"Traditional Recipes"


A piece of stewing beef, (on the bone adds more flavour)





Beef stock cube (if desired)


Boil the meat in some water for a short while.

Add the sliced onions and chopped Swede and carrots and add more water or stock.

Bring to the boil and simmer for an hour or more.

Add the potatoes and boil for a further twenty minutes.

In order to get the best flavour ‘lobsgows’ should be prepared the day before and kept in the fridge overnight and reheated.


‘Tatws Popty.’

A piece of beef, but you can use lamb or pork (belly pork)



Salt and pepper to taste.

Roast the meat for about an hour.

Parboil the potatoes and reserve the stock to top up the roasting tin (if need be)

Add the potatoes quartered and sliced onions.

Pour boiling water over and cover the roasting tin

Cook until the meat is done and the potatoes are nicely browned.

‘Nain Ty Hen’ Llangwnadl used to make the best ‘tatws popty’, it was so tasty, she also made the best ever fried new potatoes which we had with bacon (when bacon was bacon and new potatoes actually tasted new!!!!)


‘Stwnsh’ or ‘Mwtrin’.

This is basically a puree of potatoes with either Swede, carrots or broad beans.

Cut up the carrot or Swede and boil for about ten minutes, add the potatoes and continue boiling until all the vegetables are tender.

Drain the water.

Add a good dollop of butter and mash, add warmed milk slowly and using a wooden spoon beat until the mixture is smooth, creamy and free of lumps.

‘Stwnsh is really good with fried bacon (Pen Llyn of course, this is dry cured and like bacon used to be) and fried eggs.

(For the best flavour use butter and full cream milk.)



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