Griffith Thomas


Criga Mawr,



A true and perfect Inventory of all and every the goods and chattels as well moveable as not and other personal Estate and Effects of Griffith Thomas late of Criga Mawr in the parish of Llanfaelrhys in the County of Carnarvon in the Diocese of Bangor Farmer Deceased. Made by us whose names are hereunto subscribed the sixteenth day of May 1818.


Saddle, Bridle and wearing apparel 1.10. 0
Household furniture 7.11. 0
4 Cows and calves 19.10.0
2 Horses and pigs 10. 9. 0
Corn and hay 2. 8. 6
Implements of husbandry 3.13.0
Taken and appointed by us 45. 1. 6


The day and year first above written

William Jones Coch y Moel,

Thomas William Craig Foel,        Appraizers.


Diolch i Mr H Thomas, am y gwreiddiol.

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