"Shipbuilding in Llyn"

In the century between 1770 and 1870, many small vessels were built on Llyn's beaches. We have gathered together a few of them here, just to give an idea of the type of ships, their sizes, and off course their ultimate fate. 




Sloop “Jenny”

29 tons,

Built at Tudweiliog in 1772 for Robert Davies, Nefyn, sold to Robert Owen, Nefyn, but was later lost at sea.


Ketch “Speedwell”

11 tons.

Built at Tudweiliog in 1810 for W Williams Tudweiliog.

Lost at sea 1823.




Sloop “Ellinor”

16 tons, length 35 ft, beam 11.8 ft, draft 6.3 ft.

Built at Porthor (Whistling sands) in 1840, for Evan Thomas, Bryncroes, she carried coal to Llyn until she was sold in the 1850’s to John Edwards, Bangor. And she was still working in 1897, and owned then by John Jones, Llanfair.


Schooner “Sarah”

23 tons. Length 36.4 ft, beam 13.9 ft, draft 6.5 ft.

Built at Porthor (Whistling Sands) by R Thomas in 1842. Owned by John Jones, Penllech. Lost at Red Wharf Bay Anglesey in 1873.





Sloop “Jane & Ellen”

27 tons,

Built at Aberdaron in 1787 for E Lewis, but later sold to Liverpool owners.


Brig “Liberty”

87 tons,

Built at Aberdaron in 1787 for Ellis Evans of Pwllheli, sold to London owners in 1790.


Sloop “Mary”

30 tons, length 42 ft, beam 14 ft.

Built at Aberdaron in 1787 for William Thomas, Botwnnog, Lost at sea.



Porth Ysgo


Sloop “Grace”

24 tons.

Built at Llanfaelrhys (Porth Ysgo) in 1778 for Morris Griffith of Rhiw. Sold to Hugh Charles Nefyn, and was broken up after a long working life.


Rhiw (Rhuol)


Sloop “Cambria”

35 tons,

Built at Rhiw in 1791, for Robert Parry, Rhiw. She was lost in 1835.


Ketch “Swallow”

8 tons.

Built at Rhiw in 1802, for R Griffith and G Roberts, Rhiw.

Lost off Abersoch in 1812.


Boat “Promptness”

7 tons, length 27 ft, beam 9 ft.

An open boat that was decked at Rhiw in 1809, for William and Evan Owen, Rhiw.


Boat “Nonsuch”

An open boat that was decked at Rhiw in 1810, for William Roberts, Rhiw.


Sloop “Ebenezer”

17 tons, length 35.4 ft, beam 12 ft, draft 6.3 ft.

Built at Rhiw 1841 by T Richards for himself, and was broken up in 1879, but then owned by Robert Williams Pwllheli.





Sloop “Betty & Nancy”

55 tons, length 45 ft, 17 ft beam.

Built at Abersoch in 1789 for Hugh Williams, Llangian.


Ketch “Experience”

10 tons,

Built at Abersoch in 1803 for F Williams, Llangian, sold to a Swansea owner in 1808.


Sloop “Experiment”

27 tons,

Built at Abersoch in 1789, for E Edwards, Llangian.


Sloop “Junia & Peggy”

32 tons, length 41 ft, beam 14 ft,

Built at Abersoch in 1813 for John Evans, Aberdaron.

She was lost in 1837.


Sloop “Lovely Peggy”

58 tons, length 46 ft, beam 18 ft.

Built at Abersoch in 1780 for R Griffith Bumaris. Sold to Jonathan Roose of Amlwch. Lost with all hands near the North West Buoy Liverpool, May 2nd 1793, while on passage from Red Wharf Bay, Anglesey.

Sloop “Margaret”

12 tons, length 29 ft, beam 18 ft.

Built at Abersoch in 1794 for John Williams, Pwllheli. Lost at sea.

Sloop “Maria”

47 tons, length 51 ft, beam 18 ft.

Built at Abersoch in 1813 for R Jones Llanengan. Lost off the French coast in 1851.


Schooner “Penrhyn”

76 tons, length 54 ft, beam 19 ft.

Built at Abersoch in 1811 for J Evans Llanengan. Lost at sea.


Sloop “Lydia & Mary”

88 tons, length 65.7 ft, beam 18 ft, draft 10.2 ft.

Built at Abersoch in 1854. Owned by R Roberts, Llangian, lost with all hands on a voyage home from Sweden in 1863.


Sloop “Success”

30 tons, length 38 ft. beam 13 ft.

Built at Abersoch in 1784, for Ellis Roberts Nefyn.

Lost in 1820.


Sloop “St Tudwals”

21 tons, length 35.5 ft, beam 12.5 ft.

Built at Abersoch by Salmon Jones in 1842.

Broken up in 1878.


Sloop “Venus”

38 tons, length 44 ft, beam 16 ft.

Built at Abersoch for E Griffiths, Biwmaris Anglesey in 1792.

Sold to Salvanus Williams Criciath in 1794, but lost at sea soon after.


Ketch “Vixen”

11 tons.

Built at Abersoch in 1787 for John Roberts, Llanengan, and later sold to Liverpool.


Sloop “Stag”

46 tons, length 46 ft, beam 26ft.

Built at Abersoch in 1794, for William Williams, Pwllheli, sold in 1796 to new owners from Cardiganshire.





Sloop “Catherine”

92 tons, length 43 ft, beam 19 ft,

Built at Llanbedrog in 1784 for John Roberts, Pwllheli, and Owen Williams of Llanbedrog. Seized by the French and the crew taken prisoners of war.


Sloop “Tartar”

54 tons.

Built at Llanbedrog in 1839 by R Roberts. Owned by the same R Roberts and John Jones also from Llanbedrog. Sold in 1848 to E Evans, Denio. Lost near Aberdyfi in 1868, her crew of five spent many days in an open boat before they were rescued.


Schooner “Amner”,

67 tons, length 54 ft, beam 17 ft, draft 10 ft.

Built at Llanbedrog in 1840 by I Williams for W Williams, Llaniestyn. Lost off Portland Dorset in 1872.



























































































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