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Mushroom Ketchup (From 1891)

Ingredients:- To each peck mushrooms, 1/2lb salt; to each quart mushroom liquor 1/4oz cayenne, 1/2oz allspice, 1/2oz ginger, 2 blades pounded mace.

Mode:- Choose full-grown mushroom flaps, fresh gathered in tolerably dry weather. Put a layer of them in a deep pan, sprinkle salt over them and then another layer of mushrooms and so on. Let them remain for a few hours, when break them up with the hand, put them in a cool place for three days, occasionally stirring and mashing them well to extract the juice. Ascertain the quantity of liquor without straining and allow to each quart the above proportion of spice etc. Put all into a stone jar, cover it up closely, put it into a saucepan of boiling water, set it  over the fire, and boil for three hours. Turn the contents of the jar into a clean stew-pan and simmer for 1/2 hour; pour into a jug, and stand it in a cool place till next day; then pour off into another jug and strain into very dry clean bottles. Do not squeeze the mushrooms. To each pint of ketchup add a few drops of brandy. Be careful not to shake the contents, but leave all the sediment behind the the jug; cork well, and seal or resin the cork. The ketchup should be examined occasionally after it has been put by, and if it is spoiling it should be re-boiled with a few peppercorns.

Seasonable:- This ketchup should be made between the beginning of  September and the middle of October.

Note:- The sediment may be bottled for immediate use.  


Thanks to Mrs M Roberts, for this Recipe.


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