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Almond Icing

½ lb ground almonds

¼ lb Castor sugar

¼ lb Icing sugar

Youlk of two Eggs


Apple Custard

Make a cupful of Apple puree by rubbing some stewed applies through a sieve. Add to it cupful of milk, two tablespoons of melted butter, a little grated lemon rind and enough sugar to sweeten. Beat up two eggs and stir these into the mixed ingredients. Then pour into buttered pie dish and bake in moderate oven till set and nicely browned. Dredge with sugar and serve hot or cold!


Bake Well Tart

4oz short crust pastry

4oz flour

2oz butter or marge

Water to mixed!

Queen cake mixture!




½ teasp.BP

Essence to flavour!

Roll up pastry on plate spread with jam & fruit


Place on top. Bake ½ hour!!


Beetroot Wine

2 Pint cold water

Boil together 10 beetroot cut in small pieces

1oz sugar

1oz cloves

Leave for 12 hours

Boil slow for 2 hours

Pour out liquid to but and add 3lbs sugar.

Turn the sugar. Dissolve.

3 juice of small lemon

1oz (toast???????)


Leave 14 days.

Clean each day!!

Strain and bottle


Chocklate Stuffley?

(chocolate soufflé)

2oz castor sugar

2oz Chocklate

2 eggs

½ pint milk

8 string of Gelatine


Melt Chocklate in milk

Stand till cold!

Soak gelatine

Cream sugar. Add yolk 2 eggs.

Hen cold, whip the white of the eggs and cover the top decorated with glace cherries or Almonds.

Serve cold!


Christmas Cake

1lb Butter

1lb caster sugar

1½ lb Flour

2 Tea Spoon B. Pdr

8 Eggs

Rind of 2 Lemons & juice

1lb stoned raisins

½ lb sultanas

½ lb currants

¼ lb mixed peel

Few cherries

Few chopped almonds

2 Tea Spoons mixed spice

Pinch salt

Cream butter, sugar. Add Eggs 1 at the time. Flour.

Then fruits

If necessary add milk


Coconat Cakes

4oz flour

1½ oz marg

1½ oz sugar


½ egg!!

½ tsp. B.P.

¼ tsp. Salt


Sift flour. Add all ingredients. Rub fat into flour mixing with a little milk.

Bake in moderate oven and serve hot!

(Rasberry buns – same method!)


Fruit Cake

½ lb flour

¼ margarine

¼ brown sugar

6oz sultanas

2oz currants

2 eggs

2 teaspoon BP.

2 dessert full of syrup

mixed with milk


Ginger Cake

¾ lbs Flour

¼ oat

¼ Brown Sugar

½ lb syrup

2 Tea spoon B.Pdr

Desert of ginger

Two pinch mixed spice

One egg or more!

2 Teasp B. Cab. Soda

1 Cream of Tartar


Pinch of salt

¼ butter

2oz lard

¼ Treackle


Rub flour, butter & lard

Hole in middle!

Pour syrup & treackle.

Bake 3qts of Hour!!


Lemon Fruit Tart

Flaky Pastry

8oz flour

6oz lard

Water to mixed!


½ pint water

4oz sugar

1 large spoonful cornflour

2 lemons – rind & juice

2 eggs


Mix cornflour with little water. Bring the rest to the boil with lemon rind stir and add the cornflour. Boil for few minutes. Stand few minutes!

Add lemon juice and yolk of the two eggs. Cook slowly.

Cook pastry then add fillings. Beat the white of egg, add castor sugar;

put on top; let brown!


Orange Cake

4oz butter

2 oranges

4oz flour

4oz castor sugar

3 eggs

2 teaspoons B.Pdr  


Mix sugar. Butter add eggs!

Flour and rind and juice of two oranges.

2 Teaspoon B. Pdr.

Bake 15min Hot oven!

Filling – 1oz butter

2oz Icing Sugar

rind & juice of orange!


Puff pasti

1lb flour

1lb marg

1 teaspoon cream of tartar

½ teaspoon B Carb-Soda

2 Tablespoons of water

Beat hard

Leave overnight!


Rock Buns

3oz Butter or Marg

8oz flour

3oz Demerela sugar!

½ ground ginger

1 ½ teaspoon of B.Pdr

Grated Nut Meg

3oz currants

1oz sultanas

2 or 3 eggs

Rub butter to flour


Stewed fruit dish?

1½ lbs Rubarb or Apples etc

Dish well Buttered

2oz Sugar 

½ flour

2oz Butter

1½ Teaspoon Baking Pd.

2oz Sugar

3 Tablespoon Milk.

Beat the Sugar & Butter & eggs well.

Then add the Flour and B.P. last.


Thanks to Mrs A Killian, for lending us her great aunt's recipe book.



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