49.

Ann daughter age 9

Mary age 7

Jane age 5.

Edward Jones, servant age 21

Catherine Williams – age 22.


Griffith Griffiths family home was Penarfynydd on Nefyn mountain and it is there that his wife and little girls received the news of his drowning on Caernarfon Bar in 1847. His wife’s family home was Minffordd Farm in the parish of  Pistyll.

Penarfynydd would have been a farmstead with adjoining land and a stone quarry by the name of Tan Gardderwast. This land and farmstead being the property of his wife Ann Griffiths of Minffordd – this being her marriage portion given by her father Griffith Williams of Minffordd Pistyll. The farmstead and quarry was sold by Ann Griffith after the loss of her husband Griffith Griffiths in 1847. The quarru was thereafter known as Gwaith John Llwyd, Baladeulyn.

Ann Griffiths had a sister who married a ‘Griffith Evans of Penarfynydd Rhiw. There were three or possibly more children to this marriage, Griffith Evans and Jane lived at Porthcolmon. Jane died at the young age of 37 and is buried at the old cemetery Nevin. It appears that Griffith Evans and Jane also had a marriage portion of  the land of Minffordd farm, Pistyll.

It is interesting to note that both girls Ann and Jane, chose men of the same names Griffith Evans, Ann’s husband on their marriage took on his father’s first name Griffith and became Griffith Griffiths (hence avoiding any confusion it would appear!!)

Ann Griffiths in the Parish of Pistyll in the county of Caernarvon, widow. Administrator of the goods and chattels of Griffith Griffiths in the parish of Pistyll aforesaid mariner deceased has transferred by four bills of sale and dated 19th August 1848 viz unto William Evans of the parish of Nevin mariner.

Ten sixty fourth shares unto Thomas Evans of the parish of Nevin aforesaid, six sixty fourth shares unto Evan Humphreys of the parish of Llangwnadl laboure. Two sixty fourth shares unto John Jones of the same place, all in the county of Caernarvon making together 20/64 shares

The Vine re registered 1848, master William Evans. The Vine lost 1857 in the vicinity of Porthysgaden, Tudweiliog. No mention of date or month, no mention of loss of life or survivors.

Ann Griffiths died 28th May, 1861 aged 59yrs. Her grave has the following inscription:-

Ann widow of Griffith Griffiths of the Schooner Vine, who died 28 May, 1861. Also Griffith Peter Jones of Llywelyn House, Well Street, Nevin 1840 – 1890, also his wife Ann Jones’. Griffith Griffiths name does not appear on his wife’s grave and it is not known whether his body was found and buried elsewhere, therefore it’s assumed that it was never found and family papers state ‘lost at sea’ and no further information.

The young boy who survived the sinking of the Vine on Caernarvon Bar, clung to a barrel and was washed ashore at Dinas Dinlle.


Thanks to Mrs M Thomas for this information about her family.

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