"Nell Jones"

Ty Newydd Llandegwnning



Havegot Mutton?

(Haricot Mutton?)

1lb butchers (mutton)

few onions


Fry and put in Hot Pot.

Stew for (several hours!)

Thicken gravy with flour also Browning.

Serve with Potatoes and Haricot Beans.


Beef Stake!

Fry beef. Also. Onions

Put in cassrol

in oven for 2.hours

same as Havegot Mutton!!


Fish Pie

˝ lb cooked fish

˝ lb potatoes

1oz butter

1 egg

2 tablespoons of milk

1 teaspoon parsley

Pepper & salt


Melt butter in saucepan. Add potatoes, fish & milk – beaten egg & parsley. Mix all together. Put in well-buttered dish and bake in moderate oven for ˝ hour.


Fish Pudding

4oz cook fish

˝ oz butter

˝ gill milk!

˝ oz breadcrumbs

1 beaten egg

˝ gill cream!

Squeeze of lemon juice



Heat butter, add BC (bread crumbs?),

Milk, shredded fish

Season, Add egg, cream.

Put into greaseproof mold.

Steam 40mins.

Serve with white sauce!


Green Marrow Pickle

Cut large marrow into size of nutmegs!

Put 4lbs to stand over on dish sprinkled with salt.

Stand over height – strain liquid marrow in to saucepan.

Add 1quart vinegar

8 shallots, cut fine.

6 chillies

12 cloves

˝ lb white sugar

˝ oz turmeric powder

˝ oz ground ginger

1˝ oz mustard  

Boil slowly until tender!




Mash Potatoes



1 Egg

Bread crumbs


Meat Pye Crust

6oz flour to 1lb lard.

Mixed Boiling Water


Potatoes Scons

˝ lb flour

2oz lard

˝ lb potatoes

tablespoon milk

2oz sugar

teaspoon of salt

1˝ teaspoon baking powder

Mash the potatoes. Add salt, baking powder.

Rub in lard, add sugar mixed into dough with milk.


Scones Savri

2 onions

2lbs potatoes

1lb sausages

pepper & salt to taste

Water to cover

1 apple

1 Banana

2 Tomatoes

sliced on top!


Toad in Hall



4oz flour

1 egg


˝ pint milk



Prepare the batter

Put milk, add the rest of milk

Drop in sausage or any fruit when ?????????hot

Bake 30 mins.


Super dish

Ham or mince meat

Grated cheesse.


White Sauce.

P & S


Apple Chutney

˝ pint vinegar

6oz apples weighed after preparing!

4oz cooking onions or shallots

2oz stoned raisins

˝ teaspoon ground ginger

2oz brown sugar

Little grated nut meg

If liked - pinch cayenne

˝ tea spoon mustard

Pinch of salt.

Chopp apples & onions

Cook with vinegar & sugar until tender

Add all ingredients

Boil 3-4 mins.

Ready when cold???!!!


 Thanks to Mrs A Killian, for lending us her great aunt's recipe book.



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