The Blue Funnel Line

Cruise on the TSS Sarpedon

June 1938




Sarpedon Menu Card 20th of June 1938

"My aunt has annotated the left hand page of the inside 'Tuesday 21st'."


"I also attach photos of my aunt Winifred Garrett on board the Sarpedon on the said cruise (she's on the right of the group of ladies) and her future husband Bill Crook, who is in the centre of the three non-uniformed men."


The Sarpedon was built 1931 as the Ajax transferred in 1957 to Glen Line renamed Glenlochy.

1958 reverted to Blue Funnel Line renamed Sarpedon, scrapped in 1962.


Many thanks to Liz Summerson for the menu card scans and her family photographs.

Sarpedon images from Gwyn Jones, many thanks.


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